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Mating behaviour?

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  • December 15, 2018, 06:24:53 PM
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Author Topic: Mating behaviour?  (Read 335 times)

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Mating behaviour?
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:33:05 PM »


Im pretty sure Mr Gandie Gills is displaying a fair amount of mating behaviour. In the last 8 ish weeks hes become really distructive - paper, card, Wood, fabrics - pretty much anything he can get his beak on. (This is not an issue for us). Hes mostly in the bird room with Stevie the Senegal but hes been chasing poor Stevie around and its got to the point where Stevie is terrified of him so they are now having to have cage time and separate out times.
It doesnt look aggressive from Gandie, he seems to just want to be next to Stevie and right up in his personal space.
When he spends time with me I get a lot of regurgitateing, squeezing, lowered body and wings and shaking.

Hes still interacting with my husband in his usual manor - play, talking, head rubs etc, but as soon as I enter the room he goes silent and wont interact with either of us until one of us leaves the room.
In the bird room he dragging a lot of what he destroys under his cage. The feathers on the tops of his wings are looking quite motheaten and I have a suspicion he might be chewing them although Ive not seen him do it.

I think the bigist  issue is for poor Stevie. Stevie does not cope well in a cage. We rescued him when he was already an established plucker. Hes been fully feathered for 5 years now - since him and Gandie got a bird room and we stoped all interaction with him. Im now having to catch him once a day and put him in his cage so Gandie can have free time out but hes struggling and Gandie is spending a lot of time on Stevie cage either trying to pull the news paper out of it or just looking at him. Poor Stevie becomes fairly shut down although he is standing in the cage next to Gandie (whos on the outside) on and off.

Ive increased Gandies time out of the bird room with me to give Stevie more peace but has anyone got any suggestions or ideas on if/how I can manage this?
I cant leave them out together at the moment as gandies persuits have caused Stevie to injure himself a few times in panic and Gandie will not leave him alone.

Weve talked for years about sending Stevie to a sanctuary once he could fly (was plucking primary feathers) and hes been able to the last 5 years, the problem is dispite living with other birds (cockatiels, conures and a lovebird) hea always been scared or aggressive towards them so Im not sure he would cope in a mixed Avery. Hes not suitable as a companion as he hates humans. Its mostly fear based but he is understandably aggressive when he has to be handled and hes come on leaps and bounds since we took a totally hands off and no interaction approach with him.

Any suggestions?

Gandie is 9, not dna tested
Stevie is about 11, not dna tested.

Theyve lived together in the same room for 8 years.


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Re: Mating behaviour?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 08:22:06 AM »

I am having a similar problem. My two conures have been incredibly hormonal, ripping paper, hiding in dark places, attacking my cockatiels and biting me viciously.

This is way out of character for the male as he adores me (not so much the female). I have literally had to keep them in the cage, it's passing now and I let them out at the weekend and they didn't attack or go hiding so hopefully all will be well again.

I think in your case I would keep Gandie in his cage as much as possible and let Stevie be comfortable. You have done so much work with Stevie it would be awful to have him revert back and to let him go to a sanctuary would likely undo everything you've done for him at the moment. I would try to bear with it and try to get Stevie back to full feather, it sounds unfair but Gandie is causing the problem. As long as he has lots of toys in his cage he won't suffer for a short while.

It does pass, it's incredibly annoying but they get over it.

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