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Training an teenage grey

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  • September 19, 2020, 03:32:19 AM
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Author Topic: Training an teenage grey  (Read 1407 times)

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Training an teenage grey
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:10:46 AM »

Hello all!! So in the past few years I have searched high and low for information on training a grey that's not just a baby (I guess 12-14 years is still a baby compared) my husband and I are Pipsi's 4th owners so we haven't a clue how she was trained before us. (She is 14 years old or so) As I've said we've had her for a few years and she is our first as well. She doesn't fly and she's taken to my husband as her human. She lets him pick her up and hold her ect. She doesn't like dealing with me... Though she lets me feed her and pet her sometimes.  (That's taken a long time to achieve) We've been wanting to socialize her more if possible and at least try to train her to let me put her in her cage. I know Grey's are extremely sensitive and picky. Any resources anyone can suggest would be great! We both love our little Pipsi and what she has gifted to us in being in our lives. We want to continue to give her the best life possible for the rest of hers.. or ours as time allows.

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Re: Training an teenage grey
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2017, 09:10:48 AM »


At 14yrs you would obviously expect her to be able to fly, I'm guessing you know of no injury to her which would explain the no flying, your doing well in lowly getting her to trust you and hopefully she allows you to do more with her, but of course this may not be the case, I was think the best way to train anything is slow and very rewarding even the slightest of response reward with a little treat it will be a start but will go along way to possibly helping in the future, I'm assuming she has not had her wings clipped that you know of.

let us know how things go

Tony Mamadou kiwi & Gomez
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