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Edition: 003
13th February, 2011
Cheese and Cracker Sandwich Recipe

Cheese and Cracker Sandwich Recipe

When you are having crackers or biscuits and your parrot is doing everything to get to them you can offer him an alternative which wont be harmful for him. Matzo crackers are made of flour and water, no added salt, sugar or anything else at all ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 003 Edition

Hello all,

Just a quick update on a few things that have happened with the site this week so you know we're always trying to improve the experience for you behind the scenes, you may not see it but lots of attention goes into the site to make it easier to use and run without too many hiccups

So this week I made further improvements to the site performance including an upgrade to our server memory from 1GB up to 2BG so 100% improvement, this was done with a little help from our new hosts along with a few other server performance tweaks, I am really pleased to say our new hosts are infinitely better than our previous host who I gave a good grilling to after terminating our account.

Also after a recommendation from a member (Pip) we have enabled a feature on the forum which for smartphone users makes the whole experience easier all round, it's called Tapatalk and I'd highly recommend the measly £1.79 ($23 Hong Kong Dollars) one off fee, check out what it does in the "This Forum Is Now Tapatalk Enabled" topic.

We're always open to ideas so if you have any don't be shy we won't bite and we always take on board all suggestions, some we will act on swiftly, some may take some planning

We will be working on an archive for these newsletters at some point soon so you don't have to rake through your email box to find them, bear with us on that, anyway enough of our chat lets get into the juicy stuff you're all really interested in hearing, pleasant read all.

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

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Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi everybody, just wanted to say thank you to the people that have already bought the Valentine avatars. They look good, if I say so myself lol. Avatars and keyrings are still available. Avatars a minimum donation of 50p required and keyrings are £2 each. I will be doing a selection of Avatars, so keep an eye out in the Avatar thread.

When people buy or take on an African Grey, they are in fact taking on a bird with the intelligence of a child, the tantrums of a two year old and the attitude of a teenager...a lot of people go into it with the "Yeah, yeah, my bird will be different, I'm going to train it!" Well, once the noveltly wears off and the hoover, mop and dustpan and brush are working overtime, what happens then? Then the realisation dawns that this oh, so sweet, little baby bird is going to be doing the same thing, biting, screaming, making a mess, generally being a tie for (probably) the rest of your life! That is where rehoming/rescue comes in.

I don't think anybody is quite prepared for having a Grey in the house. It's time consuming, messy, noisy and definitely a tie when it comes to holidays etc. You can research all you want but there is something that tells you "Mine will be different" That's why so many birds are rehomed or rescued from bad living and nasty situations. Without the rescue centre, these birds would end up goodness knows where, maybe even just set free and all this costs money, which is why there is a donate button on this site.

Thanks again!

Pat xx

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Isabella’s Week of Visitors and Her Thoughts About Carrots

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Isabella’s Week of Visitors and Her Thoughts About Carrots

Well I’ve had lots of visitors this week. The British Gas man came to visit me three times! He kept asking if I talked, of course I do. I’m not stupid. I could have said a few choice words to him about the temperature in my birdy palace but, too be ... more >>>

Toria's Poetry Corner

Parrot Pick ‘n’ Mix

Yey, Woohoo its dinner time
Lets look at what Ive got.
I hope its something yummy
Cos I wanna scoff the lot!
Ooooo, look its mash again
But before I eat some more
I will pick out all the orange bits
And throw them to the floor!
My human looks distraught
In the kitchen she did strove.
Mixing all ingredients
Then cooking on the stove.
But surely now they realise
That orange bits are glum?
And chucking them all over town
Oh it really is such fun!!
I really do love pomegranate
But when I have it my human darts
For a cleaning cloth, as she doesn’t appreciate
My purple works of art.
A ‘messy boy’ she calls me.
But oh surely not me?
Cos all that I really like
Is something yummy for my tea.

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Milk Thistle

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

Well a bit of sun does strange things to people, there seems to have been a health craze on the AGPC forum this week. As well as the regular Fat club we now have the Spring clean challenge, this started out as a detox for the Parrots but now the owners are participating too. It has been

named Detoxing Debody by young Pat and involves drinking gallons of milk thistle a day. I am joining in with a slight alteration, Carlsberg instead of the milk thistle.

Even stranger happenings in Hastings, we all know Irina is a big fan of Harrison's pellets, well she has now converted the whole houshold, Dudley the rabbit has been hanging upside down off the light fittings, while Nicholas caused a commotion at a recent works meeting by rushing up to the MD and regurgitating for him. Irina now spends all day at the window mimicking the Seagulls who come from far away to witness this.

Another development on the forum is the introduction of tapatalk. Angie was very excited to hear of this and spent hours talking into the phone while wondering why her posts were'nt showing on the forum.

A big shock for all this week as Polo did something totally out of character and posted a joke.

Just a quick word to all members recieving this who have never posted, come along and introduce yourself, we are a friendly bunch and don't bite (apart from Nikki but we have her firmly muzzled)

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Top 10 Topics This Week (Most Replies)

Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. theo
  2. Liz
  3. Pat
  4. Irina
  5. Mandi
  6. Charlie72
  7. Bird_lover
  8. Bob
  9. jo4ne
  10. seanthesheep

Weekly Forum Statistics

General Statistics
Total Members: 18
Total Posts: 3160
Total Topics: 204
Total Categories: 7
Users Online: 108
Most Online: 126 - February 09, 2011, 12:00:00 AM
Online Today: 121
Total page views: 125483
Average registrations per day: 3.14
Average posts per day: 498.86
Average topics per day: 32.14
Total Boards: 35
Latest Member: elvo04
Average online per day: 136.29
Male to Female Ratio: 1:1
Average page views per day: 17926.14

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