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Edition: 004
20th February, 2011
The High Five Fund Challenge!

The High Five Fund Challenge!

Different Avatars are now available to buy at a minimum donation of 50p. All the avatars have been created from scratch by me, so if there is any particular sort of avatar you would like, or maybe one with your birds name on, just let me know and Iíll see what I can do. I am still creating cards as well, for any occasion, but having trouble getting the right type of card to print it on, so I have to try and sort out something that will be cost ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 004 Edition

Hey All,

Just a quickie from us this week, there's lots of stuff to read and as always I seem to be writing this at some stupid hour, it really takes a lot to put these newsletters together, thank god I don't write all of the content otherwise I'm not sure a weekly newsletter would be possible so a kind thanks as always for all the contributors.

We seem to have suffered a few hiccups this week where the site was slow, having spoken to our new host they have been doing some back-end maintenance work which may have affected the site, this should be done now but if any of you suffer any problems let me know, there's a few things I have planned to speed things up even more but that will happen when I can find a spare hour or two.

Lots of stuff about the rescue service and fund this week, aptly we're off to pick up another rescue today so watch out in the parrot rescue diaries for a new addition, we're also taking on another grey after that so all your help is needed

Anyway enough of my ramblings onto the juicy bits!!

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

P.S. Please don't forget to visit our sponsors or take advantage of the discount vouchers, this helps fund the site and keeps things free just the way we like it.

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Double Baked Veggie Biscotti

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Double Baked Veggie Biscotti

You can use any other flours instead of those mentioned above, just avoid using white flour. Wholemeal flour, spelt flour, quinoa or rice flour would make good substitutes. To make buckwheat flour just put the desired amount into a coffee grinder and ground it into a ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hey all, we do hope you will join all of us in the 5p challenge that Pat has kindly put together to help us grow the rescue fund so we are in a better position to help more parrots be rehomed, as Pat says it's a costly affair and we're having to turn down an increasing number of people that want us to take on their beloved pets or putting them on an ever growing waiting list.

What we'd dearly love is to grow the fund enough to one day open a fully functional rescue centre where people can bring their pets for us to care of, but we're a long way from doing that and we need you to help by donating, you don't have to donate much but the more people that regularly donate like other members of the community the closer we will get to realising that dream and the more parrots we can help.

Some members have setup monthly standing orders some donate every now and then as and when they can manage it, whatever you do every penny goes into the fund ready to help those parrots out there that need new lives.

Thanks for listening and we hope you have it in your hearts to join the rest of the community in donating.

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Isabella Gives her Opinion on her Latest Bird Muffins

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Isabella Gives her Opinion on her Latest Bird Muffins

One of my favourite parts of the day is sorting through my breakfast bowl. I usually find a treat at the bottom and those brussel sprout pieces make great missiles to hurl at the dogs. Incidentally, my aim is getting much better. But I have noticed a definite downturn in the quality of the muffins recently ... more >>>

Toria's Poetry Corner


Sitting happy on my perch.
I wonder what to do
I have lots of toys around my cage
So plenty there to chew.
But one thing I love to pass my time
Of which my humans dread
Are those lovely toys
The bestest kind
That I can shred shred shred!!!
These toys they cost a fortune
Yet they donít last all too long
But I have so much fun shredding them
I could shred them all day long.
But my humans donít have a money tree
To fulfill my need to shred
So instead of all expensive toys
I make do with loo roll tubes instead.

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Fairy Hunting

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

It's been a strange week on the AGPC forum, we had a few visitors from fairy land early on although these were quickly and eagerly dispatched by our resident Fairy hunter. Plenty of great photos this week as Pip finally gets the hang of hang of posting them and some great videos by our very own Parrot whisperer (although don't know if Pat knows the meaning
of the word whisper).

At least four of our members attended the Newark show on Sunday, although they all conveniently forgot to take their cameras. Dave was desperate to meet Mandy and Tracy and had a brainwave, he stood in the middle of the hall, flapped his arms and started squawking like a parrot. This didn't have the desired effect but is apparently a big hit on YouTube. We await with interest to see what he has planned for Stafford.

A major breakthrough for Nico this week as she trained Liz to fetch walnuts on demand using positive reinforcement, she is having less success with James and is currently trying to identify his favourite treat after palm nuts didn't work.

Other news this week, it was nice to see the return of the African Queen, Geoff is now considered as part of the fixtures and fittings at the local library, and Brucie actually showed some patience.

To finish on a serious note, we all wish Tracy well and hope things pick up soon, and also wishing all the best to Irina's little budgie who is currently staying at the vets.

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Top 10 Topics This Week (Most Replies)

Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. Pat
  2. Mandi
  3. Liz
  4. laura91
  5. Toria
  6. theo
  7. pip
  8. Bird_lover
  9. Irina
  10. Polo

Weekly Forum Statistics

Total Members: 23
Total Posts: 2239
Total Topics: 152
Total Categories: 7
Users Online: 95
Most Online: 145 - February 16, 2011, 12:00:00 AM
Online Today: 120
Total page views: 115436
Average registrations per day: 4.57
Average posts per day: 380.43
Average topics per day: 25.14
Total Boards: 35
Latest Member: paul
Average online per day: 142.14
Male to Female Ratio: 1:0
Average page views per day: 16490.86

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