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Edition: 005
27th February, 2011
New Rescue - Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

New Rescue - Meet Syd The Sweet Timneh

Well it was a very busy day on Sunday we was off to go and collect a new rehome, she was a little Timneh called Syd! We set off and I went with Ricks choice of directions to go straight through London!! I was a little concerned about this as learning from experience when we went to collect Roxy last year it turned out to be the journey from hell, but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt after all men like ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 005 Edition

Hey All,

Welcome to the last newsletter in February, can you believe it's nearly March already, the clocks will be going forward on the 27th which means much lighter evenings and summer is on it's way, I don't know about you but I can't wait for that to happen

Lots of stuff happening around the rescue service om the forum, competitions and funding ideas, make sure you get involved where you can, and as you will see from the featured story above we picked up our latest rescue from south London last weekend, we've even had a comment from the previous owner. make sure you check it out, we're getting a steady stream of people contacting us to rehome their greys which is great, we're just working on some official processes to become a forever home so watch out for that, I'm sure we'll send you a link to it once it's released.

Talking of rescue, thanks to all of you that have joined the 5p rescue fund challenge that Pat launched last week, it's fun easy and there's still time to join in so don't miss out!!

Not a great deal done on the site this week, apart from I built and launched a newsletter archive for any of you that didn't get the newsletter or just can't find it there's one convenient place to go and read them all, this will be updated each week with the latest newsletter so don't panic if you don't get it for some reason.

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

P.S. Please don't forget to visit our sponsors or take advantage of the discount vouchers, this helps fund the site and keeps things free just the way we like it.

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Hideaway Boxes For Your Parrot

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Hideaway Boxes For Your Parrot

Since Iíve started providing Digby with a box, a hideaway of some sort Iíve noticed that his behavior improved a lot and he behaves a lot more hormonal and destructive when he doesnít have a box to hide in. In fact, this is how I found out that he loves to have ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Well, another week over and more rescues have been done, so they are now in the care of Paula & Rick....can you see where this is leading? Yep, it takes money...that's all I'm going to say. Top right hand corner of the front page is the Donate button (Or use the button above), feel free to use it whenever you get the urge!

There is going to be a Treasure Hunt, starting tomorrow, for real prizes woohoo! There are six prizes to be won, so please join in and Good Luck. Details will be put in the Annoucement thread shortly.

Thank you to everybody that has donated this week, it really is appreciated very much, without your help the birds that need rescuing would suffer even more. You're all stars. So whether you have donated 20p or £200 every penny is important and remember this.... if you have donated £200, I'm your best friend!


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Happy Birthday

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

What's been happening this week on the forum, well we had the 10,000th topic (and not all started by Mandi), talking of Mandi, she is again on a major cage clean, it must be a bit like painting the Forth bridge. Polo (isn't he a parrot) has just had his 16th Grandchild, he must have to remortgage the house at Christmas, and Mary aka Seanthesheep (don't ask) had us all watching the
TV for the Parrot that never was.

Three birthdays on the forum this week, we had Geoff who celebrated with Cadbury's chocolates, Liz with oysters, and Piker with a steak pie (which he burnt on his car headlights), we certainly know how to party on the forum.

Irina's hubby Nickolas has been voted top eBay salesman, and after seeing his work Pat has employed him to sell her playstands. Scouse-George started a new topic titled "Just A Few Questions", this now has 310 replies (more than just a few then George).

Pat has been doing a sterling job on the fundraising front, we are all looking forward to the Treasure hunt starting Monday with real prizes (as opposed to imaginary ones) and the 5p challenge started this week (please don't send her 5p,s or she will use her renowned tact and a little bit of extreme violence on you) and lastly the Gay greys have recruited another member to their group, they are now halfway to their dream of the "Village Parrots"

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella Gets a Parcel and Discusses What Makes a Good Toy

The postman arrived this week with a box, that always means something exciting for me, at last my pleas have been listened to. I have been making it known for quite a while that I am bored with the current selection in my ... more >>>

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Isabella Gets a Parcel and Discusses What Makes a Good Toy

Top 10 Topics This Week (Most Replies)

Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. Pat
  2. Mandi
  3. scottie
  4. Bob
  5. Paula
  6. Tatty
  7. Nikki
  8. Liz
  9. mrmacca
  10. Lesley

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