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Edition: 015
24th July, 2011
Stafford Parrot Society Show - Review And Pictures

Stafford Parrot Society Show - Review And Pictures

July the 3rd dawned early for the many AGPC members who travelled from staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Devon and Scotland amongst other places to meet up at the Stafford Show Ground for the 2011 Stafford parrot society show. The show ( the smallest of the 2 held there each year ) was already packed at 10.30 with people looking to buy toys, cages, food, souvenirs and every type of parrot paraphernalia imaginable. Many a bargain was to be had on the toy stalls with ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 015 Edition

Hey All,

I'm pleased to be able to say the newsletter will resume it's bi-weekly frequency again, as some of you know we had some horrendous news at the begining of the month when my brother sadly passed away, we're obviously devastated by this still but as my brother would agree life goes on and we need to get back to as close to normality as we possibly can.

We'd also like to publicly say our thanks to everyone on the forum for the kind gift of flowers that were sent it shows what an amazing community we have here at the AGPC and how closely nit and thoughtful you all are, my brother would have been proud!

So lots happened since the last newsletter (3 weeks ago would you believe!) the main event was the Stafford Bird Show where a whole load of our members met up with each other which was amazing to see, sadly for obvious reasons we couldn't make it but there's lots of other events and meets going on I am sure we will make it to one once we've managed to lay my brother to rest.

Anyway hope you enjoy this our 15th newsletter

Till next time,

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

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Benny To Penny!

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Benny To Penny!

All the results of the blood and poop tests are in now and itís really good news to know that all is well. One result was a bit of a surprise though, after six and a half years of being Benny, it turns out that it should have been Penny! Penny is doing well, she has learnt to follow a stick for a piece of grape, still no sign of her stepping up yet without shredding skin but thatís not a problem, Iím sure she will be fine but she will do things in her own time. Penny has a ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi everybody,

Here we go again with a round up of the fundraising we have all managed to do so far. On Easyfundraising, we have raised a massive £88.64 from 1st April to 30 June that is brilliant and all for nothing because we would have been shopping online anyway! So thank you all so very much for continuing to shop through Easyfundraising. Just imagine what that would have been if Scarletts were on the list hahaha.

August raffle tickets are on sale with a lovely bracelet donated by our Tezza as first prize this month, 2nd prize is £10 online voucher, 3rd prize is £5 online voucher. Last month it was all early tickets that were pulled out of the box, so get your tickets now! 50p each or 5 for £2. New members are welcome to join in and buy tickets.

It's getting closer to the end of the High Five Fund, we'll soon be counting up the 5p's that we have managed to save over the last six months, 21st August is the day that we will have a count up so there is still just over a month if anybody wants to join in and save their 5ps.

Well that's it for this round up, watch this space though for another competition coming soon.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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IQ Test

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

Well it's newsletter time again, and better late than never (apart from bills and STDs ) Anyway what's the news from the AGPC forum.

We had the big Stafford show meet up, and what fun they all had, loads of photo's by Pat....then Darryl took the camera from her and took some great ones. The Stafford crew sadly had to leave Geoff, he had clenched onto a six inch piece of rope and just wouldn't let go.

Relations between Britain and Italy were on a knife edge
this week as against all advice Pat started singing, this caused major turmoil which only calmed down when she left the country.

Pat has been banned from Argos for inappropriate behaviour, Donna has been banned from Morrison's for the same reason....although she tried to blame Ma, Geoff has been banned from Photobucket for tackle out pics (not fishing).

Liz finally got Nico in the sun and that is a miracle in Scotland, Karen has a great new camera, she is presently reading through the manual...we look to some great pics next year.

Scarlett is overjoyed with her new villa in Spain, all payed for by AGPC members, and we hear that Digby is having the time of his life with seeds, nuts, the odd biscuit....he is presently negotiating a ban on flights in from Russia.

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella Tells Us About Her Trip To The Vets

My female owner thought that it was about time that I went to see the vet this week. Iím always up for a trip out and about, more people get to appreciate my glorious feathers and voice. But the vet? Could we not go somewhere more exciting, it is a little undignified to be wrapped in a towel and passed round. Those veterinary students just donít know how to treat me properly and ... more >>>

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Isabella Tells Us About Her Trip To The Vets

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