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Edition: 006
6th March, 2011
African Grey Eye Pinning

African Grey Eye Pinning

Parrots have a fascinating ability to give us a little insight into how they feel at a given moment. This is achieved through a process termed "eye pinning". The pupils of the parrotís eyes will dilate to show excitement, or joy, anxiety or fear. It is up to us to understand our feathered friend to learn what he is saying to us, through his expressive eyes. African Greys and other ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 006 Edition

Hey All,

Lots has been happening behind the scenes, we've recently had more memory added to our servers to speed the site up even more and make it stable, after which I re-implemented the adserver in a more optimal way that also increases speed (I won't bore you with the technical details), the main thing is that you are now receiving this email from our new mailing list software which we hope will increase the deliverability of this newsletter, a lot of you are saying you are not receiving the newsletter which is a problem for obvious reasons.

On the subject of the newsletter we've decided weekly is a lot of work for everyone involved, so we're going to take the pressure off the people who are producing the great content that they do and we'll be moving to a bi-weekly newsletter which is much less work, though if we think there's news that you need to hear we may contact you more regularly with more specific things.

Lots of stuff happening on the forum as ever so make sure you log on and join in if you haven't for a while, don't let this cold weather put you off, spring is just around the corner, those clocks change in the next few weeks and the light evenings will be back again.

That's all from us for now folks.

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

P.S. Please don't forget to visit our sponsors this helps fund the site and keeps things free just the way we like it.

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Syd Settling In!

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Syd Settling In!

Syd has been with us now for nearly 2 weeks and is starting to chatter quite a lot, some of the things we can make out are "Night" even at noon in the day, "What you doing?", "Whats that", "Bye". She still not very keen on her fresh fruit and vegetables but i am working on that! i am still working on her to finish a bowl of my mash mix, she looks at it and walks off! I know it isnít that bad as ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi everybody! Well, what an eventful week it's been in fund raising land. We had the Treasure Hunt, thank you very much to everybody that took part in that and I promise your prizes will be sent out to you on Monday. Well done to Mandi, who almost wiped the board, she won three prizes, Bob, Claire and Liz won the other three. Keep your eyes peeled because we are going to have a bigger and better Easter Egg Hunt, but without the eggs!

Also this week we have joined in the Easyfundraising that is just brilliant, you don't have to spend a penny extra and yet you raise money for the fund just by shopping online. If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about.......where have you been? Take a look at our Easyfundraising page and if you want to help out all you need to do is register and start shopping to earn money for the fund. At the time of writing this we have already earned £27.75 so that's really great. Thank you to all that are helping out with joining this group.

The High Five Fund is ongoing so if there are any new members that would like to join in, please do, you can see what it's all about here.

Well that's it, it's been another eventful week fund raising, of course don't forget if you would rather just donate that's more than ok as well, just click on the orange "Donate" button top right of every page.

Once again, thanks for all the donations this week, keep watching....more things happening soon!


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Happy Birthday

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

I'm sorry to say that this weeks weekly round-up isn't the usual roundup I do from what's been happening on the forum I'm afraid as I have been busy collecting another rehome for the AGPC rescue centre and have written the first blog post to introduce you to Max the
senegal. I promise my usual witty weekly roundup will return next newsletter so don't panic it just means there's far more to talk about.

Well I picked Max up at Midday today and he is settling in well.

He is a Senegal Parrot aged approximately 7 years and believed Male, and was hand reared. He is quite a friendly little man and has already been on my hands and shoulder.

Max has lived with dogs and is friendly with most people although like most Parrots he will nip occasionally, he has never been clipped and is a very strong flyer.

He does say a few words, so far I have heard "hello max" and "stoppit"

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella Explains What a Computer is Really For

Well the day of the big toy change over happened. A bit quicker than I would have liked, I have to say, but overall it went quite smoothly. I went upstairs for a quiet morning of destruction on my play stand and when ... more >>>

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Isabella Explains What a Computer is Really For

Top 10 Topics This Week (Most Replies)

Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. Pat
  2. Mandi
  3. Bob
  4. Liz
  5. Beausmam
  6. Polo
  7. InquisitiveCow
  8. TrumanFeatherFace
  9. Tracy jojo,s mum
  10. Terry556

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