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Edition: 007
20th March, 2011
2011 Comic Relief Donation Promise

2011 Comic Relief Donation Promise

Here at the African Grey Parrot Centre ™ we have decided that this year we are going to donate a portion of the money we receive from our parrot rescue donations to support Comic relief 2011. So how does it work I hear you ask and how can you help. Well as you may or may not know we operate our parrot rescue service completely on donations that we receive from regular members, people that we take on birds from and people that become forever homes for our ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 007 Edition

Hey All,

It feels like it's been forever since the last newsletter but it's only been 2 weeks so not really, at least there's plenty to talk about and fresh minds to put it together, though I can't say I've had much of an easier time what with work commitments and Paula's had poorly kids and uniforms for Red Nose day to get together

On the subject of Red Nose day please please please do help both Comic Relief 2011 and our parrot rescue by donation, if you haven't read the main article (at the top of this email) then please do so.

Lots has happened on the rescue front since the last newsletter, we've taken on a few extra rescues including Cosmo which we will no doubt update you on in our parrot rescue diaries for the impatient ones out there or you can just wait till our next newsletter in two weeks time.

I could bore you with technical stuff but I'm not going to this week, needless to say there's as always plenty of stuff happening behind the scenes to ensure the site is doing what it should do as best as possible.

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

P.S. Please don't forget to visit our sponsors this helps fund the site and keeps things free just the way we like it.

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Meet Cosmo!

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Meet Cosmo!

Today Hughie traveled quite a way to collect the new AGPC re-home, Cosmo. He is 2 years old and DNA sexed as male, Cosmo’s owner is sadly ill and is unable to look after him. Hughie had a long chat and a cuppa with him and then brought the very chirpy Cosmo back, so far Cosmo has spoken a little and when he got home Hughie offered him some veggies which he tucked straight into a bit of red ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi Everybody!

Fantastic news in two weeks of shopping online through Easyfundraising, we have managed to accumulate over £50 for the rescue fund! Thank you so much to everybody that has helped and just keep shopping through the Easyfundraising link, the next milestone will be £75. Woohoo! This is the link if you haven't yet registered, please take a look there are hundreds of everyday shops that are willing to donate so head to Easy Fund Raising now and join the cause!

To all the new members, please take a look at the fund raising category on the forum, if you think you can help by shopping through the link, saving 5p's or just generally donating (press the orange button top right of page) then please feel free to join in any time. The High Five Fund is still active, so if you want to join in anytime, please do.

A new Treasure Hunt will be starting on Monday, I'm doing it a little bit different this time, no prizes will be revealed until all the squares have been sold. 50p a square and there are 15 prizes to be won. So, it's an Easter Egg Hunt, without the eggs.

I don't know if you are aware of it, but if you use Firefox, you can have a new search engine from Easyfundraising, it is powered by Yahoo and Bing, so it's very good. If you use that to do searches, then you raise 0.5p for every search, 1p for every two searches. It doesn't sound a lot but it really does mount up. This is the link to download the search bar.

That's if for now ... thank you very much to everybody that takes part in the fundraising. x


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Alien Abduction

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

It's been a while since the last column, so what's been happenning on the forum. Well Pat the fundraiser has been hard at it (she has raised some funds too) and Mandi has been that successful she has packed in work. The next event is Whose baby (Geoff was a bit worried when he saw the title).
There have been a couple of re-homes lately. After an initial reluctance Cosmo got over his prejudices and joined the gay greys, and Max joined Jojo and Lucie, he celebrated this by getting a Mohican hair cut which he proudly showed off on the forum.

It was the Stafford show last week and Tracy was very upset at not meeting Daddy Dave but her mood improved later after meeting her favourite uncle. A warning to the people of Cornwall, watch out Kay's on her way.

And finally a note to the Alien abductors, release our Irina immediately, we want her back.

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella Tells us Why She’s in a Bad Mood During a Moult

This has not been a good couple of weeks for me, all my beautiful feathers are falling out. I know it happens every year and that I should be used to it by now, but I hate it. I am so proud of my feathers. I spend ... more >>>

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Isabella Tells us Why She’s in a Bad Mood During a Moult

Top 10 Topics This Week With Most Replies

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Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. Pat
  2. Mandi
  3. Tracy jojo,s mum
  4. Lesley
  5. pip
  6. theo
  7. Liz
  8. Bob
  9. Nikki
  10. claire(bellaboo)

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