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Edition: 010
1st May, 2011
Royal Wedding Vows - For Richer For Poorer

Royal Wedding Vows - For Richer For Poorer

What has the Royal Wedding Vows got to do with parrots I hear you ask, just bear with me and you will see. I thought given all the buzz around the Royal Wedding it was a topical thing to write about whilst trying to get a point across. So as the title suggests in my opinion one of the most important part of a wedding is the vows, whether it be done in front of a few witnesses at a registration office or a large scale audience at Westminster Abbey the fact is we all have to say our vows in one form or ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 010 Edition

Hey All,

Hope we're all still enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and nice long weekends, I don't think I can remember such a nice Easter in all my life, officially it's been the hottest Easter on record for 100 years, how cool or should I say hot is that!!

Well our latest Royal wedding is over, so hope not too many of you are still suffering with sore heads from any street parties you may have attended, not something we bothered with here, more like spent the extra time off sorting more bits out in the garden, I don't think I can remember ever having our garden in such good condition so early on in the year, all I can say is I hope we have continued sunny weather we want to start building more aviaries outside amongst other things.

Well apart from gardening we've started, or almost finished, another big development to the site which we're all really excited about, more about that to come nearer to launch time, then we can tell you a bit more, till then I'll leave you in suspense

Till next time toodle-oo

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

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New Rescue - Meet Bailey!!

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New Rescue - Meet Bailey!!

Well we had a very busy bank holiday weekend lots of gardening and on the Sunday we went to collect another African Grey to go though our rescue. Her name is Bailey and she will be 2 next month in may, and she was rehomed as she was left alone for long periods of time due to work commitments and he found her a little too noisy. She has ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi everybody,

Well, it's newsletter time again and that means just one thing, a round up of the fund raising. We are all doing really well with shopping through Easyfundraising, so thanks for that. If you haven't tried Easysearch yet, give it a go, you earn money for the fund just by searching on the net!

I have to say I'm just a little disappointed that the treasure map didn't sell all it's squares before Easter because I was hoping that the prizes could have been sent out......oh well, whoever wins will have an extra late Easter. lol. There are still a few squares left and then the prize winners will be revealed, so any new members or anybody that hasn't bought a square yet, get in there quick before Mandi wins the lot!

The High Five Fund is gaining momentum with more people joining, thank you very much. Once again if any new members would like to join in the High Five Fund, then please just put your name on the thread and start saving those 5p pieces!

Thanks to everybody that has donated to the fund so far, it really does mean a lot with more Greys needing homes every penny counts.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, Summer is around the corner, it will be gone then. hahah.

Take Care


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Chrstmas Easter Egg

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

Well it's newsletter time again, so what has been happening on the AGPC forum during the last fortnight.

Well of course we have had the Royal wedding, this got Piker very excited and Mrs Piker a little worried about future relations. Record entries for the Sunday quiz this week, keep it up.

The Easter egg hunt is still going, at this rate it will end up as find the Santa, Geoff celebrated his first year anniversary of stopping smoking with a packet of ten woodbine's, Shinda has been learning lip piercing making a very good first attempt on Pip, and Donna has been seeing underpants everywhere.

We have had reports of trees going missing from gardens in Scotland, leaving people devastated with the loss of their prize specimens. Nikki and Hughie have gone into the playstand and perch making business.

And lastly Kay has finally arrived in Cornwall, this was greeted with much rejoicing in Leicester.

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella Makes Her Feelings About being Left For The Weekend Known

My routine has been thrown off this week. My female owner has been away and my male owner clearly doesn’t think that my schedule is important. I have been woken up later, fed later and the quality of the treats has taken a definite downturn since she left. I made my feeling ... more >>>

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Isabella Makes Her Feelings About being Left For The Weekend Known

Top 10 Topics This Week With Most Replies

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Top 10 Topics Starters This Week

  1. Mandi
  2. Pat
  3. Bob
  4. Liz
  5. sarahbirdie
  6. Nikki
  7. MsEden
  8. Tatty
  9. Onyx's mum
  10. malcolm

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