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Edition: 011
15th May, 2011
5 Hints And Tips For Your Parrot Cage

5 Hints And Tips For Your Parrot Cage

There is a mass abundance of information out there about parrot cages, their shapes, sizeís, colours and styles, I thought I would put this article together to offer a few hints and tips and the basicís I have learnt over the years to help you to decide which cage is best suited to you, your parrot and your home. 1. Size Counts Firstly the most important factor is the size of the cage the best rule to go by is the bigger the better, and where you are planning on keeping your parrot to ensure you have enough ... more >>>

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African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Newsletter 011 Edition

Hey All,

Few site issues of late, don't panic though I am all over it like a rash as ever, but it's testament to how busy the site is getting, all you chatterboxes are just chatting too much, but hey that's a great problem to have right?

Lovely to see all the new members coming in, you're all very welcome and we're so glad you found us, make sure you introduce yourself to everyone, we don't bite, not on the first post anyway :o)

I can't begin to tell you how busy the rescue is for us, if we're not working, looking after the kids or our own birds we're collecting and rehoming new rescues all over the country, I can't stress how important it is to us that we continue to receive donations, so anything any of you can do to help donate personally or spread the word to help get more donations in then we will be in a position to help even more and very appreciative, we're almost getting to the point where we're having to turn new rescues away temporarily as we're being contacted every day now.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter I'll let you get on with reading it.

Till next time toodle-oo

Paula & Rick
African Grey Parrot Centre ™

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Meet Timneh Fred!

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Meet Timneh Fred!

ell another hectic weekend for us and another rescue collected on Sunday it was the turn of Fred the Timneh! Fred is 20 years old and lived with his lovely owners Sue and Tom since a baby but due to illness they felt Fred wasnít getting the attention he deserved so out of love for him they thought it best that he be rehomed somewhere that he could get lots of attention and love. Fred talks a little and already told me to "Go away" in his cheeky voice he looks in ... more >>>

Parrot Rescue Fund


Hi everybody,

Once again this newsletter has come around so fast I thought I had another week to prepare! Anyway, things continue to steadily improve for the Rescue Fund, which is great because at the moment it seems the birds are lining up to be rehomed, so lots of funds are needed.

We now have fridge magnets for sale at a cost of £3 each which includeds postage and packing, it's a bargain! You can have whatever you like on the magnet, just pm me your photo, quotation, funny quip, whatever and I'll do my best to sort it out for you. Ongoing things to sell are avatars and keyrings, the keyrings have the same principle as the magnets, you can choose whatever you want to go on them.

Window decals! Many, many, thanks to Jennifer for donating some lovely window decals for the fund, so pop along to the thread and you can see them there. Don't miss out on these, they are limited!

Thank you so much to Dave & Irene for helping out the fund over the past week or so, you are both stars xx.

I am working frantically on lots of different things that you might want to buy for presents for friends and relations, watch this space. In the meantime, it's the big orange button at the top right of this post if you just want to donate.

So many Greys needing rehoming, so expensive the cost of petrol to fetch them, care for them, feed them etc. you all know what it costs to keep a Grey so I won't go on.

Take Care


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Chrstmas Easter Egg

Bob's Weekly Round-Up

Well it's newsletter time again, so what has been happening on the AGPC forum during the last fortnight.

I know you all look forward to it even though you don't show it, so what has been happening on the forum during the last fortnight. Great to see a lot of new members joining and posting and a special mention to Quackers who always manages to put a positive spin on everything, and I will give a prize to whoever guesses her name, and Ronniegrey who amazed us all
with her Bluefronted Yellowcrowned, Orange winged Amazon.

Great to see the return of the gruesome twosome Angie and Karen this week, and also the Karmonster who left and returned in the blink of an eye. We have had reports of delivery drivers going missing in Wiltshire, Donna's neighbours are complaining about the amount of vans parked on her drive.

This weeks quiz was a great success until Denise ran off with the answers, Jennifer announced that she was a huge Michael Bolten fan, although don't worry Jen I would say that's an exaggeration, alright you are not slim but ...

Nikki H was caught watching porn, while Sara-Jane contemplated murder, although couldn't find a Scotsman and Irina was seen teasing foxes with potential rabbit pie.

Nice to see a lot of members meeting up this week, we had Stud muffin and Crazy horse meeting Nikki and Hughie in Scotland, Kay met Tallships in Jail, I had a brief rendezvous with Rachel in a layby, and we hear Donna and Karmen are planning a future meeting in a boxing ring.

That's all for now folks, Bob

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Isabella On How Her Cage Should Be Cleaned And Her Holiday Home

I had to endure a major cage clean this week. My owner pulls out the cage, cleans behind it, sweeps up all the bits, sprays my perches, sweeps up all the feathers. All this is just as it should be. I deserve a clean cage and Iím obviously not going to do it myself, thatís what my ... more >>>

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Isabella On How Her Cage Should Be Cleaned And Her Holiday Home

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  8. Bob
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