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Untold Secrets of Parrot Adoption

July 31st, 2010

Parrot adoption, like all forms of adoption, is an essential service needed for parrots that need a good home. Sometimes parrots are put for adoption simply because the previous owners are unable to care for them any more be it financially or simply an issue of time to nurture the parrot.

Occasionally though the reason a parrot is put up for adoption can be more malice. There is always those select few pet owners who miss treat or neglect there pets. Like those who buy pit bulls and train them, through abuse and starvation, to be aggressive toward everyone and everything. Parrots to, occasionally are mistreated, usually through poor living conditions. These animals need the people who work for adoption service to find them a good home where they will be treated well.

Today, parrot adoption centers are connected to prospective adopters through the internet. Many of the centers have very lengthy websites containing all sorts of valuble information including detailed information about parrots as well as a list of parrots they offer for adoption.

Parrot adoption organizations are usually not for profit. Parrot adoption centers are usually formed out of the need of a certain geographic area that may have a high number of mistreated parrots, or parrots whose owners simply can’t care for them any more. Thus making parrot adoption centers not only crucial in the general well being of parrots but also helps keep down the number of that are released into the wild.

Untold Secrets of Parrot Adoption : Helpful Parrot Adoption Organizations

Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Refuge is a nonprofit avian rescue/refuge that offers a adoptions and other valuable avian adoption resources. They were established in 1998 and are known as one of the best places to find parrots for adoption.

Parrot Education and Adoption Center (PEAC) is an adoption center ran out of San Diego, CA in the United States but also has chapters in Chicago, IL, Anchorage, AK, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. They are not for profit and will accept unwanted or found parrots where they will care for them until a qualified applicant is found.

Parrot Chronicles is an online magazine for parrot lovers. It offers a wide range of information from species information to pet owner stories to medical answers for parrots and include a list of adoption centers sorted by countries and states. The are known as being the premier magazine for for everything parrots.

There is of course a lot more Parrot adoption and rescue centers out there, but they are all striving for one goal, the safety and well being of all parrots alike.

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Why Some Parrots Are Red

July 31st, 2010

Red has been long known as the color love. It also signifies love and passion but also danger. People associate the color red with love, Valentines, danger, desire, speed, strength, violence, anger, emergency exit signs, stop signs, and blood. Its usual attributes are strength, force, power, control, and leadership. Stimulation, warmth, excitement, good health, physical energy, love, sex, passion, courage, and protection are also associated with this strong color. But in pet birds especially in parrots–being red is an entirely different story.

Why Some Parrots Are Red : The red in parrots

When it comes to colors in parrots, the most common is green. But did you know that there is no pigment or tinge of green present in parrots’ feathers? According to experts, although parrots appear green, only pigments present in parrots’ feathers are red and yellow.

Red parrots becoming popular pet parrot preferences because they exude mystical beauty. But did you know that some parrots are red because of their melanin chemistry and feather structure?

Studies show that some parrots are red due to Tyndall Effect. During Tyndall Effect, light scatters, thus, reflecting off the feather structure. This process also results to the illusion of a variety of colors.

Why Some Parrots Are Red : Pigments (psittacin or carotenoids)

Another reason why some parrots are red is because specific kinds of this bird have pigments in their feathers called psittacin or carotenoids–the ones that gives carrots and yellow squash their respective colors. These are usually influenced by certain environmental factors and elements like food intake or diet. Experts found out that red parrots emerge because the colors of the nutritional elements of the food they take are intensified. Although foods don’t usually influence a parrot’s color, it is quite significant in the process because good food will result to good health shown in the sheen of a parrot’s feathers.

Since feathers are parrot’s–generally birds’–most distinctive characteristic, on-going studies about the coloration of parrots are conducted worldwide. Most of these studies have found out that a parrot’s color can mean several things like assertiveness and other behavioral contexts.

The most popular red parrot in pet trades today is the Red-Breasted Senegal. Although is has a moderate talking ability, many parrot enthusiasts purchase this red parrot because they are playful and independent Always climbing, chewing and playing with their toys, red-breasted Senegals are among the favorite selection of parrot pets because they have friendly nature and their ability to learn and perform tricks. Since they create very low noise, this red parrot is suitable as a family pet bird especially for those who live in city apartments. Although it has a friendly nature, this red parrot should be handled and trained regularly so they will remain tamed.

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