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2009 March

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2009 March

Escaped Pet Parrot In Keighley Hunt Continues

March 28th, 2009

A father has made a desperate plea for Keighley people to help him find his beloved pet parrot.

Macy, an African Grey, escaped on Saturday evening as owner Jason Kaberry opened the door of his house in Back Cromer Grove, Keighley, to put out the rubbish.

Despite a search party of six looking for the parrot, including two schoolgirls who witnessed her flight, Macy still remains at large.

Mr Kaberry said six-year-old Macy was spotted near St John’s Church, at Ingrow, on Saturday night, but by the time they arrived at the site she was nowhere to be seen.

The 37-year-old said: “We were looking for her with flashlights and some people had called the police thinking we were burglars acting suspiciously but I managed to persuade them otherwise.

“We have had Macy since she was a chick and on Saturday she must have seen the open door and thought it was her big chance for freedom. We searched all Saturday night but it was dark and we couldn’t find her. I have notified the RSPCA and it said that because it has been windy, she might not have flown too far.”

“He added: “If anyone spots her they could give me a call and I could come and get her. It is very important that we find her, she is the family pet.”

Mr Kaberry can be contacted on 01535 604797, 01422 249811 or 07917 732362.

Our thoughts go out to Mr Kaberry we can relate to his distress as our pet grey Reggie did exactly the same thing, we can also say there is plenty of hope for him as we found our beloved Reggie two weeks later after he flew 60 miles down the road.

AJ The Sporty Indian Ringneck Parakeet

March 18th, 2009

A sporty parrot who plays golf and basketball has become an internet hit.

The parrot, called AJ, can be seen putting a golf ball, slam dunking a basketball and performing gymnastic routines.

Thousands of fans have watched the sporting all-rounder demonstrate his prowess in a series of clips on video sharing website YouTube.

The green and yellow parrot’s personal trainer offers encouragement from the sidelines with comments such as “good bird” and “good job.”

And the bird psyches himself up for the challenge by repeating: “Put the ball in the basket. Put the ball in the basket.”

The Indian Ringneck Parakeet starts his gymnastic routine by playing dead and jumping to his feet as a man out of view of the camera says: “get up”.

The 18 year old parrot rolls over sideways and climbs onto his trainer’s finger, which he uses as a high bar to perform more remarkable stunts.

As the trainer says “do a flip” and “turn around” the obedient parrot rolls over the finger using his feet to grip. He then balances and turns on the spot.

AJ certainly loves golf. I would say that is his favourite sport and he even watches it on television

He finishes the routine by offering a claw to shake hands.

The parrot leaves the gymnasium and heads to a miniature golf course where he holds a club in his beak and swings at a ball.

The ball rolls smoothly across the green, avoiding the bunkers, and falls into the hole – possibly for a birdie.

Eager AJ picks the ball out of the hole and hands it to his trainer.

He then plays the ball again to demonstrate his previous effort was not a fluke.

Taking a miniature yellow basketball in his beak, the parrot climbs a ladder onto a table with court markings and a basketball net and backboard at one end.

He repeats his trainer’s command to “put the ball in the basket” and slams the ball through the hoop for two points.

The video finishes with AJ looking at the camera with a sense of pride at what he has achieved.

Owner Dave Cota, of Florida, USA, said he believed AJ was the most sporty bird in the world. The 40 year old, an entrepreneur who has worked in the sports industry, said: “It seems that he can play anything I show him.

“I have had him since he was very young and he just loves to play sports.

“I have had no trouble trianing him at all – he is very special.

“He even tells himself to do his own tricks before doing them.

“AJ certainly loves golf. I would say that is his favourite sport and he even watches it on television.”

AJ even has a custom-built golf course which cost around 2,000 pounds.

Dave added: “He also has his own custom-made golf clubs and bag. It cost a lot but it’s worth it because he likes doing it so much.”

One viewer, called davna90, loved the bird’s sporting exploits.

Mai Is Back In Time For Red Nose Day

March 13th, 2009

Mai & Jaycee On Red Nose Day

Mai & Jaycee On Red Nose Day

Our special little grey Mai has returned to her roost AGAIN, some of you may have been following our poor little Mai story so I thought I’d update her progress whilst it was also a great opportunity to discuss my Red Nose day shenaningans at work.

So first things first you may remember how Mai went to live with Paula’s Dad and has popped her little beak around the door a few times to say hello… well due to unforseen circumstances Paula’s Dad came by for a flying visit (pardon the pun) and has brought Mai to come back home to live with us again.

He’s gone to live in a retirement type home and his neighbour is lets say ‘older’ and she’s not down with the noise Mai makes, he can’t leave the room without Mai making a ghastly screeching noise, which is quite cute really because she’s really into him and wants him to be there with her all the time. At least now she’s home there’s going to be PLENTY going on around her to keep her feeling like she’s not alone, there’s Coco and Reggie our other two greys in the house and four screaming children and Paula and myself in the evenings so hopefully she will feel happy again.

So as you can see in the picture above she’s just settling into the enviroment in her cage for the time being until she feels more comfortable then we’ll let her out, Jaycee is getting ready for red nose day as we all had a cake bake last night whilst all wearing spectacles to get into the Glasses Direct spirit (Daddy had to bring cakes into work to sell for Red Nose day).

Red Nose Day

March 13th, 2009

Well today is Red nose day 2009 and also being Friday the 13th, We spent last night busy making lots of different cakes for Rick to take to his work and the kids to take to school so they could go in non uniform.
As Rick works for Glasses Direct we had to get some of the Glasses in the photos… every member was involved and it was Jaycee’s job to read the instructions and tell us what to do!

Jaycee's job was Instuctions reader!

As she gave out the orders and tried to get her brother to pay attention it was down to the cake making!

Kyler being told to listern up!”
Kyler being told to listern up!

Everyone had a hand in these special cakes which is made them taste so nice.. well i think so anyway!

Whole family ‘red nose’ involvement…
Whole family 'red nose' involvement.

All the kids were intrested in was us hurrying up and getting the cake mix into the cases so they can lick the bowl out!

More mummy!
More mummy!


Add in a red nose , wow Check me out!
Check me out!

And here we have the finished product –

Now look at that lot…
Now look at that lot...

Rick was well proud of his cake!
Rick was well proud of his cake!

We had great fun making the cakes and made a little bit of money for Comic relief so a good result all round :o)

Watch A Parrot Crack A Nut In 20 Seconds

March 11th, 2009

Pretty impressive huh!!

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