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2009 April

Parrot Blog > 2009 April | You are here

2009 April

3 Of The Best Parrots That Are Perfect to Train

April 25th, 2009

Parrots are the most beautiful birds with great coloured plumage, they make fantastic pets. They can enthrall us with song and talking. They live long years and have life spans of around sixty to a hundred year. So, you can be friends with them for the rest of your life. These are the best types of parrots to train. If you are interested in any other type then please get our parrot training newsletter and know it all.

African Grey

Mai The African Grey

Mai The African Grey

These parrots are medium sized and are usually of a greyish colour. Sometimes they have non standard colouring. This is a speaking parrot, it is the best for speech. They can speak a variety of words and can imitate any sound with equal dexterity. However it can never be guaranteed that the Grey you choose will talk no matter what. Sometimes a Grey will never talk or show any signs of talking though that is a fairly rare occurance. African grey parrots generally scream a lot if left with nothing to do so need lots of play time and toys to keep them happy. Once you make friends, a grey will be the most loyal pet you could ever hope for but do tend to favour one person. They say African grey parrots have the intelligence of up to a seven year old child and can also be just as naughty if you let them.




Conures are small sized parrots and have very big tails attached to their bodies. You can find them in many different colours and they are very smart. They are real clowns who love to mess about. They are also good at learning tricks and take up training effectively. They will be happy if you teach them to talk. The drawback is that they are best matched to owners who have lots of time to spend with them. This is because they need several hours of training every day to learn how to socialize, not bite the owner and correct behavioural defects. These birds can be made to control themselves if you train them from an early age.





Macaws have been known to survive for more than fifty years and knowing this you should be ready for a long relationship with your macaw, it’s not just for Christmas or a on the whim purchase. Yes, this is the biggest parrot you can get. To ensure that the parrot is happy make sure you get a tall cage. If you want this parrot to be happy then you should let it out of its cage. These parrots have a strong beak and bites everytihng. Therefore they turn out to be great furniture destroyers though with the help of toys this can be completely stopped. They need a variety of toys that have to be alternated regularly so that they can be stimulated constantly.

Remember parrot training is important, never neglect your parrot or you could end up with parrot behaviour problems.

Nappies Created For Parrots

April 18th, 2009

Want to let your pet parrot fly around the house?

Prefect to save the carpets and your back!

No need to get in a flap about the house being fouled – just slip a nappy on the bird to stop any danger of carpets, furniture and owners being splattered.

The nappies are fixed with Velcro around the bird’s body and do not affect flight – which means it can be freed from its cage or let loose from its perch to cruise round a home that will always look spotless.

The nappies cost £10, with disposable linings £2 for 20.

The linings need changing about every five hours.

A spokesman for US maker Jungle Wear said: ‘They have been carefully designed with comfort in mind.’

Great idea or just plain crazy i know what i think!!

Our Pet African Grey Mai Enjoying The Sunshine!

April 17th, 2009

Well as the weather warmed up today me and the children spent most of the day in the garden tidying it up planting plants and vegetable seeds into the garden i thought it only fair to bring Mai our African grey out to join us.

Mai in the garden

Mai in the garden

She use to chew her wing feathers off as she was bullied by her room mate Ruby when she lived with James who brought her when she was just 14 weeks old, once we got her back and split her from Ruby she seemed a lot happier and went from having no flight feathers to now having grown about 4 feathers on each side, so although she has been growing them back she is unable to fly, which is why I take her out in the garden. ( Please note: We wouldn’t advise you to take your parrot out into the garden, Mai is not fully flighted and as she was breed by myself she has trust in me, if she was able to fly I wouldn’t even think about taking her or even a partially clipped parrot into the garden, if you do so it is at your own risk as they can get spooked very easily and fly off)

Mai loves the garden and has her own Java tree to sit in by our front garden that I was planting and also loves to sit in the apple tree and watch the kids playing and running about, she also loves a run about on the grass picking up sticks I swear she thinks she is a dog!

Here are some more photos of her enjoying the garden.
Mai in the apple tree

Mai flapping her wings

Mai watching the world go by

Close up of Mai's face

And Finally

Mai enjoying the sunshine

Watch out for more photos coming soon of Mai playing with our children in the garden.

Training Games For Your Parrot Video

April 16th, 2009

Here’s an interesting video on some training games you can play with your parrot, I think time, patience and repetitiveness are the key here!!!

Marleen Sitting On Boycee's Eggs!

April 11th, 2009

Well after a very long wait we finally have some eggs 🙂 we was beginning to think all of our breeders were taking a year off!
We have 2 people on our forum waiting for a baby each so they were wishing them to lay eggs and to my surprise when checked the nest box camera Marleen was sitting on 4 lovely eggs.

African Grey eggs

African Grey eggs

Marleen is sitting tight on them and is being a good mum. I candled the eggs and 2 of them are showing as fertile which is great as the 2 new owners are waiting patiently, will update as soon as they hatch.

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