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2009 June

Parrot Blog > 2009 June | You are here

2009 June

Safe Wood & Tree Species To Use For Your Parrot Cages & Toys

June 25th, 2009

If you are thinking about using natural tree branches for your parrot’s toys or perhaps as perches inside their cages (they can be extremely cost effective and durable whilst providing your parrot with a more natural perch and gnawing post) here is a list of safe and toxic natural wood branches and tree species for your parrots

Safe Wood & Tree Branches | Non Toxic

Willow Tree

Willow Tree


Wood & Tree Branches To Avoid

Big Oak Tree

Big Oak Tree

Black locust
Box Elder
Crape Myrtle
Oak – leaves, bark and acorns
Pine (needles and berries)
Red Maple

These trees all belong to the Prunus species. They contain cyanogenic glycosides which release cyanide if ingested.

Missing African Grey Reunited With Hertfordshire Family

June 12th, 2009

Barney the African Grey parrot is reunited with his beloved Hertfordshire family after Flying the nest!

The 4 and a half year old African Grey who swears at the cats on a regular basis made his escape when a door was left open in the family home.

Owners Ian and Courtney Sutton never believed they would get Barney back and thought they had more chance of winning the lotto than getting Barney back.

The owners put up posters up in the surrounding areas and were shocked when they got a phone call from a vet who said he had been found!

They said it seemed like a very long weekend and we are over the moon to have him back, he rules the roost and is the wife’s baby and is part of the family.

He was found resting on someones Balcony near the QE2 Hospital in Welwyn Garden City.

Feather Plucking African Grey Eric!

June 8th, 2009

We went on a long round trip to the seaside yesterday one for the lovely pie, mash and liquor and two to collect a African Grey called Eric. I was contacted by a lovely lady who wanted to find a loving home for her grey as she could no longer keep him as she has emphysema and had to put him in the conservatory so she was able to breath, and sadly he has plucked himself quite badly… I am hoping to nurse him back to full heath with the help of others on our forum who have been through the same sort of thing with there own birds

I will keep this blog updated with how he is getting on and photos so you can all see.He has been very quiet which is not surprising as he has been moved away from his family of 10 years, im sure it wont be long before he starts chatting and being less nippy!!

Here are a few photos of him –

Keeping African Grey Parrots Isn’t Hard If You Know How

June 5th, 2009

If you decide to have an African grey parrot as your pet then you should be ready to take the commitment that you will care for him for more than 50 years. Keeping an African grey parrot is more complicated then you think and you need to be prepared.

Far to many owners think that they can buy any cage and just give the African grey a few pellets and they all set to go. Only to find out a few weeks later that they have to rush their parrot off to the vet as they are plucking out their feathers and looking very poorly.

The African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot that requires constant stimulation and attention. If they do not receive enough of both they will usually develop behavior problems. Boredom also weakens the immune system which makes the bird more susceptible to disease. But sickness and early death can be totally prevented by providing them with the proper nutrition and attention from the very beginning!

Keeping African grey parrots isn’t difficult if you just know how. A properly cared for grey makes an excellent and long-lived companion who is likely to develop a powerful bond with his owner.

The African Grey Parrot Centre is dedicated to helping you not only keep but understand your parrot and it’s needs, make sure you come and join the ever growing community of African grey owners by signing up to the free African grey forum today!!

There's A Happy Ending To Our Little Lost Duckling Story

June 2nd, 2009

If you’ve been following our little lost duckling story you will be happy to hear that ducky was fine last night snuggled up to a small fleece jumper as you can see in the pictures below:

This morning little ducky was trying to jump out of the box bless it. I had to take our little boy to nursery and as I was driving down the village what crosses the road!!!! Mummy duck and some Ducklings…. she was heading to the barn with the big pond … I couldn’t believe it so I rushed him to nursery and came home grabbed the box with Duckling in it and went down to the pond and sure enough there was mummy and ducklings enjoying a swim, they swam away when they saw me but I put the little duckling into the water and it swam straight over to them, YAY I got it back with mummy and ducklings I am so pleased….. Some photos below –

The pond!

Some of it’s Residents

And Mummy and Ducklings!

I am so happy it found Mummy and there was a happy ending to our little duckling story.

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Parrot Blog > 2009 June | You are here