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2009 December

Parrot Blog > 2009 December | You are here

2009 December

Getting Your Parrot To Roll Over on Cue

December 26th, 2009

Parrots are amazing and with some time and patience you can train them to do tricks on demand as you can see in the following post from Jamieleigh’s Parrot Help.

So, I finally implemented a cue for Bondi to use to roll over and no longer have to touch her at all to get her to do it! Pretty exciting, she is even doing it for other people which lets me know she really gets it.

See the following video to see how I taught her how to do this:

Merry Christmas To All

December 25th, 2009


We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from everyone at the African Grey Parrot Centre.

Hope you all get everything you want and hope all Parrots get everything they wish for from Feather ClausWith Love from all at the African Grey Parrot Centre x

A Message From Poppy…

December 23rd, 2009

Hi all!

You may remember Poppy the parrot and our feather plucking African Grey. I know that as her Mummy I am proud..but she is undoubtedly one of the success stories of 2009 as far as the African Grey Parrot Centre is concerned. When I joined the centre in January 2009 she had plucked herself to nothing around the tail end and around the bottom..she was very ill, sore, infected, loosing weight, constantly bleeding, and the whole family were prepared for the worst, I have written on the blog about her previously (see link above).

She was at the point of being sedated to break the plucking habit as every time she began to get better it would all start again. With the love and support and invaluable advice of these african grey forum members here I was able to use natural medications, including F10 sprays, Cyder vinegar drinks and baths, milk thistle, palm nut oil, a much improved diet and much TLC to nurse Poppy back to health. She is now in full feather and glorious colour again.

I won’t go through all the treatments again here, that is all to see on my original blog post about her condition, with constant advice also available on the forum.

I just want to say a big heart felt thank you from myself and my family to everyone who’s helped in her treatment and recovery and for all those who have supported me in my lowest moments with her over the last year, Poppy is better but I couldn’t have done it without you all xx

It was a Christmas tree that caused her to start plucking a year ago, and I was dreading putting it up this year in case it started it again, but it hasn’t she has left her feathers alone. And as I look at my lovely tree this year twinkling and glowing, I am thrilled that my beautiful little girl is here to share it all with me and will be opening her own little presents from under it again this year..

So, from Poppy the Parrot..

“Thank you to all of you for helping make me better and for making Mumy smile again, I love you all in my birdy way. Happy christmas 2009 and happy new year too, love snugs and flaps from Poppy Peeweegirl Parrot x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.”



"A message to Everyone" by Toria… Happy Christmas 2009

December 23rd, 2009

One of our members here at the African Grey Parrot Centre, Toria, wrote this poem on our forum… it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye… and we thought we should share it on our blog. Thanks Toria, from all of us at AGPC

“A message to everyone”
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to say,
A great big thankyou
From me and my grey.
If ever a problem, a worry, a fret
You guys are here
To give all the help I can get.
A vastness of friendships,
On this forum grow.
From one tip to another,
Sharing all that we know.
The joys my bird brings,
The love that she shows,
With each note that she sings
And each kiss that she blows.
Forever a smile
She implants on my face
In her own quirky stlye,
She flies to me with grace.
So often, I think
To get through this day
I just need this forums link
And the love of my grey
So thankyou guys, for the info I seek
From Toria and Tweak


Merry Christmas 2009 and Have a Happy new year 2010, from myself Mandy Taylor, from Toria who wrote that lovely poem, and from all the admin and members at AGPC XXXXXXXX

Pensioner BANNED From Keeping Animals For LIFE!

December 4th, 2009

A DISABLED pensioner who kept parrots in filthy conditions has been banned from keeping birds and animals for the rest of his life.

John Smith has a month to get rid of more than 60 birds, along with his chickens, and a number of dogs kept at his Little Downham farm.

A raid on Smith’s premises found three parrots in aviaries contaminated with faeces, and one bird was so ill it had to be destroyed.

The 76-year-old bird fancier – given a lifetime ban from keeping equines back in 2003 – complained he had been dealt with by “a kangaroo court” as he left Ely courthouse on Thursday.

The squalid aviaries were discovered when a warrant was executed at Smith’s Cophall Farm in a joint operation between police and the Environment Agency on March 25. The RSPCA seized three parrots.

A Princess Parrot “was staggering around, it was disorientated and its feathers were dirty with faeces,” said prosecutor Laura Mardell. “It was unable to stand straight.” No perch was provided, and the cage floor was covered in faeces. The bird was later destroyed.

The cage of an African Grey parrot contained two-inches of faeces; and a huge amount of food material had become mixed with faeces in the cage of a Red fronted African parrot.

Smith admitted breaching the Animal Welfare Act by failing to provide a suitable environment for three parrots, and admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two birds by failing to provide veterinary care and adequate food and water.

Mitigating, Robert Milsom said Smith had kept birds since his childhood, he took them to shows, and bought and sold birds. He owned 62 exotic birds, mostly canaries.

“The great majority of birds and animals were properly looked after,” added Mr Milsom.

“He did not keep all the cages sufficiently clean, but did clean the cages on a regular basis.”

“This case has come as a jolt to his confidence and his pride; he is genuinely fond of the birds. He has not attained modern standards at the end of his bird keeping career.”

Smith was fined £250 and must pay veterinary bills of £394 and a £15 surcharge.

After the case, RSPCA Inspector Richard Lythgoe said he was “thrilled” about Smith’s lifetime ban. A number of exotic birds kept at the RSPCA Block Fen premises in Wimblington need rehoming, he added.

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