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2010 March

Parrot Blog > 2010 March | You are here

2010 March

Not So Sweet Parrot Diet

March 30th, 2010

Well today i was reading the news and i came across this story below –

Haribo sweets were used as part of a mission to rescue a missing parrot after he was found up a tree.

Cookie, an African grey parrot, was enticed down from a silver birch tree in Lillibrooke Crescent, Cox Green, when he was offered his favourite snack on Friday morning.

The bird had been missing since Wednesday afternoon after it flew out of an open window at its home in Cox Green.

The pet’s happy owner, who did not want to be named, said: “He climbed down the tree using his beak and got to the end of the lowest branch before jumping on to my husband’s arm.”

She added: “He must have got caught in the rain overnight because he looked really clean and fluffy.”

African greys can live to more than 60-years-old and are considered to be one of the most accomplished mimics.

Well no wonder the owner wanted to be un-named giving him his favourite snack ”Haribo sweets” do they not know that JUNK FOOD has a high fat content and can lead to things like FATTY-LIVER disease in a parrot! Yes they Can live to the age of 60 plus but they wont do being fed treats like Haribo or any fatty junk food for that matter.

Whats your thoughts on this people??

Parrot Repossessed Wrongly Along With The House

March 11th, 2010

A US bank has apologised after one of its contractors allegedly trashed a women’s house and took her parrot while wrongly repossessing her home.

Angela Iannelli, 46, of Pittsburgh, sued Bank of America on Monday claiming her mortgage was up to date when one of the banking giant’s contractors damaged furniture, took her pet parrot Luke and padlocked her door.

In a statement, the bank said it “sincerely apologises” and has tried for months to resolve the issue.

We say shame on them!!

Pak O Bird Carrier Review – African Grey Parrot Centre ™

March 10th, 2010

Well I thought fro those of you who may be interested in purchasing a Pak-O-Bird carrier at some point I thought I would write a review of how I find it as its a little pricey at £130 (from Parrot Comforts http://www.parrotcomforts.co.uk/) So best having some idea why its so expensive.

Tweak and her Pak O Bird

The Pak-O-Bird arrived in a flat box and was very easy to assemble! The main body of the carrier is in one piece that just needs 2 roof supports added that press stud into place and a roof bar for extra sturdiness that also press studs on. Then all you do is zip up the sides, velcro along the front bottom and add the carry straps! There are two ways of carrying the Pak-O-Bird, on your back or on your shoulder. The back straps also have a strap that can be clicked together to join them so that its more secure when carrying. The sides of the carrier are made from a very fine stainless steel mesh so that fresh air can get into your feathered friend but insects cant! There are also flaps that cover the mesh if your bird gets a little spooked.
On the back of the carrier are two loops that enable your carrier to be fastened into a car by a seatbelt. Inside the carrier the bottom is lined with a thin vinyl sheet thats easily wiped clean and on the roof of the carrier are two D rings for hanging toys. The perch provided is a dragon wood perch which tightly secures to the sides of the carrier and can be set at 3 heights. Two food bowls also secure to the sides.
Over all Id say this product is of excellent quality and you can see its been very well thought out. No stitching is visible, so your bird wont easily be able to chew and destroy the carrier, its very light in weight making it comfortable to carry and there is plenty of room inside for your bird to sit comfortably on its journey. The whole thing can fold flat for storage and is easily wiped clean. So if your the adventurous type Id say the Pak-O-Bird is a must!!! Id give it a 9/10 only on the basis that its a little expensive for everyone, but well worth it if you want to let your grey explore the world with you.


Introducing Your Bird to Pak-O-Bird

After setting up the carrier I brought Tweak over to it. At first she flapped like crazy so in a calm yet excited voice I showed her her new ‘toy’. First of all I sat her on it for 5min or so to let her explore herself and see it wasnt scary or going to hurt her. Then in the feeding bowls I put some sunflower seeds and got her to go inside and quickly pulled over the closing flap securing her inside. Once zipped up she sat there gringing her beak and falling asleep!! I was quite amazed how well she took to it but I think the design of it makes them feel its a safe place to be. I think if Id have fastened up the side panels to cover the mesh she would have fell asleep and stayed in there So after say 20min of her inside looking rather relaxed I picked the carrier up and put it on my back, had a little walk round then placed it down. She was fine! Then I opened it up and let her come out in her own time.
Im not saying everyones birds will be as comfortable as Tweak was with it but with a little patients and a few treats you can get there

I hope this has helped anyone thinking of buying this.


Parrot is stolen from Wirral pet shop reward offered.

March 3rd, 2010

A REWARD is being offered for the safe return of a parrot that has been stolen from a Wirral pet shop.

Jasper, an African Grey parrot, was taken from his cage by a gang which smashed its way through the front door of Irby Pet Shop in Thingwall Road, Irby, in the early hours of Friday, February 26.

It is believed the four men arrived at the shop in a silver Astra before using half a paving slab to smash their way through the front door.

Apart from Jasper, nothing of any value was taken. Police are investigating the break-in and Jasper’s disappearance.

His Wallasey-based owner Jayne Smith, who works at the pet shop owned by her mother, is devastated that 10-year-old Jasper has gone and fears she may never see him again.

He has lived in the shop for the last six months and moved in when Jayne was moving house.

She told the Globe: “He’s not a particularly friendly bird and once people realise how bad he can be they will probably let him go and we may never see him. He’s lived in the shop for about six months and is quite a character.

“The customers love him. He’s a good talker and can do a whole conversation and is very popular. The customers are very upset that he’s gone.

“It beggars belief that someone could come in and do this. They’ve made a heck of row when they’ve broken in and it’s obviously disturbed Jasper.

“They probably left the till, because Jasper was making so much noise that they had to get away quickly. They probably took him to shut him up.

“It doesn’t matter how we get him back. Even if they dumped him safe and well on the step outside the shop, at least he’d be home.”

Anyone with information on Jasper’s disappearance can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, call the shop on 648 3032.

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