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2010 April

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2010 April

Import Of African Grey Parrots Stopped At Airport.

April 30th, 2010

Bulgarian customs agents at Sofia airport have netted an apparent illegal entry into the country: some 107 parrots in four cages that arrived from Lebanon.

But these were no ordinary birds.

They are African Grey Parrots from Gabon, a threatened species, which can fetch between 1,000 and 1,800 euros (1,335 to 2,400 dollars) on the black market in the European Union, the customs agency said in a statement.

The talkative birds sought after as pets were brought into the country by a Bulgarian of Lebanese origin who did not have the necessary papers for transporting the parrots, the agency said.

The African Grey Parrot is on a CITES list which restricts trade of wild caught species.

The 107 parrots have found at least a temporary home, in the Sofia zoo.

Tweaks Trip To Barmouth!

April 10th, 2010


We woke up to a lovely sunny morning so decided to go on one of our favourite day trips to Barmouth in Wales. We got the kids strapped in the car then put Tweak in her Pak-O-Bird and strapped that in the car. After alot of whistling and ‘giss a kiss’ from Tweak we arrived .

On the way there Owen had started being sick, we thought he just had travel sickness but it turned out to be a tummy bug.

We went on the beach where the kids were happily building sand castles

I was enjoying wathing and Tweak was all fluffed up on my knee

This was the first time Tweak had been to the sea side so the first time she had seen the sand. It was funny watching her walk on it at first, her feet would lift really high with each step but she soon ruffled up and started chirping and snuggling her beak into the sand.

Owen was seeming pretty Ill so we decided to make a move from our spot on the beach. Megan wanted to go on a donkey ride so we headed in that direction. We drew quite a crowd round the donkeys with more people interested in Tweak than the donkeys! The ‘donkey lady’ also had a hold of her so if your ever in Barmouth ask her if she remembers the day she had an African Grey Parrot visit her.

Whilst Megan was on the donkey Owen was ill again so we went for a sit on a bench and an ice cream to cheer him up a bit. I know ice cream wasnt really ideal with him being ill but I couldnt leave him out! When we were sat on the bench I sat Tweak by a tree and she got alot of people pointing in amazement.

When I had finished my ice cream I gave Tweak the cone which she really enjoyed shredding! Then we went home and put a poorly Owen to bed.

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Parrot Blog > 2010 April | You are here