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2010 May

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2010 May

The Travels of Tweak

May 11th, 2010

The Travels of Tweak

Tweak was hatched on 24/07/09 and has been DNA tested as female. I purchased her from Paula at AGPC as a hand reared baby so she was already very tame and friendly.

Seems as my main goal was to take Tweak out and about with my family Paula introduced Tweak to her harness at a very young age, this made getting the harness on her very easy and after a few tries of putting it on and taking it off successfully we ventured outside!

Tweak has many ways she likes to travel.

The good old fashioned way of flight:

By car:

By Pak-O-Bird –

And by Push chair:

By getting Tweak into a harness she now joins us on the school run, goes to the park, comes to the library and many more ‘exciting places’.

I hope you enjoy following Tweaks Travels.

Making Parrot Mash!

May 8th, 2010

Yesterday i spent the afternoon making up a big batch of parrot mash, which all of our pet and breeding greys all love to eat. Each time i do it i change it everytime so it is slightly different for them.

It always consists of the following soaked pulses –

I buy the soaked pulses mix from Junglegold.com and i soak them in boiling water for 12 hours or over night and then draining them that i have in one pan,

I then cook vegetables such at swede, sweet potato, carrots, cabbage, butternut squash,broccoli, cauiflower and anything else you want to add in, and i also add to that wholewheat pasta and wholemeal rice, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins until just soft, drain and then leave to cool.

Next i defrost some garden peas in warm water until defrosted and drain.

I then cut up different fruits such as Apple, Grapes, Blackberries, Pear and what ever fruits you have in, chop them into small cubes and mix together.

Now comes the fun part!! Mixing it all together, once the cooked veggies have cooled use a big bowl i use a washing up bowl and add all of the above pans together so you get a big bowl of mixed mash.

Then mix all together so that the mix is totally mixed up together and you end up with the following, looks good enough for me to eat!

What i do next is as i make up a large amount i then take the mix and add it to freezer bags in portion sizes or what i will use a day and then tie the bags and freeze them so they keep fresh, when you want to use one i take it out the night before and let if defrost over night and serve the next day!

And here you can see our rescue grey we took in last weekend Sammi tucking into my mash, i think we can saftley say she LOVES it!!!

By Paula

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Parrot Blog > 2010 May | You are here