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2010 November

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2010 November

Pigeon The Grey Recites Manchester United Line Up!

November 19th, 2010

A SOCCER-loving parrot has amazed her owner by reciting the Manchester United line-up — from watching the telly.
The pet — called Pigeon — began by squawking “Rooney!” at the sight of her favourite.

Now whenever she sees the striker’s fellow Premier League high-fliers she also shrieks THEIR names — including: “Carrick!” “Evra!” and “Scholesy!”

Proud Lizzie Greatorex, 49, revealed the African Grey seems to know the team’s formation — lumping Vidic and Ferdinand together as defenders.

Original story sourced from The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk
The bird also shows her respect for veterans such as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville — by saying their names in FULL.

And whenever she spots Red Devils boss Fergie she screeches: “Sir Alex!”

United fan Lizzie admitted the four-year-old bird does have problems with some of the players — such as Van der Sar and South Korean Ji-sung Park.

But the mum, whose family hails from Derby, said at her home in Cape Town, South Africa: “Pigeon loves United.”

The bird often joins in with fans — swearing “f*** off” at officials and shouting: “Do you want some?”

And she HATES Liverpool.

A fan of the team that famously never squawks alone tried to teach her to say “Gerrard”. Pigeon replied: “B******s!”

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Parrot Blog > 2010 November | You are here