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2011 Christmas Greetings From AGPC ™

Parrot Blog > 2011 Christmas Greetings From AGPC ™ | You are here

2011 Christmas Greetings From AGPC ™

2011 Christmas Greetings From AGPC ™

December 18th, 2011

Christmas Greetings 2011Well … What a roller coaster ride 2011 has been, there’s definitely been ups and downs.

Soon it will be 2012 and we’ll start a fresh year with a whole fresh outlook, but before we get there we have Christmas to contend with.

The Christmas fund raising efforts have been stellar, especially with the Christmas raffle that we have to say Pat organised from start to finish almost perfectly even finishing it off with a completely videoed draw with out takes at the end, if you haven’t already seen it and have an hour to spare I’d highly recommend viewing it, it’s WELL worth it.

We’ve had the cook book, the recipe book and the AGPC ™ 2012 calendar on sale amongst other things that people have been buying, all of the profit from these has and continues to go into the rescue fund.

We totally appreciate those that have donated to the rescue find in 2012 enabling us to help more rescues than ever but the sad truth is we need more donations if we are to have a chance at helping EVEN more rescues, so if you can find it in your hearts and you haven’t donated then please do so then we can continue to grow the rescue in 2012 and maybe even becoming a registered charity for which we need to have at least £5,000 incoming donations to achieve.

We’re still about £130 short of being able to help poor Angel the rescue we took on earlier in the year that sadly needs an operation to help her have some sort of a normal life, again if you haven’t donated to Angel’s appeal and you have a few pounds spare this Christmas please think about helping make her Christmas this year the best of her life!!

One last thing, one of the members of our forum John H has asked us to pass an eCard to everyone to say Merry Christmas to you all, you can check it out by clicking on the following link.

Merry Christmas 2011

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Parrot Blog > 2011 Christmas Greetings From AGPC ™ | You are here