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2011 February

Parrot Blog > 2011 February | You are here

2011 February

Isabella Gets a Parcel and Discusses What Makes a Good Toy

February 27th, 2011


The postman arrived this week with a box, that always means something exciting for me, at last my pleas have been listened to. I have been making it known for quite a while that I am bored with the current selection in my palace. I get very annoyed if I don’t at least get to look through the catalogue and pick what I want, window shopping is half the fun and they are for me after all, but my owner is convinced she knows what’s best.

She seems to think toys that last are good, what’s the fun of that? If they last for ages then I don’t get new ones as often, and besides the ones that last for ages are the ones that I don’t like as much. You can guarantee that a favoured toy in my palace will last half a day, tops. If its still there, and unmarked, by the end of the week then its best to try something different next time. Some of the things that arrive are just plain weird though, they have faces on them or are in the shape of other animals. I’m very wary of those, well would you want to share your home with a massive animal face? That’s why I’m so fussy about what I will allow and what I won’t.

I like things that can be shredded and destroyed, even better are things that can have treats hidden inside, the more walnuts the better. There is a direct relationship between the number of walnuts in my cage and the amount of noise I’m making. Too few walnuts and you’d better make plans to go out, preferably to the shops for more walnuts. Toys that I can bash off the sides of my palace are good too, it all adds to my vocabulary of dissatisfaction about the lack of walnuts.

When the box arrives it’s my right to be the first to go through it and size up all the new goodies. There are even sometimes some interesting treats in there but usually the only food that gets delivered are those pellets. I know I have to eat them because they’re good for me but they aren’t very interesting. If it was me I’d ditch the pellets and spend more on toys with hidden treats inside, ideally hidden walnuts.

My home is my palace and I don’t like things to be put straight in there before I’ve had a chance to suss them out. Sometimes things look fine at first but I discover it makes a strange and disturbing noise or it has a funny texture and once it’s in there I’m stuck with it. I don’t like it to be too crowded and I only like my favourite toys put in there with me. I really don’t ask for much, I don’t see the problem!.

It’s true to say that my old toys have become a little pecked and worn and it was time for a change so I did my best to keep an open mind as we went through the box. I love helping to open it when it arrives. There was the bag of boring pellets and a bag of colourful pellets, not seen those before and not sure about them but I did promise to keep an open mind. They were put away for later. There were a couple of things in the box that caught my eye and I thought they might be quite fun. They seemed quite shreddable, they were really colourful and not in any weird animal shapes, one even looked like it had space for treats inside. I made it clear that I was interested in those, but when I got my beak to them they were taken away. However there was one that I found deeply disturbing, it had eyes and legs. Don’t know what it was supposed to be but there was no way that was coming into the palace.

Eventually we reached a compromise, I think it was very generous of me seeing as I didn’t get any say in what was ordered. The offensive toy was put on the play stand where I shall ignore it until it’s replaced with something else. The rest of the selection was spread out on the table for me to look at over the next few days. I won’t be rushed on this or I could end up sharing the palace with something unsuitable. I will give it some careful thought and then let her know what I want.

Hang on a minute, I see one being filled with treats. Better go and investigate, I’m sure she won’t get the wrong idea if I ask for that one to be put straight in……

Isabella Gives her Opinion on her Latest Bird Muffins

February 20th, 2011

One of my favourite parts of the day is sorting through my breakfast bowl. I usually find a treat at the bottom and those brussel sprout pieces make great missiles to hurl at the dogs. Incidentally, my aim is getting much better. But I have noticed a definite downturn in the quality of the muffins recently, I’m very particular about what goes in them. The bits I don’t like up on the floor of the cage, I don’t feel I need to say it clearer than that.

So when I saw the pellets soaking and the ingredients coming out the cupboard I thought I better get out there and offer some advice. I did make it clear that it was advice only, I obviously wasn’t going to get involved in the business of mixing. I have an owner for that, but I need to let her know how much of everything to add then I will get exactly what I want.

There is definitely a place for vegetables, but I’m not sure that ‘in my muffins’ is that place. If my owner wants to put the colourful filler in then she should put them in, in large chunks so that they can be easily picked out. She has tried to be sneaky in the past and used a grater or masher for the vegetables but I am wise to that trick. While her back was turned I slipped the grater under the newspaper. Fooled her. It was hard not to laugh but I have perfected my innocent face and just carried on preening while she looked for it. If I repeated some of the words she said then I’d be banned from walnuts for the rest of the day. The nut issue is key too. It started so promisingly but a recent downturn has been noted, there’s never enough of them in there. Not a problem for someone as clever as me, I dropped the recipe card on the floor and while her back was turned knocked in a few extra nuts. Brilliant, I even managed to grab one for myself as well. I did it three times before I was put on the stand and I was even given another walnut piece to nibble on for coming up with such an ingenious plan.

I must say I was feeling really pleased with myself until I saw the carrots come out. I feel that I’m in danger of labouring my point when I say that I’m appalled and disgusted that anyone given the honour of waiting on me would even consider carrots in my muffins. A few ear nibbles and fly-bys later and she got the message. I distracted her enough so barely half a carrot made it in and all in nice big chunks so I can remove them later. I think I deserve freshly baked muffins every day, if she’s got time to make fresh bread every day then she’s got time to make me fresh muffins. They smell so good when they’ve just come out the oven. Maybe she could make her bread in big batches and freeze it to give her more time to make mine fresh? Just a thought.

OOH! I just heard the oven peeping. That means my muffins are ready. I’m off to see if I can grab a fresh one, like butter wouldn’t melt in my beak hehehe!

Max The Parrot Missing In Newton Heath

February 20th, 2011


My parrot Max went missing yesterday (16/2/11)

I have put fliers out over my community, we live in Newton Heath M402XB

Mobile: 07871777887

I have also told the RSPCA about him. Would be grateful for any help anybody could offer.

Thank you.

Louise John 🙂

African Grey With A Eating Disorder Reunited With His Young Owner!

February 17th, 2011

A PARROT with an eating disorder has spoken its first words since being reunited with its nine-year-old owner.

Toby, a five-year-old African grey parrot, has been heard singing the EastEnders theme tune and shouting “Toby needs a tickle” after returning home to Lewis Mitchell, of Killinghall Street, Darlington.

The parrot, which could only eat upside down because of a split lower beak, escaped from the house two weeks ago, sparking a frantic search by Lewis and his family.

As hopes faded, Lewis’ mother, Jane Mitchell, 45, told Lewis his beloved pet had returned to Africa to see its friends. “I said that because I never thought we would see him again, ” she said last night.

But unbeknown to the family, Toby had been found a few streets away by a man who took him to Stanhope Park Veterinary Centre, in Darlington. They looked after him, and patched up his beak, which he broke while playing.

After proving Toby was theirs, he was allowed to return to the Mitchell’s home.

Lewis, a pupil at Gurney Pease Primary School, said: “When I got him back, I stayed up with him all night.

I thought he was lost forever.” Toby’s repertoire also includes the family’s names, the Laurel and Hardy theme tune, and a daily 6am wake-up call.

Mrs Mitchell said: “He hadn’t been speaking at the vets, but he’s been speaking a lot since coming home.

He must be happy.”

The family thanked the RSPCA, the vet and the man who found Toby

Isabella’s Week of Visitors and Her Thoughts About Carrots

February 13th, 2011


Well I’ve had lots of visitors this week. The British Gas man came to visit me three times! He kept asking if I talked, of course I do. I’m not stupid. I could have said a few choice words to him about the temperature in my birdy palace but, too be honest, he stank of smoke and didn’t wipe his feet so he blew his chance.

On Friday lots of people came to see me, I got to show off my new trick of flapping while hanging upside down. I particularly liked the man who tried to give me one of the little tomato and puff pastry treats. My owner spotted him though and took it off me, I made my feelings on the subject known! I tried to tell her that one wouldn’t do any harm but she offered me a bit of pepper instead, it didn’t even have any dip on it. Well that got discarded immediately, that will teach her! I was less keen on the woman who tried to touch me through the bars, you have to wait to be invited to scratch my head and I don’t bestow that honour lightly! You really can’t blame me for the puncture marks on the end of her finger. I tried to tell her, I even practiced the dog trick of growling when I don’t like something. If she’s too stupid to read the signals that’s not my fault. I was covered up after that, how am I supposed to join in from under a cover and it was my party as well! To add insult to injury my breakfast was very late the next morning.

On the subject of breakfast can I just clear something up, I am a parrot and I sleep when it’s dark, I don’t need to be able to see when the lights go off so why do I need to eat carrots? I don’t like them, they are a funny colour, they clash with my tail and I don’t care how many beta wotsits they have in them. Sometimes I like to pretend to eat them so that I get some praise but really I just throw them to the dogs, they’ll eat anything or at least carry my scraps back to their cages, daft things. It should really be obvious, the things I don’t like end up on the bottom of my palace with all the poop. Stop giving them too me and stop trying to disguise them in other things, I can always tell. I do like those delicious little walnut pieces though and a few more of them wouldn’t go amiss. It seems I always have to work for those, step up, go down, stay there. It’s humiliating for a creature like me to have to demean myself by working for treats. They are delicious though.

Must dash, that’s my owner back now and I haven’t sorted through my breakfast yet, she might get the wrong idea and I’d be stuck with carrots and broccoli for the rest of my days!

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