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2011 March

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2011 March

Isabella Tells us Why She’s in a Bad Mood During a Moult

March 20th, 2011

This has not been a good couple of weeks for me, all my beautiful feathers are falling out. I know it happens every year and that I should be used to it by now, but I hate it. I am so proud of my feathers. I spend hours getting them to look their best, and arranging them just so, and now most of them are lying around at the bottom of my palace. They’re no use to anyone down there. When I flap my wings they all fly up and get stuck to my food, beak and palace bars. Horrible. My owner tries her best to clean them up for me but there are just so many of them, its horrific. The new ones growing in itch and I keep putting my head down so my owner can scratch my head but she’s not always there and it itches constantly! A quick nip usually encourages her to carry on if she slacks off when give my head a good rub although I don’t like those showers that she subjects me to. I hate being wet, I look like I’ve drowned and it takes me ages to get the few feathers I have left back into a decent looking arrangement afterwards. Moulting brings my mood right down.

There should be a little more consideration for me while I’m going through this stress. I don’t think any demands should be put on me while my feathers are in this awful state and I think I should only get my favourite foods. I should be allowed unrestricted access to walnuts to take my mind off the prickling and itchiness and I certainly should not be asked to perform any tricks. Those are demeaning at the best of times and particularly so when I don’t have a full compliment of feathers. As for visitors they are a no no. How can I receive people properly when I look so tatty? It isn’t much to ask, not like I want a helicopter and clear passage to the airport like in those films my owners husband insists on watching, noisy piffle.

Talking of tricks my owner has a new one that she wants me to perform, she wants me to step onto her hand whenever she says “step up”. Now I don’t like to perform on command, I’m not a monkey after all, but I have discovered one advantage. If I step up I get carried to my play stand or palace. Now there is a suitable mode of transport for someone as glorious as me, fittingly glamorous I think! Best of all I arrive at my destination completely unruffled and get a piece of walnut. It’s win win for me but I’m not sure what my owner is getting out of it. She does seem very pleased when I do it though so I assume that she just loves to serve me in whatever way she can. This is definitely an upturn in general attitude. If she really wants to keep me happy then I can suggest a few things, there were some very nice looking toys that she was looking at on her computer the other day. A few of those would keep me happy for a while, till the next pay check at least.

Right I’m away to find a foraging toy to distract me from the itching, I think I saw her organising one earlier. If not I’m sure a round of screaming will bring about something to distract me from the pain.

2011 Comic Relief Donation Promise

March 18th, 2011

Comic Relief Noses 2011

Here at the African Grey Parrot Centre ™ we have decided that this year we are going to donate a portion of the money we receive from our parrot rescue donations to support Comic relief 2011, read on to hear more.


So how does it work I hear you ask and how can you help.

Well as you may or may not know we operate our parrot rescue service completely on donations that we receive from regular members, people that we take on birds from and people that become forever homes for our rescues, often the donations don’t even cover the cost meaning we can’t take on every parrot that needs rescuing which is a real issue for us.

But we’re getting better at collecting them so hopefully one day we’ll be in the position to take on all the parrots that need rescuing but until that time we have to think of innovative ways to collect more donations so we can do what we do best just more often!!

African Grey Rescue

Enough about the background, you probably may know it’s comic relief at the moment, in fact it’s red nose day today, if you don’t already know that then shame on you where have you been.

So comic relief is all about helping those in need in the UK, Africa and around the world which is essentially what we do (in the UK) for parrots that are in desperate need to be helped, the link is almost uncanny!!

So what we propose is for every £pound we receive over our normal donation level till the end of the month we will give £0.50 yes that’s a massive 50% or half of what we receive and give it to comic relief 2011 to do our bit while the other half goes to rescuing birds … we’d like to stress at this point that not one penny of your donation money goes into our pockets and we have independent members who have access to our donation accounts to ensure it doesn’t.

So do the right thing today click on one of the donate links around the site and do some good for both Comic Relief 2011 AND the African Grey Parrot Rescue Centre ™



Isabella Explains What a Computer is Really For

March 6th, 2011


Well the day of the big toy change over happened. A bit quicker than I would have liked, I have to say, but overall it went quite smoothly. I went upstairs for a quiet morning of destruction on my play stand and when I returned the cage had been cleaned and the new toys installed. There is one very nice toy that I can swing from and really get my beak stuck into the soft wood. I have never fallen off it, whatever my owner thinks, I do sometimes let go because I see something interesting on the bottom of the cage. She had the audacity to laugh at me the other day, I don’t know what she thought I’d done but I held up the palm nut I’d spotted on the floor to show her what I was up to. Although I think my point was a little undermined given that I was still on my back, foot clutching the nut hoisted in the air. She must think I’m some kind of klutz. I tried to explain but sometime she pretends not to understand what I’m saying. In the end I just gave up and climbed back up to my perch, I did take my palm nut with me to make the point that was what I was looking for but she still didn’t get it.

I have also found a great new toy. The keys on the computer keyboard are detachable. How thoughtful of the manufacturers to think of us parrots when they made them. They make a really nice satisfying click when they come off and they are just small enough so that I can fly around and still keep hold of it. My owner obviously thinks this is a really fun game because she likes to get involved as well and will always stop whatever she’s doing and join in when she sees me with a key. We have such fun. She tries to grab the key and I let her think that I am going to stay still and let her but then at the last minute I fly out of reach and she can’t get me. I love it when I get to show off my flying ability. She even reattaches the keys after I have finished with them so that the game can start all over again tomorrow, so thoughtful. I have been able to detach the ‘a’, the ‘9’ and the ‘windows’ key. I am hoping to get the ‘e’, the key she uses the most, because I reckon that this would be the crowning glory but it is proving a tough nut to crack. I wonder if she has stuck it down with something to make it more of a challenge? I have had more success with my male owners keyboard, he leaves his lying around on the table for me so I can usually get a few keys off at a time. Like I said they are very thoughtful.

OOOHHH better dash I see her sitting down at her computer, she must be ready to play the game with me. What fun.

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