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2011 April

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2011 April

Royal Wedding Vows – For Richer For Poorer

April 29th, 2011

Royal Wedding FlagWhat has the Royal Wedding Vows got to do with parrots I hear you ask, just bear with me and you will see. I thought given all the buzz around the Royal Wedding it was a topical thing to write about whilst trying to get a point across.

So as the title suggests in my opinion one of the most important part of a wedding is the vows, whether it be done in front of a few witnesses at a registration office or a large scale audience at Westminster Abbey the fact is we all have to say our vows in one form or the other, to make our bond a permanent one, and to show those that are witnesses that you are willing to sacrifice everything and anything to be there for the special person in your life, I won’t bore you with the whole vows as they vary so much according to religion, preference and whatever else, but the bit of the vows that sticks in most people’s minds is:

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ’till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness.

So if you haven’t guessed where I’m heading with this already then it’s more obvious than you think, like my parrot tattoos post a few weeks back this is all about parrot ownership and just like in marriage where impulse weddings tend not to work and usually (but not in all cases) ends in divorce, parrot ownership is pretty much the same, if you don’t do your homework and prepare yourself for a lifetime commitment, remember, “Till Death Do Us Part” then you may find you have taken on more than you can handle, or certainly than you are prepared for.

This is why we setup the parrot rescue service to help those that may not be able to deal with the lifetime marriage after all, I’m not saying 100% of the rescues we take on-board are due to people being unprepared but there’s definitely a flavour of this we see quite regularly.

Our mission is actually not to have to rescue any parrots at all, after all this costs us money personally, what with travelling costs, vet bills, ongoing food bills, cages/toys and whatever else, for which we rely totally on donation to fund, this is a big part of the reason we put this site together, we wanted to create a resource to help people understand all the things that they need to know in order to be a parrot owner, I truely believe we have helped many people and hope to keep growing to the point where we are a household name for anyone that is thinking of parrot ownership and help many more, ultimately more happy parrot owners = more happy parrots that can’t be a bad thing, we thank all those who have and continue to contribute to helping us realise that dream.

So in summary, before taking on a parrot, like our dear Royals Kate and Wills think of those vows and make sure you really are prepared for a lifetime commitment no matter what happens, and overall you will be glad to be a parrot owner, just as we hope our two most recent Royals will be forever unlike some of those that preceded them.

Isabella Tells Us She Would Like To Visit The Great Outdoors

April 17th, 2011

Grey Parrot In Harness Flying

The weather has been getting nicer and I have noticed that the dogs have been allowed outside into the garden. They really seem to enjoy it and make a big noise whenever anyone passes. The little one gets to dig big holes and always comes in covered in mud and very pleased with himself. I imagine that’s a big help to my owner because she has done nothing but moan about having to dig the garden since the weather turned nicer. Now I wouldn’t want to lower myself to menial tasks like gardening but it would be nice to be outside and at least join in with the ruckus. I love watching what goes on but mostly the people are very boring and there is nothing like getting stuck in yourself. I have taken to perching on the door handle hoping my owner will get the hint but so far she hasn’t opened the door for me. I just can’t understand it. I just want to go and sit in the sunshine, have a fly about and come back. I don’t see the problem. I obviously couldn’t go while my feathers were in a nasty shabby state but they are growing back in now and I think I am almost presentable enough to face my public again.

There has been one interesting development this week. A parcel was delivered for me. As well as the usual toys and treats (no walnut based ones; I had a stern screech, think she got the message) there was a contraption that looked a little like a torture device. I thought it must have made it’s way into the box by mistake so I immediately dispatched it to the floor but it seems that it was meant to be in there and, even worse, I am expected to wear it! My owner tells me that it will let me come out into the garden with her but I don’t understand how. I thought she might have been thinking about me getting cold and bought a little jacket but no. Turns out it’s a harness to stop me flying off! Well in my opinion that just takes all the fun out of going outside. Chained like a convict, I refuse to be humiliated in that way! She’ll have me repairing potholes or picking up litter by the side of the motorway next, not happening. Leashes are for the dogs who are too stupid to remember where they live and who their owner is. She is being really quite slow at realising that I will not be subjected to such treatment. Everyday she brings it out and every day I put it on the floor and she puts it back on the table. I have made my feeling on the matter perfectly clear and my mind will not be changing any time soon, she’s going to need a very big bucket of walnuts to convince me of this one. Unfortunately she’s almost as stubborn as me so it looks like she won’t compromise on the matter and I will be staying in until I wear it. We’ll see.

Right I see it on the table again. This time I will simply ignore it and see what she does, a spot of staring out the window seems to convince her of my lack of interest. Ohh what’s he doing down there that looks interesting, and the dogs are out in the yard again, not fair. Maybe if I really have to wear the harness….

Parrot Tattoos A Shade Of Grey

April 3rd, 2011

While I was raking through the keywords in our analytics this morning looking for inspirational ideas to write about I came across a phrase that was a bit of a “lightbulb” moment and the phrase was “parrot tattoos“.

So you may be thinking at this point am I completely bonkers and apart from parrots what the hell does this site really have to do with tattoos, and in a way you may be right but indirectly I wanted to make a point about tattoos that is actually closely related to African grey parrots, whilst also giving me the chance to show you some amazing works of art that some people have put on their bodies.

Both myself and Paula have tattoos, I have three (and want more at some point) and Paula has three as well, and for me I know the decision to have a tattoo didn’t come lightly, I pondered for years before I went ahead and got my first one, and why I hear you ask, was I worried that it would hurt? NO … did I think it would cost too much? NO … did I think it would look stupid? NO … did I realise it was a lifetime commitment? YES!! and there be the link with African Greys!

If you are thinking about taking on an African Grey the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Are you worried it may hurt when it bites you or one of your family, just like humans, Greys have off days and don’t want your fingers waved in their face, that’s the reality of it?
  2. Are you worried about the cost of providing cages, food, toys, vet bills and all the other associated costs of keeping a parrot?
  3. Are you worried about going on holiday and having to sort out care, after all African Greys require special care and can’t just go anywhere or just be left on their own?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, great you’re almost there, but did you realise that given the right conditions and diet, your African Grey could quite easily outlive you, therefore the old adage a dog, or parrot in this case, is not just for Christmas it’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!!

And whilst I leave you with that thought lets end on a lighter note with those amazing African Grey Parrot tattoos I found when I trawled the t’internet, these really are lifetime commitments … enjoy!!!

Oh and anyone thinking of getting the AGPC logo tattooed onto them do let us know 🙂

Isabella Tells Us Why She Deserves Even More Appreciation

April 3rd, 2011

I learned a long time ago that my male owner really loves me to land on his shoulder and nibble his ears. He always stops whatever he’s doing and has a little dance and shouts for my female owner to join in. It is so much fun! So when I heard that he was going to be off work for a week I was so excited, lots more out of cage time for me. I did my little flapping dance of pure enjoyment. I love to play and the ear game never gets old.

However he has been in a really bad mood and he hasn’t let me out any more than usual, I have tried my best to make friends and entice him into the ear game but he just doesn’t seem to be interested. He must be really down about something so I decided to do something to try and cheer him up.

He goes around the house touching things that make cute little noises. It must be his way of entertaining himself so I decided that I would try and join in. I thought it would make him really happy to have someone to share his game with. So far I have learnt the telephone key pad, microwave, alarm clock, phone ring (external and internal) and, my personal favourite, the games console. I have worked really hard on this, this week and I can now throw a grenade at the dogs cages and send them running! So much fun. Not that I get the well done and walnut piece that I deserve, although he does glance up from the television with a confused look on his face, which is quite satisfying. Sometimes he doesn’t hear so I scream really loudly before doing my new noise, that gets his attention but still no words of praise. That’s the last time I try to do anything nice for him. I practiced for ages to get those perfect as well. I am not impressed.

I have had more success with my female owner. She has made it clear that she will join in with my game if I make some of her favourite noises. We play a little game of “whoop whoop”. I say it and she repeats it and we have a little dance. I am beginning to think she is a little slow though because she doesn’t seem to get bored. I try to please her but after about 4 or 5 times I just can’t pretend anymore. I’m bored. Once I’ve had my bit of walnut then the excitement wears off. I have to admit it is a good way of keeping track of each other. I call “whoop whoop” when she is out of the room and she always answers and I know what room she’s in. If she’s in the office I get quite annoyed because I have a very nice playstand and lots of toys in the office and I always like to go and have an investigate to see if there are any new pens in the pen stand for me to play with.

I think I hear her getting in from work which means it’s time for me to practice my “whoop whoops”. Better go, catch you all later.

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