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2011 May

Parrot Blog > 2011 May | You are here

2011 May

Isabella Weighs Up The Pros And Cons Of A Companion

May 29th, 2011

There has been very worrying talk this week about a possible companion for me. Not a good turn of events. I rule the roost here and I don’t think that I want to share my position with anyone. If it was to happen there would have very strict criteria about who I was prepared to share my home with. I will not accept anyone who refuses to see me as the leader of the flock and doesn’t immediately subjugate, I don’t want anyone who will try and take over. I also don’t want anyone who is a more accomplished talker than me. I realise that I am still getting to grips with some of the words and phrases that I want to say and I don’t need anyone else pointing out my failings. I will be a very accomplished talker in time but everyone has to start somewhere.

And then there is appearance. As I have had the chance to tell you in the past I am very proud of my beautiful feathers. I spend a lot of time making sure that every one is in just the right position. My female owner was looking at some pictures of birds that had no feathers and their cages were very messy, disgusting really. That shows a lack of care about personal appearance and I just don’t know if I could tolerate that. My owner keeps my cage spic and span, I love her dearly for it, and if she is having to pick up after someone who has less care than me she might not have enough time to attend to me.I don’t even like to think about the potential treat crisis that could develop if she had less time for me.

The most worrying thing is that I am not allowed to join in with any of the discussions and when I try to have a say I am ignored. I will have to think of another way to make my feelings known. It is only right that as the head of the household I should have the deciding vote about what happens here.

All in all I am not in favour of the idea of someone to share my cage with. It has taken me a long time to train my owners to behave in a way that I think befits my station and I don’t need some upstart coming in and ruining it. It’s how to get my point across that is troubling me. My owner has been known to get ideas into her head and the next minute I am faced with a new toy straight out of the box and in my cage. Or a bright pink harness that I am expected to wear. It just won’t do at all. We normally manage to get past it but this time I think that a more direct approach is needed. I have decided that I will have a non silent protest, as soon as she mentions it I will scream my loudest. Give it a few days and she should get the message.

I’m off to practice. Lets see who’s will breaks first.

Isabella On How Her Cage Should Be Cleaned And Her Holiday Home

May 14th, 2011

Red Pepper

I had to endure a major cage clean this week. My owner pulls out the cage, cleans behind it, sweeps up all the bits, sprays my perches, sweeps up all the feathers. All this is just as it should be. I deserve a clean cage and I’m obviously not going to do it myself, that’s what my owner is for. I do have a few complaints about how it’s done. She moves thing around and cleans up all the bits of cardboard, those have been carefully shredded and I was planning to investigate them again later. I made my feelings known with a few well timed nips but she didn’t seem to get the message. My perches have been adjusted and my foraging pot with those boring pellets has moved. Well I’ll show her, I just won’t eat any of the pellets until she moves it back. A few toys have disappeared as well and she has added a few new ones. I will be ignoring those to. She has to learn that she can’t just do whatever she likes without any consultation.

I was able to spend the weekend at my holiday retreat this weekend. It isn’t as palatial as my palace but it’s nice to get away and get a change of scenery. There is a huge front room and it’s very empty so my voice echos beautifully. I can really get up a good volume there. It gives me a chance to practice my words and phrases and hear them at full volume.

I also get to have a proper shower in the bathroom. I’m not allowed in the bathroom at home because the window is always open and the door is shut but at my holiday home there’s no windows so I can get in with all the steam and give my feathers a good ruffle and preen. My owner likes long showers so there is lots of steam to play in. I sit really close to the water so that I get as mush steam as possible into my feathers. They always look so much better after they’ve been steamed and I love the heat.
The space to fly round in is great too, there are no obstacles to crash into and a nice big area so I can practice my flying scream combo without fear of crashing!

The quality of the treats is not as good at my holiday home. There is no fridge so no nice crispy, juicy veggies. I have to put up with warm mash, which has it’s place but is no substitute for a nice fresh juicy red pepper. Although the break was nice I was glad to get back to my palace on Sunday night. Everything was just where I left it and I do like to be covered at night. It may surprise you too hear it but I need my beauty sleep and there is no cover at my holiday home so I can’t sleep properly.

When its time to come home I get put back into my travel box. I really don’t like it, it’s very small and quite dark, I can see and smell the outside through the door but I can’t get to it. I have been making my feelings about the outside known for weeks and it is just an insult that she takes me outside in a box and won’t let me fly.

All in all it’s always nice to be home after you’ve been away.

Isabella Makes Her Feelings About being Left For The Weekend Known

May 1st, 2011

booksMy routine has been thrown off this week. My female owner has been away and my male owner clearly doesn’t think that my schedule is important. I have been woken up later, fed later and the quality of the treats has taken a definite downturn since she left. I made my feelings known on several occasions with a few rounds of screaming but that didn’t seem to get any reaction. Very disappointing. I was not to be defeated though and I stuck with the screaming hoping that my walnuts would reappear. So far no joy but I am very stubborn so we’ll see.

Towards the end of the week my male owner went away as well. I felt very abandoned but I was determined to make the best of it. Since the dogs are not as sophisticated as me and need someone to let them out every few hours there was someone staying. I decided that I would show my dissatisfaction with my owners by chatting through my new words with her. I haven’t practiced these on anyone else so I was a bit wary of how it would go but I think they all got a good reception although the noises they were making almost sounded like they were in pain, howling they were. I even managed to get the smaller dog to come over to the cage. I was very pleased with myself, I didn’t get a walnut but guests aren’t aware of my normal routine so I suppose that they can be forgiven. I laughed when I heard her telling my owners about all my words and phrases. It will be a while before I have forgiven them enough to give them the honour of hearing them.

My female human is still insistent that she wants me to wear that hideous pink harness. I am still not sure that being tied down is a good idea let alone tied down in pink. Suppose that I need to get away quickly and, lets face it, leads are for the more stupid animals and small children. So far beneath me. I’m really not sure what danger she thinks is going to befall me and I deserve the opportunity to sore through the skies. She hasn’t done very much to convince me that it is a good idea and now that I’ve been abandoned all weekend I don’t think I’m in the mood to make concessions. We’ll see, I don’t intend to be rushed into anything. I have also discovered a new game which seems to infuriate my female owner. My favourite chair is right next to the bookcase and those books make a satisfying noise when they fall to the floor. I can sometimes dislodge a whole row before she comes to stop me. I think that lumbering man is secretly impressed with my taste in books, little does he know I’m just throwing away the ones that smell of him! I’ve never managed more than a row but that is definitely a challenge for next week. Maybe I can perch on top of the bookcase and do the whole top row? I particularly like the books with the red or orange covers. They remind me of my favourite vegetables, peppers. I just don’t understand the fuss. Surely something as bright and colourful as a book was designed to be an appealing and attractive toy.

Right better dash. I saw the shopping being unloaded and spotted a pomegranate. I’m off to get a bit before it’s put away.

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