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2011 June

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2011 June

Isabella Tells Us Why She Likes The Nice Weather

June 11th, 2011

Leather ChairThe weather has been gorgeous for the last few days; I have been enjoying sunning myself on the windowsill. I have been loving the fact that the kitchen windowsill gets really toasty. My owner saw me enjoying the sun and she noticed that I was getting a bit dehydrated and she very thoughtfully put a bowl of water next to me so that I could take a bath. She has also organised a basket of toys and a bowl of food for me so that I have everything I need. They are boring pellets and not tasty pomegranate and grapes but I suppose I can’t have everything can I?

There is nothing more fun than splashing around in my water; shaking myself in the sun; then dispatching all my toys to the floor for my owner to collect and put back in the basket. She loves that game, she is always right there and eager to play. The most fun is watching her dash across the kitchen when I drag my water bowl to the edge of the sill; I haven’t yet managed to tip it onto the floor, but one day.

The only downside of the sunny weather has been the number of visitors. It feels like every five minutes there is a ring at the doorbell and my sunbathing is disturbed by dog barking and I have to be put back in my palace so that my owner can answer the door. I really object to being manhandled just because she wants to see other people. I make my feelings known by being extra loud when they are there. They always ask if I can talk and stick their faces really close to my palace. Of course I can talk but I choose not to talk to them. They have no respect, why should I honour them by letting them hear my magnificent voice? The funniest is my male owner’s Mother who sticks her face in front of my palace and coos at me in some funny language, ‘Bonjour perroquet mignon’ she says, very strange; it’s French apparently. It always leaves me feeling a little insulted somehow. I’m trying to train the dogs to attack on command but they are resisting all my efforts, despite me screaming at them like a drill sergeant. They really are the most stupid creatures.

I have been getting more adventurous around the house and I know my owner is delighted at my new found bravery. There are a few shelves that I haven’t ventured onto before and they are proving really fun. My owner has thoughtfully put loads of things up there that are really fun to play with and toss to the floor. I have also discovered the cutlery rack. I never knew cutlery could be such fun, it makes a great noise when tossed to the floor and my owner seems to love this game as well. As for the leather chair……I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun. That nice soft tasty leather, the designer really should be given a parrot toy maker award. It is so perfect. Unfortunately my owner seems to think that I should spread the fun and won’t let me spend too long on my chair. She won’t listen to me and I’ve had to resort to a few nips to help get my point across.

Right, there was an interesting looking draw that I was keen to explore and I think she’s left it open. I’m off to have a good nosey, don’t think it can be any more fun than the chair but we’ll see.

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Parrot Blog > 2011 June | You are here