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2011 July

Parrot Blog > 2011 July | You are here

2011 July

Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures

July 23rd, 2011

Stafford Show July 2011July the 3rd dawned early for the many AGPC members who travelled from staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Devon and Scotland amongst other places to meet up at the Stafford Show Ground for the 2011 Stafford parrot society show.

The show ( the smallest of the 2 held there each year ) was already packed at 10.30 with people looking to buy toys, cages, food, souvenirs and every type of parrot paraphernalia imaginable. Many a bargain was to be had on the toy stalls with old favourites up for grabs and plenty of BOGOF’s and 3 for 2 offers. Shopping around for food items such as palm fruit extract and soaking mixes gave plenty of opportunity to save money off the usual costs, but the Harrisons stall, which claimed to be selling at discounted prices, proved to be even more expensive than buying on line.

Birds from finches, pigeons,greys and amazons to cockatoos and macaws could be seen. Some birds proudly displayed their awards for all to see, others were for sale. Not all looked happy to be there but people talked to them gently and some responded by offering their head for a scratch.

Thanks to Pat’s badges some members had already bumped into each other and introduced themselves, but in general the big meet happened on the balcony outside the cafe.

It was very exciting and quite a sight as purple haired people, ladies with greys on a lead, blokes in ‘ I love Greys ‘ t-shirts and rope samples hanging from their backpacks met up on mass whilst people were trying to tuck in to their bacon butties. The posse moved out to the gardens to chat, share bird experiences, offer advice on recent posts and look at Irene’s pottery purchases.

Members were so pleased to meet each other but all agreed that there just wasn’t enough time to talk to everyone for as long as they wanted to. Members dispersed to go back and secure a cage they had seen, or look for the bargains that other members had told them about, but all went home having made firm friends and agreeing that Geoff was exactly what they imagined him to be !!

Roll on the October show which is said to be bigger and better than the one held in July.

Thanks to Rachel for this excellent write up, and thanks to Pat for the vast majority of the following photography, check out the photo’s from the Stafford Parrot Society Show.

Isabella Tells Us About Her Trip To The Vets

July 15th, 2011

My female owner thought that it was about time that I went to see the vet this week. I’m always up for a trip out and about, more people get to appreciate my glorious feathers and voice. But the vet? Could we not go somewhere more exciting, it is a little undignified to be wrapped in a towel and passed round. Those veterinary students just don’t know how to treat me properly and I don’t know how they can appreciate my glorious feathers when I’m all wrapped up like a mummy! There is one feather that is particularly bothering me and I thought that he might be able to suggest something to improve it. It’s a shame to have my beautiful appearance spoiled by such as obvious flaw. However I really wasn’t impressed with him at all, in fact I would have given him a good nip to let him know if he’d put his hands close enough to me. He did seem very scared of me, justifiably so, I have given nips for less serious offences than wrapping me in a towel before now. I have noticed that when my owners want the dogs to stop jumping and leave them alone the say “get off” and I thought it might be an appropriate time to try it out. Worked a treat, I was hastily put away and taken back to the comfort of my palace. I must remember that one for the future.

I really wasn’t impressed with my female owners treatment of me. She should know by now that I deserve much better treatment than that. I have made my feelings know. She will no longer be enjoying my company over breakfast or when I am out of my palace until I think she has suffered enough. I will not be performing any of those little “tricks” she likes so much and I definitely won’t give her the honour of being allowed to scratch my head until she shows that she understands her treatment of me was wrong. I have to say that she wasn’t demonstrating any repentance this morning, she seemed quite happy to enjoy her breakfast alone. She is obviously just being brave and trying not to let me see how much I have hurt her but refusing to give her any attention.

She has promised to get my outside cage up and sorted. It has been sitting outside in pieces for days and it is sheer laziness on her part that means I can’t enjoy any of the beautiful sunshine. If she does that then that will go some of the way towards making up for my disgusting treatment. I can see her now, trying to enjoy a coffee. Usually I’d go over for a head scratch but I won’t this time. She is putting such a brave face on it and pretending not to care. It almost makes me feel guilty.

Ohhhh what’s this. Walnuts. Now you’re talking. A few of those and things might be alright between us again. I feel like such a tart when she opens the bag, but I can’t help myself, I’d do anything for their nutty goodness. Till the next time fellow tweeters!

Isabella Helps With Some Decorating

July 2nd, 2011

My owner has been doing some home improvements this week so there has been a lot of interesting things lying around for me to play with. I must say from a parrots point of view she didn’t make the best choice. There was some nice gauzy curtain material that would have been perfect for shredding but she chose the boring hard wearing brown. I haven’t been able to put so much as a dent in it, it’s beakproof…. so far. I enjoy a challenge mainly because I am rarely defeated. They are proving very fun to swing off, another game my owner loves to get involved with; she is always right there when she sees me on the curtains.

I have been watching the way she strips off the wall paper, it looks like just the sort of thing that I love to do. I get some lovely shredding toys in my cage and I think she has just been letting me practice so that I can help out with the stripping. There is a patch right next to my stand that I thought I would start with. Such fun. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m doing it right because my owner keeps getting in right state. She moves me away and tries to stick the bits back down. Crazy behaviour. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong; I watched her do the kitchen and I’m just doing exactly what she did. I can only assume that she has such fun doing it that she wants to save it all for herself. That’s just selfish in my opinion.

Now all you parroty peeps out there should be starting a campaign to persuade your owners to put in some of the new vertical blinds that my owner has just had fitted. They are fabulous. I can climb up them, slide down them, nibble the bottom and the sides. They are just the best. Every house should have them. I keep looking in the toy magazine so that I can point them out to my owner and persuade her to have them fitted to the other window in the front room as well but I can’t seem to find them. It makes me think that there is another toy magazine that she is keeping from me. Really very unfair of her.

The weather has been getting much better recently. The dogs are a little put out as well because their beds have all been changed and on the sunny days they have had their beds moved outside into the sunshine and they are such stupid animals that they lie in the sun for ages and overheat. Do they have no common sense? I have been sitting on my windowsill but have been getting sprayed nice and regularly and still have my bowl of water to bathe in. The battle of wills over the harness is still going on but I honestly don’t see why I should have to be leashed like a dog to go out and my owner doesn’t seem to be backing down.

Don’t tell her but I am seriously considering it, I would love to be able to go outside. Maybe I’ll let her have her way next week, or maybe not, we shall see if the treats are forthcoming.

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