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Not So Sweet Parrot Diet

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Not So Sweet Parrot Diet

Not So Sweet Parrot Diet

March 30th, 2010

Well today i was reading the news and i came across this story below –

Haribo sweets were used as part of a mission to rescue a missing parrot after he was found up a tree.

Cookie, an African grey parrot, was enticed down from a silver birch tree in Lillibrooke Crescent, Cox Green, when he was offered his favourite snack on Friday morning.

The bird had been missing since Wednesday afternoon after it flew out of an open window at its home in Cox Green.

The pet’s happy owner, who did not want to be named, said: “He climbed down the tree using his beak and got to the end of the lowest branch before jumping on to my husband’s arm.”

She added: “He must have got caught in the rain overnight because he looked really clean and fluffy.”

African greys can live to more than 60-years-old and are considered to be one of the most accomplished mimics.

Well no wonder the owner wanted to be un-named giving him his favourite snack ”Haribo sweets” do they not know that JUNK FOOD has a high fat content and can lead to things like FATTY-LIVER disease in a parrot! Yes they Can live to the age of 60 plus but they wont do being fed treats like Haribo or any fatty junk food for that matter.

Whats your thoughts on this people??

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Parrot Blog > Not So Sweet Parrot Diet | You are here