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Parrot Tattoos A Shade Of Grey

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Parrot Tattoos A Shade Of Grey

Parrot Tattoos A Shade Of Grey

April 3rd, 2011

While I was raking through the keywords in our analytics this morning looking for inspirational ideas to write about I came across a phrase that was a bit of a “lightbulb” moment and the phrase was “parrot tattoos“.

So you may be thinking at this point am I completely bonkers and apart from parrots what the hell does this site really have to do with tattoos, and in a way you may be right but indirectly I wanted to make a point about tattoos that is actually closely related to African grey parrots, whilst also giving me the chance to show you some amazing works of art that some people have put on their bodies.

Both myself and Paula have tattoos, I have three (and want more at some point) and Paula has three as well, and for me I know the decision to have a tattoo didn’t come lightly, I pondered for years before I went ahead and got my first one, and why I hear you ask, was I worried that it would hurt? NO … did I think it would cost too much? NO … did I think it would look stupid? NO … did I realise it was a lifetime commitment? YES!! and there be the link with African Greys!

If you are thinking about taking on an African Grey the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Are you worried it may hurt when it bites you or one of your family, just like humans, Greys have off days and don’t want your fingers waved in their face, that’s the reality of it?
  2. Are you worried about the cost of providing cages, food, toys, vet bills and all the other associated costs of keeping a parrot?
  3. Are you worried about going on holiday and having to sort out care, after all African Greys require special care and can’t just go anywhere or just be left on their own?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, great you’re almost there, but did you realise that given the right conditions and diet, your African Grey could quite easily outlive you, therefore the old adage a dog, or parrot in this case, is not just for Christmas it’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!!

And whilst I leave you with that thought lets end on a lighter note with those amazing African Grey Parrot tattoos I found when I trawled the t’internet, these really are lifetime commitments … enjoy!!!

Oh and anyone thinking of getting the AGPC logo tattooed onto them do let us know 🙂

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Parrot Blog > Parrot Tattoos A Shade Of Grey | You are here