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Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures

Parrot Blog > Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures | You are here

Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures

Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures

July 23rd, 2011

Stafford Show July 2011July the 3rd dawned early for the many AGPC members who travelled from staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Devon and Scotland amongst other places to meet up at the Stafford Show Ground for the 2011 Stafford parrot society show.

The show ( the smallest of the 2 held there each year ) was already packed at 10.30 with people looking to buy toys, cages, food, souvenirs and every type of parrot paraphernalia imaginable. Many a bargain was to be had on the toy stalls with old favourites up for grabs and plenty of BOGOF’s and 3 for 2 offers. Shopping around for food items such as palm fruit extract and soaking mixes gave plenty of opportunity to save money off the usual costs, but the Harrisons stall, which claimed to be selling at discounted prices, proved to be even more expensive than buying on line.

Birds from finches, pigeons,greys and amazons to cockatoos and macaws could be seen. Some birds proudly displayed their awards for all to see, others were for sale. Not all looked happy to be there but people talked to them gently and some responded by offering their head for a scratch.

Thanks to Pat’s badges some members had already bumped into each other and introduced themselves, but in general the big meet happened on the balcony outside the cafe.

It was very exciting and quite a sight as purple haired people, ladies with greys on a lead, blokes in ‘ I love Greys ‘ t-shirts and rope samples hanging from their backpacks met up on mass whilst people were trying to tuck in to their bacon butties. The posse moved out to the gardens to chat, share bird experiences, offer advice on recent posts and look at Irene’s pottery purchases.

Members were so pleased to meet each other but all agreed that there just wasn’t enough time to talk to everyone for as long as they wanted to. Members dispersed to go back and secure a cage they had seen, or look for the bargains that other members had told them about, but all went home having made firm friends and agreeing that Geoff was exactly what they imagined him to be !!

Roll on the October show which is said to be bigger and better than the one held in July.

Thanks to Rachel for this excellent write up, and thanks to Pat for the vast majority of the following photography, check out the photo’s from the Stafford Parrot Society Show.

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Parrot Blog > Stafford Parrot Society Show – Review And Pictures | You are here