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Rooney's in-laws sick of squawking parrot

January 3rd, 2010

British footballer Wayne Rooney’s in-laws are said to be sick of their pet parrot, as it keeps on squawking their new grandson’s name.

Rooney, 24, and his wife Coleen, 23, had taught the African Grey to say “Kai Wayne Rooney” for “a laugh” little expecting that the bird will keep repeating it all day long at the top of its voice.

“It’s driving everybody round the bend. Nobody knows how to stop it,” the Sun quoted a friend as saying.

The couple had spent three weeks at the home of Tony and Colette McLoughlin in Roby, Liverpool, after Kai was born in November.

“Coleen’s mum and dad invited them to move in after the baby was born,” the friend said.

“They jumped at the chance and stayed for three weeks. “While messing around one day they thought it would be funny to teach the parrot to say the name.

“At first it was hilarious. After seeing the baby, visitors would be taken off to hear the parrot.

“But now it’s really wearing thin. Nearly two months on, the blooming bird still won’t shut up,” the friend added.

“But now it’s really wearing thin. Nearly two months on, the bird still won’t shut up.”

Rare Parrot Mates With A BBC Cameraman

October 5th, 2009

Watch with laughter as this rare parrot “makes out” with a BBC cameraman

Eric Our Feather Plucked Grey Has Settled In!

July 2nd, 2009

I said I would keep you up to date with how Eric is getting on so here is the update you have all been waiting for… Sorry it has taken so long what with all the parrots and children I look after time gets a little short and also we are getting married in just under 2 weeks now so I am busy with that also!


Eric seems to have settled in really well, he was very quiet for the first few days but then soon started to show us what he could do! He is a very clever boy and can talk for England, the thing he says the most is ”do you want a bath mate!”, He loves his baths and he has a couple a day with luke warm water and a splash of Cyder Vinergar which is good for his feathers it will help improve his feather condition and also soothe the discomfort and prickle of bare skin patches and newly emerging feathers and hopefully stop him plucking them out. Also I add a drop in into the drinking water once a day it’s perfectly safe to drink and it will help clean out any toxins from inside him too.

He also loves his Palm nut oil on brown bread toast Yummy!

eric (2)

He is such a funny parrot, and makes me laugh each and everyday with the things he says and also his dances and phone conversations he has with himself.

He has plucked himself a bit more now which is to be expected with the move and change of house but he seems to be happy and has time out on a daily basis and I am sure he will settle down and hopefully grow back his feathers back, the big change must be strange for him going to live with a new family in a new house, it has not stopped his eating, he loves his food and fruit and veg and also his pulses which is good.

Here are a few photos of Eric… Will update again soon.

eric (3)

eric (4)

eric (5)

Nappies Created For Parrots

April 18th, 2009

Want to let your pet parrot fly around the house?

Prefect to save the carpets and your back!

No need to get in a flap about the house being fouled – just slip a nappy on the bird to stop any danger of carpets, furniture and owners being splattered.

The nappies are fixed with Velcro around the bird’s body and do not affect flight – which means it can be freed from its cage or let loose from its perch to cruise round a home that will always look spotless.

The nappies cost £10, with disposable linings £2 for 20.

The linings need changing about every five hours.

A spokesman for US maker Jungle Wear said: ‘They have been carefully designed with comfort in mind.’

Great idea or just plain crazy i know what i think!!

Parrots Playing A Voice Activated Video Game

February 18th, 2009

I can’t embed the video in this post because it’s not a youtube video but I thought I’d post a link up to it so you can see it.

I’ve never seen anything like it, these two parrots are actually playing voice activated computer games (with a little help from the owner) how clever is that I ask you?

check the video out here >>>

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Parrot Blog > funny | You are here