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Pigeon The Grey Recites Manchester United Line Up!

November 19th, 2010

A SOCCER-loving parrot has amazed her owner by reciting the Manchester United line-up — from watching the telly.
The pet — called Pigeon — began by squawking “Rooney!” at the sight of her favourite.

Now whenever she sees the striker’s fellow Premier League high-fliers she also shrieks THEIR names — including: “Carrick!” “Evra!” and “Scholesy!”

Proud Lizzie Greatorex, 49, revealed the African Grey seems to know the team’s formation — lumping Vidic and Ferdinand together as defenders.

Original story sourced from The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk
The bird also shows her respect for veterans such as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville — by saying their names in FULL.

And whenever she spots Red Devils boss Fergie she screeches: “Sir Alex!”

United fan Lizzie admitted the four-year-old bird does have problems with some of the players — such as Van der Sar and South Korean Ji-sung Park.

But the mum, whose family hails from Derby, said at her home in Cape Town, South Africa: “Pigeon loves United.”

The bird often joins in with fans — swearing “f*** off” at officials and shouting: “Do you want some?”

And she HATES Liverpool.

A fan of the team that famously never squawks alone tried to teach her to say “Gerrard”. Pigeon replied: “B******s!”

Please Support Our Son Kyler

November 14th, 2009

We don’t ask for much from anyone, but we’d love to get your help if you wouldn’t mind?

We’d very much appreciate it if you would support us by voting for our son Kyler who we recently entered into the Next Online modelling competition, the competition started at the begining of November so there’s some catching up to do, the competition closes at the end of November.

For Kyler (our son) to get to the Next stage (pardon the pun) he needs to be in the top 100 most voted, which is where you come in.

All you need to do is click the image below then vote on the next page easy as that.

Kyler Duncan

Many thanks,
Paula & Rick Duncan (AGPC)

Who's A Pretty Boy Then? Rocco Is!

November 2nd, 2009

A HAIRDRESSER’S assistant has been taken under the wing of it’s customers.


But this is no ordinary member of staff as Boyz II Men Barbers on Raikes Close, Hood Manor, had an African Grey parrot join their ranks earlier this year.

And to help raise money for St Rocco’s Hospice they asked customers to donate £1 and put forward a suggestion for his name.

Last week after raising £1,000 the draw was made and the winner was Rocco.

Owner Darran Coulburn said: “Every time people come in they have always asked me have we named that bird yet. Rocco has become a part of the furniture now. Everyone gets intrigued, most people have not seen an African Grey.”

It appears Rocco is already fond of his name.

“He has already come out and said Rocco and he says good morning, hello and come here,” added Darran.

Nappies Created For Parrots

April 18th, 2009

Want to let your pet parrot fly around the house?

Prefect to save the carpets and your back!

No need to get in a flap about the house being fouled – just slip a nappy on the bird to stop any danger of carpets, furniture and owners being splattered.

The nappies are fixed with Velcro around the bird’s body and do not affect flight – which means it can be freed from its cage or let loose from its perch to cruise round a home that will always look spotless.

The nappies cost £10, with disposable linings £2 for 20.

The linings need changing about every five hours.

A spokesman for US maker Jungle Wear said: ‘They have been carefully designed with comfort in mind.’

Great idea or just plain crazy i know what i think!!

Why So Quiet?

February 11th, 2009

Well if you are a regular visitor to our blog you may have noticed a few changes, if you’re not you won’t know anythign has changed so I thought I would fill everyone in why we’ve not been posting recently.

Without boring everyone with the techincalities of things it’s quite simple, we changed the software we use to blog with and along with that change came a change of look too, I hope you like it!!

Why did we change I hear you say? In a nutshell the last bit of software we were using had good reviews which is why we went with it but it became apparent after a month of using it that it just wasn’t doing the job we wanted it to do properly, so we’ve switched to the most popular blogging platform (WordPress) as it’s the same thing I use at work and it’s pretty good.

So there you have it the reason we have been so quiet recently is because I had to install the new software and I manually added all the posts from the old software (believe me that was a big job).

Anyway as I say I hope you like the new blog any comments you have or suggestions please feel free to use the comments section below or if you feel really brave send me an email on:


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Parrot Blog > news | You are here