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parrot news

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parrot news

Baby Greys 2 More Have Hatched!

June 26th, 2010

Well after having our first chick of 2010 hatch it was followed 2 days later by a 2nd chick for Ant and Makosi, mum and chicks are doing really well and Dad is popping in to help feed them too and looking after mum.

We have also had Nelson and Winnie’s first chick of 2010 hatch on Thursday and baby is doing really well, so looks like this year has just got off to a good start even though we are half way through the year!!

I will update with some photos soon 🙂

AGPC's First Chick Of 2010

June 18th, 2010

Well today we have had our first Grey Chick hatch of 2010.

Ant and Makosi have hatched one of three eggs so two more to go fingers crossed!

Here is a photo of proud Mummy and Daddy and the little chick.

This Grey Should Have Been Called Lucky!!

June 4th, 2010

A chatty pet parrot is recovering from his brush with death after ending up in the lions enclosure at Longleat Safari Park near Warminster.

Lalji, a nine-year-old African grey parrot, was reunited with his distraught owner Pie Chambers, after escaping from a cage in the garden of her home in Corsley.

After three days on the run, Lalji, who knows more than 500 words and phrases, found himself four miles from home, in an enclosure with Longleat’s pride of lions, sparking a rescue mission by keepers.

Ms Chambers, 66, who has had Lalji since he was a nine-week-old chick, said he didn’t utter a word for four days after his ordeal.

“He obviously had a traumatic experience because he didn’t speak when he came back,” she said. “The first word he said following all this was ‘love you’. I felt very weepy afterwards.

“He’s a great chum and I was bereft without him.”

Lalji – whose name has Hindi origins with Lal meaning red, referring to his red tail, and ji being an informal greeting – escaped from his cage on May 23.

He was spotted by Longleat keepers on May 26 perching on a fence watching the safari park’s seven lionesses.

Resident parrot expert, Jon Ovens, from Longleat’s Animal Adventure was called in to help, but attempts to woo Lalji down using a resident female parrot failed and a large net had to be used to capture him.

Ms Chambers added: “It was a nice day, so he had been in a cage in the garden. I looked over to him and all of a sudden the cage was empty – I noticed afterwards it had a faulty door.

“I was actually on my way to the wildlife park to look for him on Wednesday morning when I got a call from them to say he was in with the lions.

“It was very scary – he could have become their lunch at any moment.”

Ms Chambers runs trips to India focusing on arts and crafts and moved to Corsley from India in 2008, after spending nine years there.

The Travels of Tweak

May 11th, 2010

The Travels of Tweak

Tweak was hatched on 24/07/09 and has been DNA tested as female. I purchased her from Paula at AGPC as a hand reared baby so she was already very tame and friendly.

Seems as my main goal was to take Tweak out and about with my family Paula introduced Tweak to her harness at a very young age, this made getting the harness on her very easy and after a few tries of putting it on and taking it off successfully we ventured outside!

Tweak has many ways she likes to travel.

The good old fashioned way of flight:

By car:

By Pak-O-Bird –

And by Push chair:

By getting Tweak into a harness she now joins us on the school run, goes to the park, comes to the library and many more ‘exciting places’.

I hope you enjoy following Tweaks Travels.

Import Of African Grey Parrots Stopped At Airport.

April 30th, 2010

Bulgarian customs agents at Sofia airport have netted an apparent illegal entry into the country: some 107 parrots in four cages that arrived from Lebanon.

But these were no ordinary birds.

They are African Grey Parrots from Gabon, a threatened species, which can fetch between 1,000 and 1,800 euros (1,335 to 2,400 dollars) on the black market in the European Union, the customs agency said in a statement.

The talkative birds sought after as pets were brought into the country by a Bulgarian of Lebanese origin who did not have the necessary papers for transporting the parrots, the agency said.

The African Grey Parrot is on a CITES list which restricts trade of wild caught species.

The 107 parrots have found at least a temporary home, in the Sofia zoo.

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Parrot Blog > parrot news | You are here