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parrot video

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parrot video

Pigeon The Grey Recites Manchester United Line Up!

November 19th, 2010

A SOCCER-loving parrot has amazed her owner by reciting the Manchester United line-up — from watching the telly.
The pet — called Pigeon — began by squawking “Rooney!” at the sight of her favourite.

Now whenever she sees the striker’s fellow Premier League high-fliers she also shrieks THEIR names — including: “Carrick!” “Evra!” and “Scholesy!”

Proud Lizzie Greatorex, 49, revealed the African Grey seems to know the team’s formation — lumping Vidic and Ferdinand together as defenders.

Original story sourced from The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk
The bird also shows her respect for veterans such as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville — by saying their names in FULL.

And whenever she spots Red Devils boss Fergie she screeches: “Sir Alex!”

United fan Lizzie admitted the four-year-old bird does have problems with some of the players — such as Van der Sar and South Korean Ji-sung Park.

But the mum, whose family hails from Derby, said at her home in Cape Town, South Africa: “Pigeon loves United.”

The bird often joins in with fans — swearing “f*** off” at officials and shouting: “Do you want some?”

And she HATES Liverpool.

A fan of the team that famously never squawks alone tried to teach her to say “Gerrard”. Pigeon replied: “B******s!”

Just When I Thought I Had Some Time… More Chicks!

November 10th, 2009

Well I just cannot believe it!!!!

I was just about at the point where I would have a break from hand feeding baby greys, it has been non stop since April this year, there has not been a time when we haven’t had any and once the little girl baby grey goes we have I thought I will have some time to sit and sort out our wedding and honeymoon photos as I am going to make my own albums for them, it’s far to expensive to have them made proffessionally, so was really looking forward to that, I never thought we would get anymore eggs or chicks until next year, but NO, we were out with the breeders yesterday sorting out the Amazons, as Kerry managed to undo her cage and we heard some squeaking coming from a box!! I popped a cam on the nestbox and this is what we saw –

And these chicks are about 3 weeks old, so ready to come out of the nestbox and into the house, meaning no break for me!!!!!! Still it’s all good fun, and they are just so cute! I will update with some photos once I have them inside.

George The Clawless Grey Gets A Prosthetic Limb

October 27th, 2009

Whilst trawling around YouTube, as you do, I came across this video which I thought I had to share with you (sorry if you’ve already seen it), this is what I call dedication to your African grey.

George the African grey from Cheshire, England lost his claw when a wild animal attacked him, which resulted in him not being able to balance on his perch, this meant 18 months of no sleep, imagine that, he must have been one grumpy bird, I know I would be!!

Well I’m pleased to say George got the attention of some experts and they came up with a prosthetic limb for him, he is now a happy bunny and can balance perfectly well, after a little manipulation to get him into his new leg, anyway enough of my dribble … check George and his new found limb out in this YouTube video.

Rare Parrot Mates With A BBC Cameraman

October 5th, 2009

Watch with laughter as this rare parrot “makes out” with a BBC cameraman

Training Games For Your Parrot Video

April 16th, 2009

Here’s an interesting video on some training games you can play with your parrot, I think time, patience and repetitiveness are the key here!!!

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