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african grey eggs | African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Blog

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african grey eggs | African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Blog

Baby Greys 2 More Have Hatched!

June 26th, 2010

Well after having our first chick of 2010 hatch it was followed 2 days later by a 2nd chick for Ant and Makosi, mum and chicks are doing really well and Dad is popping in to help feed them too and looking after mum.

We have also had Nelson and Winnie’s first chick of 2010 hatch on Thursday and baby is doing really well, so looks like this year has just got off to a good start even though we are half way through the year!!

I will update with some photos soon 🙂

AGPC's First Chick Of 2010

June 18th, 2010

Well today we have had our first Grey Chick hatch of 2010.

Ant and Makosi have hatched one of three eggs so two more to go fingers crossed!

Here is a photo of proud Mummy and Daddy and the little chick.

Just When I Thought I Had Some Time… More Chicks!

November 10th, 2009

Well I just cannot believe it!!!!

I was just about at the point where I would have a break from hand feeding baby greys, it has been non stop since April this year, there has not been a time when we haven’t had any and once the little girl baby grey goes we have I thought I will have some time to sit and sort out our wedding and honeymoon photos as I am going to make my own albums for them, it’s far to expensive to have them made proffessionally, so was really looking forward to that, I never thought we would get anymore eggs or chicks until next year, but NO, we were out with the breeders yesterday sorting out the Amazons, as Kerry managed to undo her cage and we heard some squeaking coming from a box!! I popped a cam on the nestbox and this is what we saw –

And these chicks are about 3 weeks old, so ready to come out of the nestbox and into the house, meaning no break for me!!!!!! Still it’s all good fun, and they are just so cute! I will update with some photos once I have them inside.

Not So Egg-Citing News :o(

December 17th, 2008
Candled Egg

Candled Egg

We had some egg-citing news to share with you all in our blog post about keeping them eggs warm where we told you that we had two sets of breeding pairs of greys with eggs (6 in total, 3 eggs in each nestbox).

Well I have some disappointing news to update you all with … you’ve probably guessed it already but it seems that none of the eggs were fertile, so looks like that busy Christmas we were expecting won’t be quite as busy as we thought after all :(.

So just to put you in the picture as to how we know the eggs aren’t fertile, we were watching both pairs on the cameras that we have in their nest boxes and noticed that one pair seemed to be leaving the box and their eggs for longer and longer periods, to the point where we had to say enough is enough.

Paula dashed outside when the greys were out of the box and she candled the eggs … they were clear … damn … so while she was there she candled the other set of eggs … they were clear too!!

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board!!

Keep Them Eggs Warm!!

December 4th, 2008
African Grey Chick

African Grey Chick

So we had some egg-citing news the other day which we did share with the forum but thought I should add a blog entry too.

After Paula finished cleaning out all of our breeders the other day she thought it was about time she switched on the nest box cameras to have a look if anything is going on, when she did this she discovered we have 2 pairs sitting tightly on 3 eggs each Yahoo!!

So looks like we will be hand rearing baby greys over the christmas / new year period.

We expect 3 of the eggs to hatch as that pair always give us 3 babies EVERY time and strangely this always happens over the Xmas period (Go figure) … and the other pair are a new pair we put together mid year and they have only given us 1 chick so far, so fingers crossed we get at least one chick from them too.

It’s blooming chilly out there these days brrr so fingers crossed the females keep their bums firmly planted over them eggs to make sure they stay warm, every time they go out of their box we watch our clocks tentatively hoping they don’t stay out too long.

That’s it for now, will update as and when things progress … WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Oh anyone looking for a lovely hand reared baby grey feel free to email us on admin@african-grey-parrots.co.uk to express your interest, alternatively watch the parrots for sale section for adverts and contact us via there.

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Parrot Blog > african grey eggs | African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Blog | You are here