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Read some of the testimonials that people have written about the hand reared African grey parrots that they have purchased from us.

Terry (Tezza)

" I came across Paula and her African Grey Parrot Centre by accident on Google.

I had thought about having a Baby Grey for quite a long time, and wanted to research them in the first place. I had looked at many sites before I looked at African Grey Parrot Centre, and was not impressed by their "order, place in basket, pay with your credit and your bird will arrive by courier" attitude, much like you were ordering home groceries!

That is where Paula and her site stood out from all the rest, providing lots of useful and relevant information, and having a really good feel about it. I e-mailed her, as I have cats, and was worried about the relationship between them and a new baby parrot. I received a speedy, and extremely helpful response, and was also directed to her Forum to speak to other parrot owners with different pets at home.

The forum is like no other, fantastically friendly and extremely knowledgeable parrot owners, who are not at all precious, and are happy to share information with you. You soon feel like a forum family member and build a great relationship with other parrot lovers.

Paula had one baby grey available, and I asked for first refusal. Paula kept me up to date with his progress, sending me pictures and regular updates.

I used this time whilst he was being weaned to read books, chat to forum members and ensure it is what I really wanted and could provide for.

The waiting was excruciating but also reassuring knowing that she did not just turf the parrots out to new owners before they were absolutely ready to go.

When the time arrived, arrangements were made for me to go and see my new baby, and take him home. From the instant Paula invited me in, it was clear she was an absolute natural with the African Grey Parrots, and that she had a very loving relationship with them. It was amazing watching her interact with the birds, she certainly knows her stuff and her experience shines through.

I was made to feel very welcome, and my list of questions (and there were many!) were fully answered. I was shown exactly how to handle my baby Grey, and spent time with him and Paula. The birds are brought up in a loving family environment, and the whole family were a joy to meet.

The help doesn't stop when you take your new baby home, as Paula and the forum members are always there for you, and love to hear about your baby's progress.

It was a long journey to Paula's, 260 miles there but, I have to say, it was well worth it, and would not hesitate in making the journey again, or in recommending Paula and her African Grey Parrot Centre to any potential parrot owners. The whole experience has been top class

My new baby (Dave) is settling in extremely well, and is friendly, absolutely loves cuddles and play, and is an absolute joy to own.

For anyone considering owning an African Grey do your research and make sure Paula and the African Grey Parrot Centre is your first port of call, you will not be disappointed.


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Victoria Hughes (Toria), Wolverhampton

" Owning an African Grey Parrot has always been a dream of mine so when my husband found me day dreaming over one in a pet shop he finally caved in and said I could get one! I had made a decision to get my baby grey from a reputable breeder instead of a pet shop mainly to ensure I got a well cared for and well loved baby. I also decided to do as much research into African Greys as I could so that I could provide the best possible loving home for my new found friend once she got home.

This is where I came across the African Grey Parrot Centre website which is run by Rick and Paula. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts of other members and gained a lot of very useful information from some of the forum committed members, and then I myself became a member. I then learned that Paula breeds African Greys and contacted her about having one of her babies. She was very informative every step of my babies development until she could come home and not only have I found my perfect baby I also feel I have made a good friend who will always be there to give me advice on Tweak (my baby grey) when needed.

Paula’s babies are raised in a busy family environment which was very important to me as I have two small children. She also introduced my baby to a harness when she was very small so I now have little trouble getting her to wear it after only a few days of getting her home.

Paula was very helpful in the run up of my baby coming home and nothing was too much trouble. When I arrived to take Tweak home she showed me how to give her a night feed to help with bonding which was great fun. She made us feel very welcome and answered any questions that we had regarding the care of Tweak.

We left Paula’s very happy to have found her and would recommend her to anyone no matter what distance is needed to be travelled. Her babies are worth every step of the way! "

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William (Tallship), Cornwall
Jack The African Grey

" While searching the net we came across Paula's site (AGPC) and are glad we joined the parrot forum.

Paula was the breeder we got our African grey Jack from after talking to her a few times online it went to phone calls. Although it was a total trip of about 590 miles and very tiring it was well worth the trip, cap'n Jack was a life time dream come true.

Paula and Rick made us welcome with a friendly smile it was like we had known each other for years, with a cup of coffee we sat down to talk about the trip up, the weather and to explain all about our Jack i.e. the do's and don'ts etc.

Paula introduced Jack to us and it was love at first sight for both of us, he started biting my ear ring and giving me kisses galore, what a handsome little fella he is.

If Paula was a thousand miles away I would have still travelled to get Jack, Paula, Rick and their family are really nice people who have time to speak to you, even Paula's children played with my daughter, think they all made friends for life, it was a pleasure to meet them all and I would personally recommend them, even people I've met out in the street while taking Jack out with me have said he's the best looking and most cared for African grey they have seen as they have seen others around the area I live, but not a patch on Jack thanks to Paula's hard work.

All Paula's babies are handreared with lots of love and care!

A big thank you Paula for the calls and the very big welcome you and your family gave us. "

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Carol Sinker, London

"We have just bought a baby parrot from 'Paula Dansie' the owner of The African Grey Parrot Centre website. He's now called Alfie and has settled in at our house absolutely fine. After much searching on the internet to find a suitable hand-reared baby parrot, we found The African Grey Parrot Centre to be a reassuring and knowledgable site which appeared to care primarily about the birds and how best to take care of them, which helped us make the decision to buy a parrot from there.

We emailed 'Paula' and discussed the purchase. Getting to know the 'breeder' in this way and asking questions helped us to feel comfortable that she would be a good breeder to buy from. This is important, how the birds are treated from birth impacts on their behaviour for life.

We agreed to go and see the baby grey on a Sunday and knew immediately on introduction that Paula had their well-being at heart and that all the birds were loved and well-cared for. We spent time viewing the babies available and settled on the one which Paula had initially felt was the one for us. It was important also that the baby was used to children as the baby was also to be the main pet for my 10 year old son.

Paula has children and the baby was completely fine with my son from the start.

Paula was keen that we understood all the likes and dislikes of the parrot and spent time telling us all that we needed to do to keep the parrot healthy and happy. She did everything she could to make sure that her 'baby' had the best possible 'transfer' to his new home and that his new owners had all the necessary information and support to make this happen. She was also very happy to provide on-going support for any further queries we might have in the future and was concerned to know how the transfer had gone. We would recommend buying a parrot from Paula Dansie to anyone. You don't take risks when buying a baby parrot.

This breeder is a sound choice."

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Mark Kerry, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

" After much searching in Pet Centres & scanning the internet for a hand reared African Grey Parrot, we finally found 'Paula Dansie'.

Paula owns the A.G.P.C and hand rears her baby parrots from day one! She has them in her house living amongst her family, including four young children, finding Paula was a dream come true as I knew exactly what I wanted, as I also have young children in the house and needed a Parrot that was good with all ages and friendly towards every one (unlike my mother’s!!).

After speaking to Paula on the phone we arranged for me to go and meet the baby parrots, she was really helpful and full of advice for me, when I walked into her lounge there were five 15wk old Greys sitting on top of the cage, I was in my element, Paula pointed out the Parrot she thought might suit me, he was sweet though a little shy of me, but there was one Baby Grey that was looking at me showing me lots of interest, (like 'who is this man?.. do I like the look of him..?) so I went over and spoke to him, I was smitten.. It was love at first sight for him and me!!

The Parrot travelled home with me sitting on my shoulder all the way " I WAS DRIVING!!" his name is 'Doogle' We love him he loves us, and after only 2wks he is starting to talk, feel really lucky to have found Paula at the African grey parrot centre and cannot recommend her enough. "

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