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Useful Parrot Resources

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Useful Parrot Resources

Although we do have a large amount of dedicated African grey parrot information on the site and knowledge on caring for parrots we don't pretend to know everything there is to know hence this part of the website to provide you with other resources that have been around much longer than us so therefore may contain information that we have yet to add.

We will add relevant links to more resources on the appropriate pages but please check out the sites below if you are unable to find the inforation you need on our site.


We use http://www.junglegold.com/ for all our bird seed and parrot food requirements, we can personally assure the excellent quality and service they provide.


www.theincubatorshop.co.uk are a family owned independent business who specialise in the supply of quality incubators and incubation related equipment for exotic bird breeders. We can personally vouch for the breeding equipment supplied by them.


We highly recommend www.viparrot.com for all your parrot supplies including parrot food, parrot toys, and parrot training accessories.


Looking for a parrot cage, toys or maybe a parrot stand? parrotize.co.uk seem to be the best online place to purchase what you need in the UK.

www.parrotlink.com - Parrotlink is one of the many communities that we have been members of since our interest in parrots began, we have found this to be a friendly and knolwedgeable place to find out all the information we have wanted to find out.

www.parrot-link.co.uk - Parrot-link is also another place where we have taken part in the community and found good information that we were looking for.

Bird Breeders directory and available birds

If you are looking for a new bird or a bird breeder in your area, this is the right place! With over 30,000 birds listed to date and over 3,000 listed in the past month alone, they are leading the way in a quality and easy to use pet bird search.

dolittlesdirectory - Reptiles, Birds and Insects

UK National Missing Pets Register - The UK National Missing Pet Register provides a range of services for pet owners who can search our comprehensive UK missing pets and lost pets register database. www.nationalpetregister.org

Skoobe Directory

Bird Links Directory - Listing the best bird sites on the Web.

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