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So You Want A Grey – Are You Sure?

Parrot Articles > So You Want A Grey – Are You Sure? | You are here

So You Want A Grey – Are You Sure?

So You Want A Grey – Are You Sure?

January 13th, 2011

Just wanted to put a few thoughts down for anybody that is looking around trying to decide whether to buy an African Grey or not.  If you can TRUTHFULLY answer yes to these questions then go ahead and look for the Grey of your dreams.  If there is one TRUTHFUL “No” amongst your answers then do a bit more research, ask a few more questions and then try again.

African Grey

1.  Are you prepared to have a permanent toddler in your home for the next 50+ years?  

2.  Parrots make a mess, an endless mess on walls, floors even ceilings!  Can you cope with mess?

3.  Noise.  Parrots make a noise, they scream, whistle, shout make the same noise over and over and over again until it could drive you insane.  Are you prepared for perpetual noise?

4.  Cost. Parrots cost a fortune, not just the initial outlay but ongoing, toys (parrots destroy toys, that’s on their job description) food, the best food is pellets which can be expensive, around £30 every six weeks for one parrot. Plus of course all the other things, veg, fruit, pulses, vet bills, insurance, carry cage.

5.  Space.  Do you really have the space for a parrot?  I mean….REALLY have the space, don’t just say “Yeah, it will fit in that corner over there!”  they should have a big cage, the bigger the better, then they like to fly around as well, out of cage time means they need space to play, space to have toys out and play, space to just be a parrot.

6.  Do you want a parrot that can talk?  If you answer yes to this one, what about if it doesn’t talk?  What if all it did in the way of noise was to imitate your microwave all day, shout and scream at it’s toys, didn’t want to talk to you at all…..would you still love it?

7.  Are you prepared for your parrot to not like you?  Greys are like people, they have their likes and dislikes, maybe you like the parrot, but what if it doesn’t like you?  What if it loves your partner?  Would you still want it?

8.  Holidays. Can you make arrangements for your parrot to be looked after properly when you have to go away?  

9.  Time.  Do you really have time to look after a parrot?  They need an awful lot of attention, just like a child, they like to play and interact with people.  They are not an ornament to be kept in a cage 24/7 with food and water added so that it eases your conscience.

10.  Other pets.  Do you have other pets, a cat or a dog?  Do you have the space to let the parrot out and shut away your cat or dog while the parrot plays for an hour or two?  Do you have the time to dedicate to each of your pets?

11.  If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, then ok, you might be ready to have a parrot, but if there is the slightest doubt in your mind, stop and think it over again.  Do you really want a parrot to love and care for, probably for the rest of your life, or do you just see other parrots sitting, talking, playing and you think you want one like that?

There are far too many parrots on the rehoming roundabout, people buy them with all the best intentions and then the novelty wears off, or they come up with an excuse to pass them on.  Sometimes of course it is inevitable that a parrot has to find a new home, but I firmly believe that most obstacles are surmountable and usually with a bit of compromise here and there, there is no need for rehoming. Would you get rid of your child because the novelty wears off, it makes a noise, it’s expensive, it makes a mess, you have to make arrangements for holidays?

Just think over and over again, do you really want this sort of committment.

Written by Pat (Plukie –  Moderator on the forum)

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Parrot Articles > So You Want A Grey – Are You Sure? | You are here