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How It Works

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How It Works

Our mission is a simple one, we want to ensure all African grey parrots in the UK have happy and loving homes to live their lives in. This page hopefully explains how we attempt to achieve that mission.

Rehoming Your Parrot

Firstly if you think you want to rehome your parrot, don't worry or feel guilty about it, we're here to help you whatever your decision. Lots of people contact us every single day wanting to rehome their parrot for a multitude of reasons, and after discussing things through with us make the decision to not rehome which is perfectly fine but for those that do make the hard decision to rehome we are here.

Step one therefore is to contact us by filling in the rescue contact form and we will get straight in touch with you to discuss your situation and give guidance if necessary.

What makes us unique as a parrot rescue centre is that we don't just throw your parrot in a massive aviary and you will never know what happened to it, your parrot will be personally matched up to the right place for it to go, whether it likes males or females, children, other animals or the new forever home owners have experience in behavioural or plucking issues.

Once your parrot is rehomed via our services to protect it from ending up in a home it shouldn't be in it always belongs to us, the new forever home owner must sign a contract stating this so you can feel confident your parrot won't be sold on for money or end up somewhere it is not loved.

The most important USP of our service is that once your parrot is in it's lovely new forever home you will be able to follow what happens to him/her in their very own rescue diary, this diary must be updated as part of the contract the new forever home owner has to sign, giving you peace of mind that your beloved parrot is happy in their new home.

Being A Forever Home

Lots of people contact us daily who want to be a forever home, most are genuine but some think that they can just get a free parrot from us, to combat this and to help fund the personal service that we run there is a compulsory £10 fee to join the forever home waiting list, once you have been matched to a parrot we will then require a compulsory donation of £150 once the rehome is completed.

If you are serious about being a forever home for one of our rehome parrots and you are happy that should you be chosen to be a forever home you will need to make a donation of £150 then you will need to contact us using the rescue contact form after which someone will come back to you to discuss the next steps.


We're not here to make money out of the rescue service, we do it because we want to, but that being said it costs us money to run the rescue service as we personally collect and deliver parrots from and to all over the UK, we also house the parrots through a quarantine period which involves food costs, if need be our parrots also induce vet fees if they have health issues, these costs all add up quite substantially.

We completely rely on donations to offset all the aforementioned costs, there is a compulsory donation required from the new forever home owners as with the vast majority of rescue centres in the UK, we also receive non obligatory donations from ex owners as well as from a few loyal community members who want to support our cause, we also run competitions and fund raising events on the site.

Are We A Registered Charity

No, we're not a registered charity at this stage, in order to become a registered charity you need a certain level of income which we do not come close to receiving at this stage, although we are not registered we have been around for many years (since 2007) and we have become one of the best known parrot organisations in the UK and even around the world so don't worry we are very genuine.

Rest assured as and when we are in the position to register ourselves as an official charity we will do so and update this page accordingly.



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RSS Feed  Home > Parrot Rescue Centre > How It Works | You are here