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Parrot Rescue Centre

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Welcome To The Parrot Rescue Centre

Welcome to the African Grey Parrot Centre Rehoming Section

Rescue African Grey Parrot

This section has been designed to allow those who are no longer able to look after their feathered friend the opportunity to find a new forever home. We understand that many circumstances can arise in people's lives, and this means they have to make the difficult decision of rehoming their parrot. We also understand how upsetting this can be and so the rehoming team are here to make the transition as easy as possible.

Our team of valued and experienced moderators are working together throughout the country to ensure suitable homes with experienced and knowledgeable owners can be found for those in need.

If you are looking to rehome your parrot we ask that you first read the how it works page then once you've done that please feel free to contact the rescue team via the rescue contact page

Once we have details we can then look for a new forever home and if required we also have trusted foster homes to care for your bird until a suitable home is found. You can be assured that your parrot will be rehomed with someone we know and trust, who has experience with parrots and who can provide for all needs. These people are regular members to the forum.

Here at AGPC we also know that if you rehome your parrot you will want to know how they are settling in their new home and keep up to date with their progress. Not only will their new parents post in the main forum, we also have dedicated parrot rescue diaries for regular updates to be entered in fact it will be one of many conditions enforced on them to do. You will be able to keep track of your loved one and know that all of our team at AGPC care.

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