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2010 May

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2010 May

Sammi in a Harness!!!

May 29th, 2010

Well the unthinkable just happened, Dil just put a harness on Sammi no problems! He is so so tame with Dil. He will let him do literally anything with him!

Sammi is a Boy!!!!!

May 22nd, 2010

Had the DNA results today, she is a he!! I had a feeling because of how Tweak reacted, she wont keep still round him and keeps showing off.

Natural Perches For Sammi

May 21st, 2010

I decided to add a couple of natural branches to Sammis cage to replace some of the sandy perches to prevent her feet from getting sore. Well they have been a real hit! Not only is she enjoying perching on them she has already debarked them so that must be helping blunt that razor sharp beak of hers! :-)

She isnt fazed by anything new added to her cage which is really good as I like to offer new opportunities for her to explore in there and she is happy for me to put my hands in to add some fun stuff such as foraging boxes and of course her food. I get the chance to give her a tickle if Im lucky :-)

At the moment she is by far more vocal of a morning than Tweak, in fact its nice hearing them call to each other. Seems as how she suddenly decided to take to Dil (my husband) later on he is going to try and get her to step onto the scales so I can get a base weight for her. Then I will check this every month or so as I do Tweak to ensure she is at least maintaining weight. Hopefully any day soon we will be getting the DNA results although Im beginning to think its quite obvious that she is female?!?!?

Sammi Loves Dil!!!

May 20th, 2010

Today when Dil came home he went to Sammi and straight away got her to step up onto his hand and she started regurgitating for him! Its only the second time he has got her to step up onto him and she instantly loves him! I cant get over it, she is like a different bird round him. Im so glad she has took to one of us and Dil seems chuffed to have a new friend :-)


Progress Has Been Made!!

May 20th, 2010

Well Sammi has been here for a few days now. Today her and Tweak had their first official ‘kiss’ and then Sammi decided it was time to fly off to her cage. At least I can rest now knowing they they have had their first physical contact and it didnt end with blood splattered up my walls so all good!!

The lighting in the birds room isnt great so I apologise now if any pics arent of the best quality.

Here they both are in their tree, Sammi loves to peel the bark off. Here is a video of them enjoying the tree. Tweak was a little too eager to get to Sammi I think!

Seems as Sammi loves boxes I made her a foraging box. It kept her busy for all of 5min til she destroyed it but I think its something I will do often for her as she loves getting into the box.

I finally made some progress with Sammi! Usually she blows up like a puffer fish around me but I managed to get a tikle from her and she was really enjoying it! It was lovely being able to touch her and have her enjoy it. All this talking nicely and offering treats is paying off!!

A game we play is I offer her a plastic button and she takes it then drops it but when she drops it she laughs! So now both Sammi and Tweak will laugh when Sammi drops the button. I played that with her to get her used to my hands and show her I wasnt going to harm her. I also think that stroking and cuddling Tweak in front of her has helped, she looks like she is dying for a love but is just too weary at the moment.

So far she is quite talkative. Her favourite word is ‘Sammiiiiiiiiiiii’ closely followed by ‘Helloooooooooooo’ which she often shouts to Tweak from the top of her cage. She also says ‘Goodnight’ when it turns dark. Ive heard her say ‘Want a Tickle’ but this has only been said once. She has also said what sounded like ‘Bob’ and ‘Sammi’ in a different voice. She also does a wide variety of whistles and tunes, she does McDonalds alot!

All in all she is settling in fantastically and Im so happy she is part of our family!

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