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Small Update On Oscar

June 4th, 2012
Small Update On Oscar

Just a small update and a few pictures.

Oscar still hates me and I still love him to bits. I am managing to get closer to him before he lunges at me now so it’s sort of a step forward. His favourite passtime at the moment seems to be walking on the floor but that possibly because it’s Angus’s least favourite place so Oscar can escape from him down there. I have just bought an avian lamp and Oscar seemed to love sunning himself underneath it. He’s now joined Gary in the Opera singing world and they make quite a duet.

Top Bird Oscar!

January 26th, 2012
Top Bird Oscar!

Well Oscar is still the boss. He’s made it quite clear that he’s top of the tree and the other two have accepted it.

He loves Shaun but even I managed to get a tickle in this week – but only one, he bit me when I tried again !!

He’s getting more adventurous with the food he’s willing to try and even had a chickpea yesterday. His language is still atrocious – but you can’t help laughing when a little bundle of feathers comes out with some of the words he does, not much of it has rubbed off on the other 2 yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

He has a lovely new cage now with much more space for his toys and perches, although he’s always letting me know he wants to come out

Here are a few photos of him.

And Oscar Makes 3!

October 31st, 2011
And Oscar Makes 3!

Oscar came to stay with us for a little while in September and is still here. We had been looking into adding to our flock and because he immediately bonded with my hubby, and had been moved around quite a bit in a short space of time, it was decided he could stay with us.

We moved him in to the same room as the others and they chatted to each other from the get-go. We changed his cage and added new toys and Oscar is now converted onto a pellet diet. He gets chattier and chattier by the day and 6 or so weeks on we are still hearing new words. He is quite a character and swears like a trooper but his funniest trick yet was when he shouted “come in” to a visitor who knocked on the door, and we found them in our dining room looking bemused.
Oscar has a new friend in Gary. Angus is still wary of Oscar because he has met his match – but I have hopes that they will at least co exist without fighting – and they seem to be so far. Gary is quite nice to him and I think they will be friends one day soon.

Oscar has made a lovely addition to our flock. Welcome to the family Oscar

New Rescue for AGPC – Meet Oscar

September 20th, 2011
New Rescue for AGPC - Meet Oscar

Here is Oscar. I collected him from his owner John recently, who sadly had to find a new home for him due to becoming ill. John was clearly very sad to see Oscar go, but he knows rehoming Oscar via the AGPC was the best thing to do in the circumstances.

Oscar travelled very well and shouted a few ‘hellos’ along the way. We built up his cage and settled him in and he was soon tucking into his food. During the evening he was pretty quiet but was left to settle in.

The next day he came out to play and treated us to some of his words. He shouts for ‘Rosie’ and tells Layla to ‘get down’ he says ‘hello’ and when we say goodbye he tells us ‘see ya later’
He is on a seed diet at the moment but I’ve seen him nibbling on the odd pellet. He’s had some pomegranate, radish, grape, pasta, carrot and Brussels sprouts.

He is a fantastic flyer and does several laps of the room regularly and loves to play on top of his cage with his new toys.
He can hear my 2 birds Gary and Angus from the other room and they call to each other and shout ‘hello’. Oscar is a lovely bird and a credit to John.

Here are a few photographs -

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