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Angels Operation Date!

February 20th, 2012
Angels Operation Date!

Well I can hardly believe it …. Angels is going in for her 1st operation to try and make the bad leg usable tomorrow (21st February 2012).

I am so hoping that it goes well and she is given a chance to have a straighter leg and the chance to be a bit more of a normal bird and be able to use a perch…. something she has never been able to do.

Steve Smith will be doing the operation and there is some risks involved with the operation as there are with most major surgeries the operation will be very tricky and there is always that risk she might not come out of it, things can go wrong like when Steve is operating the bones may shatter but I will have everything crossed and I hope you all will too!

She has lots of you to thank for this the chance at living a much nicer life so a massive thank you to all have donated for her to have her 1st operation, all being well with this one she will need the 2nd leg done and we will be once again raising the funds for this, we already have a little head start on this so that is fantastic!

I will of course keep you updated on the topic on our forum and I will blog about it also once i have had the phone call, she will be staying over night and be home the next day all being good.

For those of you that haven’t seen Angel in the flesh here is a movie of the cheeky girl!, She really is a darling so please god let this gorgeous bird have a crack at life!!

Love Paula + Angel xx

Angels Latest Update!

February 9th, 2012
Angels Latest Update!

Well it has been a while since I posted about Angel, things are still the same she is her normal lovely self and is starting to chat a lot more now which is nice as she didn’t really say much when I collected her apart from a naughty word!She really has settled in to our house and chatters more and more as the days go on! She knows her new name that’s for sure!

She has got use to her little corner cage and is using the little rope hammock thing I put in there so she can stand/learn by her bowl, she is normally mostly comfy hanging on to the front of her cage which saddens me but I guess it is the angle of her feet that is just how best she can hold on, as she sits like that most of the time she always poop’s out of the front of the cage, so its a nice job to do each morning cleaning the front of the cage down and the floor which I covered with a plastic carpet protector (good stuff that!). So i am pleased she is trusting her cage and using the things I put in place to make her life a bit easier, she does still from time to time get her bad bad leg caught round the bars, and if I am not there at that moment she sits and waits for me to free her, its very cute she doesn’t get in a mess and flap trying to free herself she just waits, so I think she knows it’s not going to work.

I put Angel on Animalzone foods and she took to it straight away the pellets and muesli and over the last 2 weeks I have been giving her the Animalzone Cereal and she adores it, she has it warm in the morning first thing when I come down to change her food and water, (she sleeps on her water bowl so it is always messy by morning) she goes mad for it and gets really stuck in, she will sit there for a good hour just eating so i am happy about that.

Here are some photos of her enjoying it

Look at me with it all round my mouth!!!

She is such a darling and I hope that her going in for her operation will give her at least a slightly normal life which she so deserves, just to be able to perch like a normal bird would be enough :)

I will post about her operation date tomorrow as I am pretty tired right now after not feeling well since the weekend and a poorly rabbit to nurse too it will be much easier on a fresh head!

Massive thanks from us at AGPC and Angel too for donating and making this possible…

Catch you tomorrow … lots of love x

New Year . . . New Angel?

January 9th, 2012
New Year . . . New Angel?

Well who can believe 2012 is here already how fast did last year go!! It is crazy how quickly the years fly past now when your younger a month seemed like a year!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, we had a great time apart from our little girl being really ill christmas ill and christmas day but we still made it special and santa paid her a visit :o ) and on our Forum we had the christmas raffle (massive thanks to Pat for sorting out the raffle) with over 20 prizes and secret santa and also we sold lots of the human cook books which the funds all went into Angels appeal.

Angel has been fine well as fine as she can be bless her she is still on Metacam and her normal quiet self, she never plays with toys i think it is because she can’t use her feet like a normal grey and she normally just hangs on to the side of the cage. I have been trying different toys every week to see what I could get her to play with and up until this week nothing worked until I had a really simple toy idea! I placed a plastic cat ball which has a small bell inside so it rattles onto a fruit kebab stick and hung it near where she sits on the food bowl and success she played with it non stop for about 6 hours!! I was so chuffed it was so nice to hear her playing with the ball, it brought a tear to my eye as it is so sad to have seen her a grey not play with toys because of her deformed legs! This is why i think this operation is a must as she has not much of a life the way she is and to live the next 20+ years like this it’s no life!

We have raised even more money last month and we are not far off the amount we need for her to have her first leg done.. see the poster below for totals. So looks like she will have her operation this month. So a massive thank you to all who have donated so far we still have a little to raise to cover the after care and medications but we are more of less there.

As soon as I have her date confirmed I will let you all know :)

Update On The Lovely Angel!

December 16th, 2011
Update On The Lovely Angel!

Well it has been a while since I have done a update on Angel due to family funeral, my car blowing up followed recently by my PC blowing up! Every get the feeling things don’t like you!

Anyway Angel is fine and her normal nutty self since her last visit to see Steve the vet who is going to do her operation she has been on a pain killer Metacam to see if there was a difference in her at all while she was on that so we the could determine if and how much pain she seemed to be in. She started off quite spaced out on it but was still the same as she always was her normal chatty normal self, she ate, moved about just as much as she always had so I don’t see that it has made that much of a difference to her so she either isn’t in any/as much pain as Steve thought or she just doesn’t notice the pain! She has been on it a fair while now and I didn’t think she was in much pain just by the way she is and such a happy little grey, so you may ask why are we raising funds for her to have a operation if she is managing the way she is well she has had to manage she has been like this since she was a few weeks old and has known no difference and of course she has gone through some horrendous pain while her legs set in the awful position they were left to set in, the breeder that reared her and sold her on like this needs shooting and name and shaming, any one know of him, he had a advert in preloved selling her a few years back how he had the cheek I will never know, he is an Asian breeder and lives in the Coventry area of the country, if you read this – Shame on you!!

Angel doesn’t say much at all really I have herd Hello and I am sure a naughty word W***er! Not sure where she got that from!

Anyway we are looking to have her operation done in the new year once we have raised the funds to do so, we are around the £200 mark now so a massive thank you to all who have donated and I will put up a post with the actual figure raised in November and the total to date it we will be a massive change of her life once she has been operated on and she will be able to hopefully perch like any normal grey.

Here are some photos of the cheeky lady taking her meds –

Angels Trip To The Vets!

November 5th, 2011
Angels Trip To The Vets!
Please Donate To Angel’s Appeal
Head to the Donate Page and click on the Paypal donate button at the bottom of the page, click on the “Add special instructions to recipient” box, then enter Angel’s Appeal into it so we know the donation is to help Angel

I made the hour and half journey to Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre to see Steve Smith who is fantasic with exotics.

On taking her in she was excited and regurgitating to me while waiting in the waiting room bless her!! They took her through and she was given a anaesthetic so she could have her x-rays done, here are some photos of her having her x-ray.

When she was back round Steve called me through to have a chat about the x-rays she was a lot worse than we thought most of her long bones showed abnormalities the right and left humerus, left and right radius, keel, right coracoid and both tibiotarsi, The left leg was worse with entrapment of the extensor tendon and extreme extension of the intertarsal joint all of which he believes to have happened at about 2-6 weeks of life cause by poor diet!!

Here are the x-rays

As you can see it’s not a pretty site and to do a surgical repair it would require a significant operation breaking the bone in the bad leg implanting into a very small fragment and fixing the leg in a more normal position so it will be a big op if she has it.

I was told that there are always risk’s with things like this and it could happen that once Steve operates on her that the leg might just not take the pinning and shatter in which case she would be put to sleep, but it could go well, its a case of not knowing until he opens her leg up.

He also said that she could come home with some pain killers and see how she goes on them too and could live a life on them , I find it hard to see that she is in lots of pain as she is such a happy bird and so loving which makes it so much more harder what to do for the best!

I dearly would love to give her the chance of a fairly normal life and for her to be able to perch like any normal grey I think she deserves this, but then I have to look from the other angle and is it fair to put her through this?

If she has the Op we would need to raise funds to help Angel and pay for it as it will cost about £450 for the bad leg and maybe a bit less for the other leg so we would carry on Angels Appeal!

I need to sleep on it a few more times not that I can do much sleeping and I will update you all soon.

Paula + Angel xx

Please Donate To Angel’s Appeal
Head to the Donate Page and click on the Paypal donate button at the bottom of the page, click on the “Add special instructions to recipient” box then enter Angel’s Appeal into it so we know the donation is to help Angel

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