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The latest on Archie ‘Perfect Parrot’

February 15th, 2013
The latest on Archie 'Perfect Parrot'

Its been some time since I did a quick update on my boy. Time just flies by with normal day-to-day activities, I forget how long it has been since my last check-in.

Obviously the new aviary is redundant at the moment as its just far too cold. Still, its a useful store for the bikes at the moment. Its such a shame when Archie ca’t go out as he does love the outdoors. We have to settle for trips out in the car in his travel cage for the time been. He comes with me at the weekends to the horses and I put his cage on the stable door ( rigged up a great thing to balance him on there safely).  His wild bird impersonations have always been great. When my mum called in the other day, she heard him and been a bit of a ‘twitcher’ or whatever they call bird watchers, she said he was perfect at a blackbird, thrush and yellow hammer!!!

Archie continues to be  very calm and introverted bird. His talking decreased recently and got me a little worried but its because the Christmas tree was out. He wasn’t at all fazed by the tree which was surprising but it was because I moved his cage from the window which is the only place for the tree. He was proper grumpy and did nothing but blow raspberries haha. After a few days I rearranged the furniture so he was just inside the door but not in the alcove he was in, overnight he was a happier bird. Anyway the pesky tree is back in the loft and Archie is by the window once again, shouting at

Perfect Parrot

Perfect Parrot


He has learnt to say I love you but doesn’t pronounce it properly so its more like ‘I whoo ooo’ !! He is so much more vocal when I go out of the room (as are most greys) and constantly shouting ‘y’alright and c’mon, come ‘ere!! He loses some of his words but out of the blue they come back.

Archie doesn’t play very much at all and doesn’t seem to know how to no matter what I try. I don’t have a big toy bill haha, he likes wrappers and rolled up paper. He did come with loads of toys which he just wont entertain as they are plastic or wood and all he really likes is rope type toys and leather straps type toys.

He has had a full moult now and has lost all of his previously clipped flights. He doesnt seem to want to fly, he just sits there lifting his wings like a toddler holding up he arms to be picked up!!! He has had a couple of crash landings but doesn’t make too much effort.

Everyday when I come home at lunch and end of work day, I pull up outside and he spots me and starts shouting hello!!! And every day I think to myself….I’ve got a parrot and get a really warm feeling. I am so lucky to have him and I miss him so much when he goes on his hols if I am away, almost as much as my kids. He really is such a good boy and I never tire of talking about him although other people probably do!!! Archie the Perfect Parrot!!


Archie Has An Aviary

October 1st, 2012
Archie Has An Aviary

I have been busy selling things so I could raise enough cash to buy Archie an aviary. Its only a small one but more than big enough for him. I took ages cleaning apple branches and making ropes to attach all around and the little monkey prefers just to hang on the mesh. He becomes more vocal outside as he is quite a quiet bird really.He is rubbish at stepping up though once he is in and does not want to come in at the end of the day.

His vocabulary remains limited but consistant. He did make me laugh the other day when my boyfriend walked in and Archie said…..’hello fat boy’ hahaha. His absolute favourite is blowing raspberries at everyone and anything people say to him….

Just A Quick Word – Archie

August 9th, 2012
Just A Quick Word - Archie

I have just thought it has been a while since I updated people on Archie.

Nothing changes here really, he remains perfect haha I know just how lucky I am as he is so tame and so gregarious. His cage is permenently at the window now as he seems to like watching what goes off outside. When people walk by he shouts ‘hello’ or ‘hiya’ and as they pass really shouts ‘Bab bye!!!’ I love uncovering him in a morning to hear him say ‘ hello baby’ in such a sweet little voice.

He has been having a good old moult recently, not a full one but enough to get me a bit windy initially. That was until I really looked at the end of each feather. I suppose I will always worry about a plucking habit after Casper. Mind you this lad is far too busy to pluck. He shreds ‘yellow pages’ type books on a daily basis. In fact, any come through my letterbox quickly become parrot fodder!!!

Archie loves been outside whether its directing  my gardening attempts or out in the car. My children think I am barmy when I say I am taking Archie out for a drive. We went out and added up having a pub lunch. Hardly a quiet affair as everyone had to come and see him. They did expect me to make him talk though haha.

In the evening there is nothing he likes better than to sit on the laptop whilst I ‘work’!! I am still amazed that he isn’t a chewer. Especially as he only really likes fabric, rope or paper based toys, I am surprised. He does sometimes walk over the top of the cage and grab the curtain but soon stops and blows me a raspberry when I tell him off!!!


Update On Archie

May 21st, 2012
Update On Archie

Well,Achie is definitely settled in well now. He is rarely in his cage when we are home as he is such a good boy. He is trying regularly to bring a bit of his lovely tea up for me haha. We have also discovered his love of hanging upside down from our hands and been swung…….he loves it!!!!! The only thing is despite some stone perches. his nails are sharp so I chanced it and filed one down with an emery board, he didn’t mind at all so will have a crack at the others tonight. He does seem to prefer me over everyone else but will still step up to anyone and give them a kiss or a high five.

His vocabulary is increasing with things like, hello baby, alright chicken, Parrot power etc etc. I am sure this is all from his previous home and he is relaxing now.

I take him to work with me whenever I am travelling around so in the car with him most of the time. He absolutely loves been out and about, quite the traveller.

He did seem to have a problem with the hoover when he first came but is now completely desensitized to it…….no wonder as I love my hoover and always have it on the go….very strange I know.

Hopefully we will get some sun this weekend as Archie and I have some serious gardening to be doing!!!

Archie Has Settled Himself In!

May 2nd, 2012
Archie Has Settled Himself In!

This is my first update on this very special boy.  I went over to see Mandy just over ten days ago after been chosen to give him his forever home. What a perfect bird he is. He has clearly been so well cared for and socialised by his previous owners. Mandy explained the circumstances leading up to him being rehomed and I can only imagine what a tough decision it must have been for them. They were very kind to send him to his new home with all of his toys, his cage and a travel cage too, such a spoilt boy!!

Archie will go to absolutely everyone, such a rarity. I have been careful not to overwhelm him but he sits on his cage door flapping his wings until he is picked up by anyone he takes a fancy to. He is left out all the time we are home and he is so content to play on top of his cage or down on the floor with us. I only work a few hours a day so he comes out for an hour or so before I go, then again for an hour about lunchtime, then for at least 7 hrs before his bedtime. When he is covered at night, he peeps under his covers, says SHHHH  and says NIGHT. It makes me laugh every time as its just so cute. He is quite chatty and now he has had chance to settle we have heard: Archie, Hello Archie, Good Boy, Alright?, and lots of noises. I have already instructed my partner to make him a shelf for above his cage for another play area. He is yet to see the huge playstand I have!!!

Due to the fact he is so handleable, he has been in his travel cage and has been out visiting to some relatives, my work, been down the park, in the garden, in the bathroom…..in fact, where we go, he goes!! He has given my children (aged 14 and 11 yrs) such confidence as our previous Grey was rather feisty and would only tolerate me!. Archie has taken rather a shine to my daughter and chooses to sit with her in the evening demanding head rubs. He is so gentle, calm and laid back. I really have never met such a perfect boy. I am so delighted to have him and will of course keep his blog updated regularly.

Many many thanks to AGPC (Paula and Mandy) for choosing me as Archie’s match. I know it was a very difficult decision for his previous owners to let him go, I promise you he will be so loved and spoilt. I have your written notes about him and am keeping his routine as close to how  it was when he was with you. You should be so proud of him, he is truly perfect.

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