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Cosmo’s Antics

January 11th, 2013
Cosmo's Antics

Been a while since I posted an update on this little guy so apologies for that!

Cosmo is doing fantastic and just seems to be getting cheekier every day.  He is such an active bird and a non-stop talker.  One of his latest tricks is when one of our other birds, Billy starts to count to 5, Cosmo joins in.  So Billy says 1 and Cosmo quickly says 2.

When he plays, well attacks his toys, he says “get it”, attacks it, laughs and then says “you’re bad, move it, you’re a bad boy”.  He is very comical and never fails to make me smile.

So here is a video of Cosmo from just a couple of days ago.  You will also hear Echo and Billy in the background.

Cosmo Gave Us A Scare!

March 2nd, 2012
Cosmo Gave Us A Scare!

Well after having Cosmo for almost a year he decided to give me and Hughie a bit of a scare.  He became ill!

One morning I uncovered Cosmo to find something on his cage cover like he had regurgitated so I asked Hughie to keep an eye on him that day after making sure he ate some breakfast.  By the time I got home that night Cosmo had started having very watery poops.  He was still eating but definitely not himself at all, followed by him being a bit sick.

So the next day we got an appointment with the avian vet and Hughie took him where he got tests and checks.  He was given an injection of antibiotic and we picked him up that night.  He was really just eating and sleeping, he was so quiet which is certainly not like him at all.

The next few days we took him back each morning to get another injection of antibiotic and luckily by the Sunday we saw a great improvement in Cosmo.  He was playing and talking again.  What a relief!!!

We still don’t know what caused Cosmo to be ill but the vet had said it could have been something underlying.  We’re just so glad to have our boy back to being the noisy and cheeky chap that he is.

And as you can see from the photos he’s enjoying being fussed over just as much as before.

A Wee Update On Cosmo

January 15th, 2012
A Wee Update On Cosmo

This is just a small update on how Cosmo is doing and the fun we are all having.

His latest party piece is singing “This is the Life” so he definitely seems to be happy in his surroundings  :)

He has continued to become more confident with me and will fly to me even just to sit and have a nap on my knee.  He does still go to Hughie too but seems to like to give him a little nip every so often.  He will step up for me to put him back into his cage at night too which he would never do before.

He is a good eater and a non-stop talker!  He goes all day until he’s covered up at night.  Cosmo’s still not keen on a shower but he doesn’t have much choice with that one.

We are edging closer to having Cosmo for a year now and I have to say it’s been a very quick year.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  :)

Cosmo’s My New Buddy

October 23rd, 2011
Cosmo's My New Buddy

Over the past few weeks Cosmo has been showing much more of an interest in me not just while he is in the cage and giving me kisses through the bars, but also out of the cage.

So to my delight he has been coming over to see me while out of the cage but just for a quick nosey and then he would fly off.

Well the other night he came over and landed on my knee, slowly working his way closer and closer.




Next thing I knew he was on my tummy letting me give him lots of cuddles and he even stretched up and gave me a kiss!  :)

I was so pleased but unfortunately never got a photo.  But I just had to share it with you as I think he is really starting to love and trust me!

Cosmo After 6 Months!

September 12th, 2011
Cosmo After 6 Months!

Can you believe Cosmo has been with us for 6 months already?  Time really does fly when you’re having fun  :)

So there’s lots to update you on since it’s been a while.  Cosmo is most definitely settled with us and is a fantastic member of our flock!  He has become more and more confident and also taken a real liking to me.  Every morning when I uncover him he comes over, asks for a kiss and then tried to feed me.  When I give him his breakfast he says “There ya go” and tucks in to his toast.  Then at night he asks for a kiss before he goes to bed.  When I leave for work he says “cheerio, see ya later” and is constantly asking “what you doin’?”.

He is still as cute as ever as you can see


Cosmo is a very active boy and loves to play with Echo.  They fly after each other and play.  They still do a bit of beaking but they are starting to be more curious and can be next to each other without too much trouble.  Here is Echo on the left and Cosmo on the right.


As well as being a poser and non stop, Cosmo is such a talker!  He picks up new words and phrases so quickly!  Here is a video of him I filmed one morning. The picture is not great but you can certainly hear him – Puppy Power!!!!

I did have another video with him singing “Pop Goes The Weasel” but he also says some naughty words he copied from our Billy – tut tut!!

Cosmo loves all his food although does sometimes like to fight with it!  He hold it with one foot, hits himself on the head with it and gives it into trouble, calling it bad  lol.

He has certainly come a long way in the time he’s been with us, considering the fact he growled at me when we first met and now I can rub his beak, give head scratches and he will try to feed me and make all the loving noises to me.  I know we will have many more years of joy with Cosmo and the rest of the flock.

Here’s a few more pics of the little guy to finish off  :)


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