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Miss Hollie!

July 17th, 2012
Miss Hollie!

We travelled to Julie and Stevies on 30th June to meet our new african grey Hollie, the first thing we noticed was her amazing colour, then her eyes she is a real beauty,

Hollie took to Russell straight away but she was wary of me. Julie and Stevie are really nice and made us feel very welcome. After a 3hour drive back it took about 20 mins for Hollie to go into her new cage fitted out with brand new toys etc.

She ate her pellets so we were happy. This is her 4th day and she has made her self at home, not afraid of mad Thabo even been into his cage.

Kato just watches as usual. Today she came out of the cage onto settee for me to scratch her so she seems to like me too YEAH! She doesn’t speak but makes lovely soft noises which melts our hearts, she can wolf whistle which she does if you leave the room, we found her bedtime is around 9.30 and she soon settles when we cover her.

Hollie is a girlie girl so petite and soft she is a loved member of our flock

Say Hi To Hollie

June 15th, 2012
Say Hi To Hollie

Hollie is 16 years old, she is very light grey, fully feathered and absolutely gorgeous, she lets us both give her head tickles but when Stevie is home she’s all him and ignores me lol.

Hollie is not a talker, but she does have some lovely whistles and sounds.

We have been told that Hollie is a bit of a screecher, but so far we have not found this, she makes the usual noises that you expect from a Parrot and she is not any louder than my own four lol.

She came from a lovely couple who sadly need her to be re homed.
They do come on site and mentioned all my birdies by name, loved the pics I post etc which put them at ease knowing that they were doing the right thing by handing Hollie over to the AGPC.

We have converted Hollie on to AnimalZone Fruit Blend Pellets as she was on a poor diet.
She now also enjoys veg, toast with a bit of Palm Fruit Extract on and a bit of Apple, we are also trying her on other safe fruits.

They did ask if we would keep her, but we had to sadly decline.

The cage she came with is very small and is of no use, so she will need a new cage when she moves to her forever home.

Hollie also has a crop infection, after consulting my Avian Vet we got her the correct medication, and now she’s on the mend, she should be fully recovered within a week, so she will be fit and healthy and ready to move to a forever home by the end of next week, which will be great for her as she would of been with us for 3 weeks by then.

She’s covered at night and sleeps very well, she is a very happy birdie, but understandably a bit nervous, when she’s nervous she does bite her nails, but this will pass as it’s calmed down lots since she’s got used to us here.

Who ever gets her will be very lucky to have her as a companion.


Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Hollie | You are here