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Charlie Boy Becomes Charlee Chica Baggins!

June 12th, 2012
Charlie Boy Becomes Charlee Chica Baggins!

That’s right a name change, why you may ask, well we have been waiting on the results from the blood tests that were done, one of the tests were DNA and they’ve come back as being a female, so really Charlie¬†Boy was not what we wanted.

So Stevie and I have been sat here chatting about Charlie and have decided to change her name to keep with the Lord of The Rings theme.

So now Charlie is CharleeChica Baggins, she was the wife of Bingo Baggins and mother of Falco Chubb-Baggins.

It just had to be done as we’re very big fans of Lord of The Rings and now she really is a Hobbit :)

Also we found out that Charlee¬†Chica is vitamin A deficient, but that is something easy to rectify as it’s down to diet and that’s something we’ve been working with her since she came.

All in all, everything is going great and she’s getting on well with our other three Hobbits, Frodo, Bilbo and Rosie.



Charlie Boy – Small Update

June 1st, 2012
Charlie Boy - Small Update

I know it’s not been long since the last update of my Charlie Boy, but I had to share this with you all who are following his story.

Today Charlie Boy went on one of the play stands, I’m soooo happy.
I’ve been putting the play stand closer to his cage for months now, but today I moved it right next to his cage and he tentivly went on it.
He then happily sat there preening, it’s great that he now will have some where else to play and feel “safe” instead of the top of his cage.

I’m hoping in time he’ll be happy to venture on all the other out of cage toys too.



Update On Charlie Boy

April 7th, 2012
Update On Charlie Boy

Charlie boy has been with us now almost two months, he’s not plucking as much and now has some pin feathers coming through.
He’s now starting to fly a little, he gets about a foot off the ground and can fly the length of our lounge, but he does prefer to walk.

He’s very cage territorial and even when his door is left open all day he prefers to stay in his cage or stands on his door, I have to really coax/force him to get him out of the cage and as soon as your back is turned he heads straight back to it and climbs in.
When he’s out I tend to shut the door so he can’t get straight back in as I do like him to get some exercise, when this happens he happily follows me around the home, he’s like my shadow lol

I’ve been trying to get him to “step up” but so far he’s not cooperating, if you put your hand towards him, he lunges, attacks and screaches like he’s being murdered, although saying that, he does let me give him head scratches through the bars of his cage and has now started to let me give him head scratches when he’s out of the cage, but this is still very rare!

He does get very excited when he sees me, he drops his wings and does a little dance, but even with this “bond” he’s still scared of my hands.
I think it’s going to be a long process with him to get him hand tame and although I’ll keep trying, I know it may never happen.

He’s definitely a ladies birdie as he always tries to “attack/bite” Stevie and sometimes he does get Stevie and he has given Stevie a few nasty bites!

He’s now fully converted to Animal Zone Pellets and he’s doing well on them, so I’m very pleased with that.

He now also loves his shower time and gets very excited when I say “shower time” he even now opens his wings at times to get more of his body wet.

He’s a constant chatter box and loves to dance, he laps up any and all attention he gets.
He’s enjoying lots more toys now and shows no fear of any new toy/perch I put in his cage.

Charlie boy is such a sweet birdie who does need an experienced forever home who is willing to put the time and work in to him, they also need to be very aware that it could take a very long time for him to gain trust and start making significant progress, but until we find him a forever home I’m happy to continue working with him and fostering him. I’ll also be more than happy to continue his blog until he moves, so you can all still hear about this wonderful birdie and follow his progress.


Say Hi To Charlie!

February 20th, 2012
Say Hi To Charlie!

Charlie is a seven year old CAG, we collected him from his previous owners on Wednesday 15th February.
His previous owners loved him so much and it was a tearful goodbye, but they put his needs first and re homed him.

He is a plucker and has been plucking for roughly a year and around that time he stopped talking, he was fed on Monkey nuts, Sunflower seeds and grapes but now is in the process of being converted to pellets, we are also giving him a tiny bit of Tidymix to help him convert.
We’ve also been giving him Mash/Chop and a little bit of Palm fruit extract on toast which he’s now enjoying, he’s also getting daily essentials.

He’s a timid bird but he’s starting to come out of his shell, and has now started to talk again, he has such a cute voice.

Charlie can not fly as he was clipped as a baby, but most of his flight feathers have grown back so maybe with some practise he’ll soon be able to.

He enjoys climbing around the cage and his favourite toy seems to be his bell as he’s always ringing it…lol

He was not too keen on having a shower/misting, but is now tolerating it, I’m also misting him in the evening with Avix Soother spray to help sooth his skin with him being a plucker, he does seem to enjoy the interaction when being sprayed as I make it a “fun” game.

When out of the cage, he loves to sit on top and watch what’s going on.

I’m sure that his new forever family will be very happy with him as he loves company and attention.
He’s a real darling.


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