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Sammi Update

January 16th, 2012
Sammi Update

Nothing much interesting to update on Sammi. He is still as cheeky as ever!

He loves making the microwave noise when we use it so you are never quite sure if it has finished or if its Sammi playing games!

His other favourite game is teasing Dil. The other day Dil and i were upstairs when our dog Alfie was yapping outside so Dil got up thinking he had locked him out only to see him curled up in his bed and it was Sammi the whole time! He does that quite often.

Also if I ask him if he is being a good boy he will start nodding his head :0) I must try to get that on video for my next update!

Sammi Update.

September 9th, 2011
Sammi Update.

Its getting difficult thinking of anything interesting to update with lately as nothing much ‘new’ is happening. Sammi had to have a trip to the vet as his poop became rather smelly and runny. He was given a probiotic, antibiotic and had a chlamydia test that came back clear! Also the vet noticed a slight murmur on his heart but said its most likely age related so he had a short boost of medication to try help that. He was amazed how tame he is, he is deffo a mans bird because he was so comfortable being handled by the vet! He also said that for his age he is in very good condition and was pleased he eats his pellets like a good boy!

A few weeks a go I heard a commotion from the birdie room and went in to find Sammi on top of Tweaks cage and Tweak with a rather nasty looking bloody foot. He must have flown over to take a chunk out of her :0( so no im wary of letting them out close to each other. Thankfully she was ok and a little F10 cleared it up. So now I have to be extra cautious letting them out.

He still adores shredding cardboard and also loves plastic now. Megan gave him a plastic teacup from her tea party set and within a few days it was a fine powdery dust! Kept him busy!

here is a pic of Sammi with the vet

Sammi And Harness Fun

June 11th, 2011
Sammi And Harness Fun

Here is a little update on the lovely Sammi.

He has had quite a day today as earlier I managed to get him in the Pak-o-bird to take him outside!

he loved being outside and was so well behaved! This evening he has had a manicure from Dil and got in touch with his feminine side by wearing a pink harness to go outside. This is only the second time he has had a harness on. Here is Dil putting it on him.


and venturing outside…


and here he is having a little cuddle time with me!!!


Sammi and Dil

May 8th, 2011

Sammi is still very much in love with Dil!!! Im managing the odd tickle but if Im honest Im kinda scared of him :0) Dil thinks Sammi is getting better with me, I just need to overcome my nerves with him because he picks up on it and does his nervous ruffle under his wing!
We now have a new parrot stand!!! Sammi went on it no trouble, Tweak was less sure of it and kept flying off!
They love listening out for each other and calling each other when they are in different rooms. The other day I was peaking in at them and Tweak was being cheeky and went to climb on Sammis cage, I was kinda panicked thinking he would have her toes off but all ended well. I need to get Dil to make him some more perches (havent told him yet though) because Sammi has practically chewed through all his branches so they desperately need replacing. Im sure he would love some new ones to destroy. Here are some photos I took just now of the cheeky chap

Update on Sammi Boy!

April 12th, 2011
Update on Sammi Boy!

Sammi is still doing really well. He is still very wary of me and even though I managed to handle him before its not been repeated yet :0(
He is still very much Dils bird even though I do EVERYTHING for him! I dont mind that though as he is very happy and thats all I want for him. He still gets excited if I go in their room and if Im paying too much attention to Tweak he will bang on his cage. I must try to get a video of him doing it because its quite funny. A few weeks back though he had a nasty graze to his head and the only way I can think of that he got it is from banging the cage. He kind of lifts the top roof tray up and lets it drop but does it over and over to make a loud bang, the corner is quite sharp so Im pretty certain thats how he did it but a dab of F10 and all was fine :0)

Seems as the weather has been nice we moved his cage right by the open doors to outside. He really loved this. You could hear him singing from the top of the garden. Next time were going to move his cage outside but Id hurt my back and was too risky to lift it.

He adores his pellets now. I find he isnt as big an eater as Tweak is as he always has a little of what he has left over where as Tweak eats the lot then chucks her bowl to the floor when its empty!! When in his cage he loves a good spray but is a little on edge if out of his cage. A few times Ive taken him to the big shower and given him a really good soak!

He still says ‘good night’ quite a lot, he doesnt say Sammiiiiiiiiiii any more but I think this was a nervous thing for him because if something stresses him out (not really happened lately but when we first had him) he would constantly say it. He does our front door creaking perfectly and ive often thought Dil has come home early. He also does Alfie (our dog) whining but he doesnt really bother with him much, just makes cat noises at him :0)

I must take more photos/videos and get them on here!!

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Sammi | You are here