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Trulli Update – May 2012

May 14th, 2012
Trulli Update - May 2012

Trulli has well and turly settled in in our family. We thought Trulli was unwell just over a week ago so we took Trulli to an out of hours vet as she was heavy breathing we where so worried.

The vet comfirmed that Trulli has bonded to me, she is getting excited when i come in from work!

I also took her to a avian vet at the weekend he checked her over and said she was fine.

Trulli loves to eat. She gets so excited in the morning waiting for her palm oil on toast. She starts shouting come on, come on. Trulli hungry.

She has started to step up on my kids. But will have nip at them if she gets the chance. She is a big softy with me I can do anything with her.

She gets out of her cage all the time when we are in. She has been naughty aswell she has chewed the back of our brand new dinning room chair. We don’t mind that is what get from these loveable birds.

We have had twice as much back from her!

Trulli Update Week 1.

April 15th, 2012
Trulli Update Week 1.

Trulli has now settled in her forever home. At first she was not sure of her new cage and toys. After a change round she soon started to explore her new surroundings.

She loves being out of her cage getting lots of tickles from me and the kids. She loves all the interaction she is getting even from the dogs. she is aready shouting for the dogs.

Trulli is eating well continues to eat her pellets. But she loves bannana chips. She is fit and well, singing and chatting.

We are hoping we can start introducing trulli to my TAG Coco, They have been out together but they took no notice of each other. So the cages are to be put together and see how they get on.

Will keep you updated
Darren and Trulli

Trulli Moves To Her Forever Home.

April 13th, 2012
Trulli Moves To Her Forever Home.

On Sunday the 8th April 2012 we took Trulli to her forever home to live with Darren and his family.

Trulli stepped up lovely to Darren with no problem and he was smitten by her as she truly is a wonderful birdie.

Her new cage/home was up and ready for her and full of lovey new toys.

We wish Darren lots of happiness with her and he will now be taking over her blog and we’re sure we’ll all enjoy reading and seeing how Trulli Scrumptious settles in to her new home.

Julie and Stevie

Another Rehome – Meet Trulli

March 29th, 2012
Another Rehome - Meet Trulli

On Monday, March 18th we went and collected Trulli, she will be six in April, she clips her feathers but saying that she’s in lovely condition, she’s huge!

She came from a lovely lady who loved her so much but no longer can keep her due to personal circumstances.
Her previous owner has had her since she was a tiny baby, she actually chose her as an egg and then was there all the way through her hand rearing, so as you can imagine they are very close and when we left to come home she was heart broken saying goodbye.

Trulli is healthy and has come with a good size cage although it did have pad locks on it as she manages to open the doors, we have now popped D-Links on to stop her from getting out!

She does seem to accept men and woman, she has a good vocabulary (she does not swear) and she does step up when asked, she loves head tickles too.
She loves her veg which is good and we’re now beginning converting her to AZ pellets.

Her owner said that she was vet checked and is healthy but she never had her DNA tested, she is closed rung.

Although she’s referred to as a she I think she’s a male.

She’s took a real shine to Stevie, she dropped her wings and started to make baby noises.

She will make a lovely addition to her forever home once one is matched for her.


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