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Rosie Update

May 11th, 2012
Rosie Update

Rosie has been with us now for sometime, she’s a happy birdie, but still plucks, she is due to go to the vets for her check up and full bloods.

Rosie gets on very well with all of us here and is becoming friendly to our new addition, Charlie Boy who is also a rescue/re home birdie.

Rosie loves her out of cage time and explores and plays with all the out of cage toys, she is also now very good at flying and enjoys flying from room to room.

Since her last blog she’s had a new bigger cage/home and she’s settled in very well with no problems, she takes to new toys all the time with no problems too.

She’s such a joy and calls herself “princess” as that’s what we say to her..lol

She’s also a chatter box and has an extensive vocabulary of words, whistles, sounds etc
I’ll update her blog again once we’ve been to the vets and got her results.


Rosie Loves To Explore!

November 5th, 2011
Rosie Loves To Explore!

I thought it would be a good idea to update you all on how Rosie is doing as she’s been with us now for over a month.

Rosie is very loving and playful, she’s a good talker and has now started copying Frodo and Bilbo, she’s also now says Rosie, which is great, and both Frodo and Bilbo shout Rosie, which makes us laugh.
She’s very vocal in a morning and it now sounds like a competition is going on with the three of them, who can shout the loudest.

Rosie is a great eater and loves all her pellets, veg, fruit etc and she loves her herbal tea. She also loves to be sprayed, as soon as I say shower time, she climbs to her top perch and opens her wings so more of her can get wet.

We find it very weird that we have fallen so in love with her after such a short time, she’s a gorgeous bird who has stolen our hearts, it’s like she’s been here forever.

Although Rosie is still plucking and clipping her feathers, she does now have two red tail feathers and lots of pins on her chest so we know we’re on the right track with her, it’s just going to take a lot of time and patience which we have plenty of.

She loves to explore the play stands, the kitchen and toys and is still getting on well with Frodo and Bilbo when they are out together every day, although we still like to give all three birds individual out of cage time.


Photos to be added shortly as they are stuck on my dead hard drive!! Paula

Introducing Rosie to Frodo and Bilbo

October 21st, 2011
Introducing Rosie to Frodo and Bilbo

Rosie, Frodo, Bilbo and StevieThis evening we decided that we would try Rosie out with Frodo and Bilbo, we decided to do this because they land on each other’s cages and kiss through the bars.

Stevie and I are not novices in introducing birds so we felt confident that if things did not work out we would be able to separate them without the use of towels, water etc.
Both Frodo and Bilbo were already out of their cages, so I opened Rosie’s cage and let her out, she flew to the play stand and stood playing for a while; both Frodo and Bilbo kept an eye on her, but did not approach her.
Frodo and Bilbo then flew to Stevie and Rosie watched them, she then just flew to Stevie and landed on the back of the sofa, again, both Frodo and Bilbo watched her but did nothing, Rosie then jumped down on to Stevie’s shoulder, which ended up with Stevie having Rosie on one shoulder, Frodo on the other and Bilbo on his head, so I grabbed my camera and by the time I took the picture, Bilbo was stood behind Stevie on the sofa, but I took the picture anyway.
They were out together for 30 minutes with no incidents; it was great to see them out all together and behaving nicely to each other. We’ll now be letting them out together for short intervals and build up their confidence with each other.
We are very happy how this introduction has gone so far and we hope it continues.

New rescue, Meet Rosie (Aka Rooney)

October 18th, 2011
New rescue, Meet Rosie (Aka Rooney)

This is Rosie who was rescued by the AGPC.
When she was rescued she came to live with me (Julie), Stevie and the Hobbits, Frodo and Bilbo.

Rosie arrived on Saturday 15/10/11
Ann-Marie and her partner John collected Rosie from her owner Jack who sadly had to find a new home for her due to his work commitments and her health needs; they drove all the way to Glasgow with her and handed her over to Stevie and me.

Rosie travelled well and only plucked a few times on her journey (Rosie plucks/ mutilates herself, she also has other special needs)

When she arrived I popped her in a cage and let her settle, after about an hour or so I went and let her out of the cage, she came straight to me, giving me kisses and dropping her wings.
After a couple of hours I popped her back in the cage and settled
her down for the night.

The next morning we were greeted with “Hello” from her, and she came to the bars of her cage and gave me kisses and dropped her wings again.
Although she was happy in her cage, Stevie and I decided that because she will be with us for quite a while we would buy her a new larger cage, so off out we went and bought her one, which is now being slowly filled with shredding and preening toys etc.

Rosie enjoys out of cage time, but she needs to be constantly distracted as she plucks all the time until she bleeds.
Rosie is a beautiful looking girl even without most of her feathers, she’s not a bad little flyer but her landings are a bit iffy as she has no tail feathers and some of her flights are missing too, she also was a clipped birdie, but her flights are growing back.

We know to get Rosie on the right track with her health and diet will be a long process and will take lots of time, love and patience, but we know we’ll get there with the support of the AGPC members.

Parrot Rescue Centre > Diaries > Rooney/Rosie | You are here