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Swazi – December 2011

December 17th, 2011
Swazi - December 2011

Well, Swazi is much more playful now than he was. He has his favourite toys, including his acrylic foraging ball. He loves to rustle with it, and pull out all of the different things I hide inside for him. After a few days of pulling, head butting and busting at the ball, he always manages to break it in two, ready or refilling! He also loves anything he can shred.
He is next to my other grey, Dave, and they chatter all day long – however, he lets us know when he as had enough, by giving a loud , drawn out yawn. Haha
I get the odd beak, or head rub – but he likes to take me by surprise, loving me and then going in for the kill – the little monkey.

He loves to sit on top of his cage, watching the world go by, as though he hasn’t a care in the World. And I think he saves his poop until he hears me turn the Hoover off, and then does his business on my lean carpet haha

He really is well behaved, and gets on well with visitors, he is really quite friendly to strangers.

He as done really well with his food, eating pellets and the like – but he loves most foods really. He also loves to dip us entire head into a fresh bowl of water, and then kick around in it, as well as being sprayed.

He s a very content grey, and I love him very much.

I will get some recent pictures up with my next blog, so that you can see how he looks

He is a lovely character, and a great companion

He has got loads and loads of new toys for Christmas, and I’m sure he will love playing with them

Have a great Christmas everyone

Swazi – Three Months On

September 13th, 2011
Swazi - Three Months On

Hello everybody. I thought it about time to let you know how the wonderful Swazi is getting on since he came to live with me, as his new forever home.

I picked Swazi up from Paula, and drove the long journey back home chatting away to him, and tickling his foot through the travel cage bars. He seemed very inquisitive, and made me laugh so much, as he kept making this strange ” yawning” noise – like he must have been thinking,oh, Lord, is he ever gonna be quiet?!

It didn’t take Swazi long to settle into his new environment. I bought him a new cage, but out a couple of his old familiar toys inside, as well as new perches and bits and pieces. I was told that he loved his walnuts, and he certainly does, and has one every day or so. I have another Grey called Dave, who I got from Paula as a baby, and even though they were apart initially, they could hear each other.

Swazi was not for coming to me at all, and gave me plenty of bites, when I wasn’t quick enough to move – the little monkey, but as time has gone by, he has got just that little bit more trusting. I get the occasional head rub, and beak rubs, which is lovely. Everyday he comes out of his cage, and mostly stays around his cage, sitting, chatting away, watching the world go by. He is now beside Dave, and the two of them chatter NON STOP! Swazi will mimic the telephone ring, and Dave will answer it – Hello, Terry Quinn! Lol

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete. If Swazi didn’t give me his rendition of The Great Escape and Also the MacDonalds theme tune! :-)

I don’t think Swazi and Dave will ever be best buddies, as they rarely go near each other, but as I say, they chatter to each other constantly.

Even though Swazi. Has a clipped wing, he does manage to fly from his cage and have a walk around. He even steps up into my arm from the floor, so that. I can put him back onto his cage.

He is eating really well, and enjoys his daily vegetables and fruit, as well as his birdie mash and tidy mix. He isn’t at all fussy. When I have people over, Swazi always endears himself to them – which is really strange, as he is so much more friendly towards them, and allows some of them to give him a tickle, whereas if I tried to tickle him, he would have my finger off in a flash Haha

Anyway, I will continue to let you know of his progress each month or so, and keep you up to date with his antics he is a little ( well not so little) beauty – and I am so pleased to be able to offer him a loving home – he is just part of my family now, and much loved


Swazi – I’m loving it!

June 20th, 2011
Swazi - I'm loving it!

It’s been a while since I did a update on Swazi well he is out of quarantine now and in with the other crazy greys of the household and boy can I say he fits in well!!

Swazi is such a funny grey, he talks non stop and says some funny stuff, he does a sort of yawn sound throughout the day and night as if he is bored, and he has a cough like a old man with a chest infection!

He has been saying, Swazi boy, Do you want it, Stop it alright, Out, Step up and a naughty word beginning with A!! He also whistles the Mc Donald’s Theme tune and also the great escape tune which he does very well.

He is not that keen on me but my oldest son can handle him really well and stroke him, Swazi is clipped but still tries to fly now and then but within time his wings will grow back fine I am sure.

He should be moving to his forever home very soon and will make someone a great pet for many years to come.

Another Rescue – It’s Swazi!

May 5th, 2011
Another Rescue - It's Swazi!

Bank holiday was a busy week yet again for us … as well as being laid up in bed for me on the sunday due to coming down with a sickness bug which went through the family one after the other, as soon as i felt better i had to make the journey myself alone with just Daizee-mai our 5 month old daughter for company as the rest of the family were at home being sick to collect another rescue called Swazi.

After fighting my way through the traffic i finally got to my destination and met Swazi and his owner who was deeply upset that he was going, but due to having to relocate with work to a different country and not being able to take him with him he had no choice but to rehome him.

Swazi is 5 years old and liked nothing more than to look out of his massive window that looked over the city and walking about the flat taking in his surroundings.

He has been with us a few days now and each time i walk passed him he says “good morning!” he is being very quiet but that is to be expected and it normally takes them a week or so to come round and start chanting all the words, songs and noises they know.

Here are some photos of the little man!

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